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the Assistant to the dean of faculty of the state and municipal service of the Russian academy of national economy IGOR KOKIN convinced the correspondent " " NATALIA GORODETSKY that the municipal filter for candidates for governors will not bring benefit munitsipalam.
Introduction of the municipal filter means, what the candidate for governors should come begging to local government?

About that candidates should go cap in hand, at me illusions are not present. In representative bodies of local government the majority obediently. Well, is almost in each representative body not consent with the general " odobrjams " deputies. But " absolutely violent " on Vladimir Vysotsky which will start to ask the candidate who you, what for go in governors, than it threatens us, units can be, 1 - 3 % on the country. In figures it so: For example, in the Kaluga region about 200 municipalities, mainly rural, where on 7 deputies. Total 1400 deputies without cities and areas. Even if in each parliament there is on one oppositionist, it only 200 persons.

but all of them can support, say, the candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and it will type the necessary 10 % of signatures. Or the opposition can unite round one candidate...

In remote places the party accessory has no special value. At us obedient enough majority which will support those nominees in which will specify the power, not very well, from " an United Russia " they or not. At rural level for the population the person and #150 is primary; political orientation is secondary. Inhabitants there very well understand, for what they select the mayor, and for what the governor. Therefore huge value has affinity of the person to regional or the federal authority. On village the considerable part of the population is guided on all-Russian propagation and installations. And as though people abused the power when to them say that here it is the correct candidate close to the federal centre the majority votes for it.

a leah can contain the filter a certain element of corruption?

the Majority of deputies is already included in system. From within the authorities all sees differently, than from the outside. Many deputies suddenly see the personal interest, the power gives them certain bonuses. Not only money, but there are more than possibilities for development of own business, career, the best security from tax departments. Or, for example, the doctor became the deputy, basic such. To it it is transparent hint: you that, do not want to become the head physician? Happens, deputies, having plunged into administrative affairs, start to look on surrounding with other eyes. And can give all up as a bad job and start to be guided by those who ostensibly understands affairs is better. As a rule, in half a year it is already clear where to conduct this parliament how much it is oppositional. And here the power shows to those deputies or heads of municipalities who do not calm down, to put it mildly, discontent. And municipalities can lose grants, their needs will be ignored.

but now, to become the governor, it is necessary to consider interests of local government.

At us the glade so is smoothed out that independent heads of subjects of the Russian Federation are not present. Them pull threads from the federal centre the same as they of the munitsipalov. Mayors of cities, without speaking about heads of settlements, are silent, understanding that they it is simple small screws which can be cut off easily. I doubt that the filter will change something in relations of a management of regions and local governments. I do not see mechanisms which would limit, say, the operating governor. Even if it dislike, the majority of deputies will arrive how it is necessary for it. When it is opened, publicly, that units are ready to risk.

It is considered that the population will win, because that the candidate for governors will drive on municipal unions, learns their problems...

I do not divide optimism that someone to someone will go also someone will listen. It will be the single formalized action realised by forces of executive structures. Deputies will simply invite and demand to subscribe. The majority will be signed without any questions, and by some even with enthusiasm.

candidates from opposition parties have chances to pass the municipal filter?

I Think, it is the filter dovybornyj, allowing to cut stand-alone candidates oppositional or not arranging the power. Candidates will be two the one whom recommends the party in power, and the one whom the party will offer as the alternative technical candidate can be, from other party. And further to people will tell: " Here two candidates who have collected the signatures munitsipalov, from them also choose ".

the question Price

the Elections of governors returned to people by the new law, to German measures free it is possible to consider only with the big stretch. One municipal filter of that costs! To not bad candidate for governors to consult to municipal deputies, to get their support. But one business to go round 125 municipalities of Moscow. And to collect signatures where - nibud in Siberia where settlements are scattered on distance of tens kilometres, the person burdened with an administrative resource can only. I represent, as the candidate makes the way in the company with mosquitoes and a midge in settlements where - nibud in the Altay or Perm solitude to incline on the party of one and a half ten former prisoners. More likely necessary signatures will collect on a place and will bring directly to it home. The question on the one who whom has supported, will be under steadfast attention of the power, and it is possible for itself to present that waits for heads which have supported " not that " the candidate. And how it is all can raise local government influence (MSU)?

Today weak, not burdened neither special powers under the decision of local questions, nor the finance bodies MSU, especially representative, not so involve active people in remote places. Among local deputies there are even people with education 3 - 6 classes. Them select, because to local population basically all the same on their opinion depends nothing. All perfectly understand that the real power is in hands of heads of municipal areas and subjects of the Russian Federation which dispose of resources, solve where what to build, close or not school and etc.

Meanwhile in the same Germany local government very honoured independent level of the public power which solves set of essential problems for inhabitants. Choosing local authorities, inhabitants fairly recognise that thus have possibility really to participate in the decision of important affairs for them, to influence the life, to define priorities of development of territory. And in it for them value both municipal elections, and the institute of local government. Therefore municipal elections in Germany interest people, than, for example, regional (ground) or elections in the Bundestag much more. And they are regulated not by the federal legislation, and ground. In each of 16 earths there is a law on municipal elections. The main thing that they should be universal, direct, equal and provide will freedom at ballot. No filters for candidates for Germany are present. And the municipal filter for candidates for governors which have ostensibly entered by analogy to France, is used in this country only on presidential election. The candidate for presidents should get support of 500 mayors from several tens thousand. And it is regarded as support by municipalities of plans of the future president. However in the France it is considered an absolute anachronism also it is supposed to abolish it.