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Red and passionate

" From all arts for us to the major is cinema " - the known historical character used to say. On one of versions, major of arts the new sport car of Toyota GT86 is obliged by the occurrence. The giant of the autoindustry was, ostensibly, is wounded by that in the dashing saga about " the Forcing " drive any cars, except Toyota.
in 86 - an ohm to year when I studied at the first year institute, the aunt where - that on protection has got to me krossovki " adidas ". From - for these krossovok me began to consider as the sportsman and even have enlisted in a course national team on track and field athletics. Though I never anywhere further the TV ran. Here and now I have simply decided to be arranged more conveniently in an armchair, and the instructor of autodrome Parc Motor Circuit that is located near Barcelona why - that has written down me in the category of skilled drivers.

" all is correct: Wrists completely outstretched arms lie on a steering wheel rim, joints of feet even if they against the stop squeeze out pedals, form a small corner... Very well. At once it is visible - the pro ". In the first turn " the pro " with a terrible gnash misses by the necessary transfer and cowardly thinks of premature arrival on pit - stop. However, further all is tritely smooth. And I start to catch from the car present " the fan " being fond of passage of each new circle, trying to catch up inaccessible, as if at the high levels of computer games, the leader. From - for a wheel I leave with goggle, as after " plejstejshena " the eyes, emotionally discharged almost to zero.

86: the size and a symbol
Behind conversations on prompt ageing of the Japanese nation someone should be has decided that in the country at all does not remain people young, vigorous and eager for entertainments. Fortunately, into Toyota companies in this error have not run definitively. Also have decided to return itself former glory " smithies " racers and accessible sport cars. From designers of European studio ED2, the chief engineer of Toyota Tetsuja Tada, and also from its colleague Toshio Masuda from Subaru the rights on which, as it is known, partially belong to Toyota, have demanded to make present fun - car: with bright external appearance, bright, fashionable and at the same time very much " fair " with a classical drive on the back wheels, the engine deprived any turbo-supercharging and usual tyres. Problem realisation undertook " 86 " Command;.

At figures 86 - the logic and unbounded magic. Any Japanese mystic will tell that figures 8 and 6 - happy. Hieroglyphs designating them foretell " the extending future ": prosperity increase, career growth, lifting... It is no wonder that stylish shildik with these figures flaunts not only on a forage, but also together with images of pistons on sport car wings. 86 have been made not up. These figures appeared in an index of axiomatic model Corolla Levin AE86 from which the new sport car has inherited spirit. Diameter of cylinders and a piston stroke 2 - the litre engine are equal to 86 millimetres. Even internal diameter of the chromeplated tips of exhaust pipes GT86 makes exactly 86 mm...

the word of honour
There is no saying, it is how much important there was all this arithmetics, but the sport car at the command has turned out wonderfully well. Easy enough: weight GT86 makes 1239 kg. With verified aerodynamics. Designers GT86 have transformed a compartment in some kind of " aero - a sandwich ". Body forms are that that the car as if would be under pressure air from different directions that provides to it reliable stability on cruising speeds without superfluous clamping force. Thus factor of aerodynamic resistance of the car - all Cd 0. 27. Additional stability to a sport car provide a back spoiler and so-called " sakana " - on - japonski " fish ". These are small ledges, " fins " located on each side back lanterns and on the body bottom. On sportivnost the car influence also the low centre of gravity (460 mm) and ideal razvesovka on axes - 53:47.

Excellent quality the power-plant has turned out also. To horizontal - oppozitnomu to the four-cylinder engine from Subaru in volume of 1988 cubic sm " tojotovtsy " have added the system of injection of fuel thanks to what the engine without any pressurisation is untwisted to 7400 revolutions per minute.

absence of superfluous electronics only adds pleasure to the one who " considers driving by passion, instead of sees in it only necessity ". The stabilisation system can be translated in mode VSC Sport, and it is possible, as well as " antiprobuksovku " to disconnect completely, to feel approximately that turned a head to participants " Tokyo drifta ".

In my opinion, the main worthiness GT86 just that after 100 km / ch you start to feel an increase in acceleration on each km / ch. The majority of other loaded wheelbarrows are too comfortable, and it conceals sensation from a drive and dulls sense of danger. Probably, that driver GT86 did not forget about a reality, engineers have thought up to deduce an engine sound directly in compartment salon through a separate rubber hose. It turns out, the more strongly the driver presses on " gas " the more powerfully a wave on eardrums.

you go more low, it seems
to Concentrate on road to driver GT86 helps underlined asketichnost salon faster. Anything superfluous, anything personal. At hand - trehspitsevyj with the optimum successful fellow a wheel in diameter only 365 mm, the smallest when - or established on Toyota, free from any keys. Even music not pereshchelknesh. Underfoot - easy aluminium pedals. Under a back - kovsheobraznye seats (their form was lead up in tests for a Nurnburgring) with the separate headrest, the developed lateral support and a low arrangement: driver GT86 sits on 7 mm more low, than the owner of Porsche Cayman can be arranged. The form of forward seats was developed not only for comfort but also that the driver did not touch with an elbow the gear change lever. Before eyes - the small panel of devices with three dials and the big tachometre in the middle in which the digital speedometer and the red indicator with the help of the correct moment for transfer switching is located. On a forward top edge of the instrument panel there is a mark of the central line that it was easier to driver to understand, how much abruptly it carries out this or that maneuver.

in the near future on GT86 promise to put the special registrar who will give out some kind of " telemetry " and with which driver feel definitive can the qualified racer.

initially Toyota GT86 is offered with a body of red colour, it is necessary to pay in addition for any another, in what I too see the certain policy. As my acquaintance likes to repeat: " Why it red? Because passionate ".

Toyota GT86