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Spanish - the Union

Spaniards in the relation to cars, it appears, are similar to us. Local residents no more strictly concern restrictions of speed, than inhabitants of both parties of MKAD. They too love sedans, than hatchbacks more. And still employees of firm of SEAT say that Spaniards not so favour own Spanish brands. Remember a domestic joke? " the Spaniard is a man, and the Spaniard is an illness. The Muscovite is a woman, and " the Muscovite " is a bucket with bolts ".
Similarity of the relation of Russians and Spaniards to the native stamps is predetermined historically. The company of SEAT had the stages very reminding development the Autovase in the history. The Spanish motor-car manufacturer has been created in 1950 with the assistance of FIAT. Knowingly SEAT name very similar addressed to its Italian partner, and a tracing of a logo at them was almost identical.

the Abbreviation is deciphered as Sociedad Espanola de Automoviles de Turismo that is translated as " the Spanish company of cars ". On sense a little than differs from " the Volga automobile factory "... Or, for example, FIAT is after all too purely place name.

the Situation in Spain in the end of 40 - h not strongly differed from the Soviet. In the USSR and Spain in power there were generalissimos with the similar approach to the political system, the economic situation was similar also. After the Second World War Spain has appeared in isolation - it at all did not accept in the United Nations. The economy of Spain has strongly suffered even at the time of Civil war in 30 - e years. So in 40 - e purchasing capacity of the population not too had to import, and the course operating the country Fransisko Franko assumed a support on own possibilities.

SEAT has let out the first car in 1953. It was the model with the simple name 1400 specifying in volume of the engine. A sedan with the engine capacity of 44 l. With. At first it was delivered basically in official bodies. By such cars there went members of the government of Spain. Let out SEAT 1400 not too much, in the first years on steam of hundreds a month. Only in 60 - e SEAT 1400 manufacture at factory near Barcelona has reached 6 000 in a year. In total for ten years it has been made less than 50 thousand copies of this model of different updatings. On all interested persons obviously would not suffice. But interested persons was a little: to buy the car quite average for those times a class to the majority of Spaniards there was nothing. SEAT 1400 cost 140 thousand pesetas is without small hundred monthly salaries in the beginning 50 - h. When VAZ in the beginning 70 - h has let out " the Zhiguli " their price was an equivalent 40 - 50 average monthly salaries in the USSR.

the national car
the Spanish factory used a portfolio of models FIAT actively enough: In 1957 it has mastered the small-displacement car 600. It cost cheaper twice 1400, 65 000 pesetas. And here this model became really national - release proceeded till 1973, and total manufacture has almost reached a point in 800 thousand As speak, this model has planted Spaniards for a wheel, and the country has put on wheels. At us the schoolmate of this small rear-wheel car too has brought the feasible contribution to automobilization business. ZAZ - 965 in the USSR has received a nickname " Humpbacked " and in the European automobile environment - Fiat Volkswagenovich. That appearance it reminded the Italian model, and a design of some sites - German.

in a collection of historical cars of SEAT we will find out also the twin of the main product of VAZ - SEAT 124. The Spanish firm did not change indexes, borrowing models from FIAT. And on a design this car did not differ almost from the Italian prototype. In Spain of SEAT 124 have started to let out hardly earlier, than " the Zhiguli " in 1968. For 12 years it has been made without small 900 thousand 124 - h, and more 255 thousand - the improved version of SEAT 1430 with more powerful engine, chromeplated to moldings and other signs of that life has gone right.

model 124 remains till now cult. Though on roads of Spain to meet such elderly cars, of course, it is uneasy. But in Barcelona till now it is possible to see a taxi of SEAT 124 or SEAT 1430. Unlike Moscow taksujushchih " shesterok " and " copecks " historical SEATs in Spain look well-groomed and are accurately painted under local standards for a taxi - a black body, yellow doors.

Basic difference of SEAT from VAZ was in frequency of change of models - the blessing contracts with FIAT provided statement on the conveyor of the freshest workings out. But such dependence on foreign concern not so pleased Spaniards. Knowingly today SEAT names itself the unique Spanish manufacturer of cars of a full cycle - that is capable to develop new model, and not just to let out already ready as it occurs at the Spanish factories of Nissan, Renault, Peugeot - Citroen, Ford...

Spaniards have created the first model in 1975. It was a compartment of SEAT 1200 Sport. Business However, has not done without the international cooperation: engines for this model have borrowed at SEAT 124 and 1430, chassis took at FIAT 127, the design of a body has been got at German NSU. From - for a characteristic black forward bumper covering facing the car has received nickname Bocanegra (" CHernogubaja ") . Today this word is used for a designation of sports version Ibiza.

It there was a first step to " to divorce " with FIAT. The Italian concern already was the shareholder of SEAT, and the Spanish party insisted on its participation in investments. Italians could not allow themselves of it. And in 1982 FIAT has stopped cooperation with SEAT. As usual, divorce was accompanied by a property sharing. SEAT has prepared new model - five-door hatchback Ronda. FIAT has declared that it no more than altered Ritmo - that, in general, was truth. But alterations were considerable enough: specially for demonstration of it on SEAT have prepared copy Ronda where all different details have been painted by the yellow. It has appeared that it is a lot of them, that the Arbitration chamber in Paris has solved business in favour of SEAT.

an autovase of such claims nobody showed - though as a matter of fact all models " the Zhiguli " From 2101 to 2107, represent to some extent modernised FIAT 124. Probably, Italians were to us so are kind because when we modernised their former model, they have already started the production for a long time following generations - the same Ritmo.

Without patriotism
Since 1983 of SEAT co-operates with Volkswagen group, in 1986 VW has got 51 percent of shares of the Spanish company, and in the end of 1990 has finished the package to 99,99 percent. Already in 80 - e the new model of SEAT Ibiza was advertised with instructions that the engine at it is designed in Germany, and style is created by bureau Italian. The Spanish cars at that time badly knew outside of the country - memory about magnificent Hispano - Suiza still remained, but to sell the compact modern car at all did not help. And for the Spanish buyer the foreign design and a design became faster plus, than a minus - as well as on the Soviet buyer words " magically operated; Foreign car " " re-export " or it is simple " Yugoslavian "...

the Reasons of such antipatriotism very similar. Both VAZ, and SEAT were leaders of branch in the half-closed market. Almost monopolists. At us it has been connected with the political decision, the market of Spain has been limited by low purchasing capacity. Even today the average salary in Spain remains to one of the lowest in Europe. Import was inaccessible to Spaniards, and they had an opinion that all foreign is better own. Today SEAT became really international brand, and is quite capable to compete as equals to the most eminent rivals. And the Spanish market is completely open. Today at SEAT factory in Martorele is issued by Audi Q3, and SEAT Mii model do at other factory of group VW in Slovakia. Lada this way while only is necessary to ours.