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In vebe the five years` board

in a management of Foreign trade and investment bank (veb) has ended In the near future the personnel shifts, the largest state corporations are expected from the moment of creation in 2007. As it became known " " some trustees, including both first vice-presidents both #150 can leave state corporation at once; Nikolay Kosov and Anatoly Tikhonov, and also the supervising investment block vice-president Anatoly Ballo. It is expected that the new structure of board VeBa will be confirmed on July, 11th at the first session of the updated supervisory board. In the government say that management veba will be completed for the bill " Dmitry Medvedev`s proteges " for quite some time now heading advice.
that board VeBa structure can be seriously updated, " " has told a source close to the supervisory board. As he said, its members, including both first vice-presidents Nikolay Kosov and Anatoly Tikhonov can leave board some. " In June at several trustees working contracts which, most likely, will not be renewed have ended. The new structure of board VeBa which can be confirmed already on July, 11th at the first session of advice in the updated structure " is now discussed; the interlocutor " speaks; ". We will remind that, becoming the prime minister - the minister, Dmitry Medvedev has replaced Vladimir Putin on a post of the head of advice according to the federal law " About development Bank " its advice is headed by the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation. Trustees are appointed to the post and released from it by the supervisory board on representation of chairman veba, is told in the document.

a source " " close to vebu, knows about preparing shifts in board, but asserts that its new structure also hardly will include vice-president Anatoly Ballo and chief accountant veba Vladimir Shaprinsky. He notices that in June contracts at five trustees and #150 have ended; Nikolay Kosova, Anatoly Ballo, Sergey Vasileva, Sergey Lykov and Vladimir Shaprinsky.

" It is a question of new ideology at formation of working bodies VeBa. It is a course on a rejuvenation of personal structure of board in connection with updating nabsoveta " the interlocutor " continues; ". Moreover, under its data, misters Tikhonov, Kosov and Ballo on a broader scale can leave veb.

Now board VeBa consists of nine persons, including the chairman and its six assistants (two from them the first). Besides, chairman veba has seven more assistants who are not entering into board. So, 34 - summer Peter Fradkov, the son of the director of Service of external investigation of Michael Fradkov, has been entered into board VeBa in October, 2011, but the vice-president did not become (it has headed export insurance agency " eksar " 100 - percentage " Daughter " veba), and 35 - summer Alexander Ivans, the son of head of the Office of the RF President Sergey Ivanov, has been appointed to the post the vice-president in April, 2012, but into board has not been entered.

57 - summer Nikolay Kosov one of the most influential a top - managers veba: without its signature there does not pass actually any transaction. It began the work in Foreign trade and investment bank of the USSR on which base in 2007 the state corporation with the same name has been created. In the State Bank it was resulted in 1998 by head veb of that time the USSR Andrey Kostin (now heads VTB) with whom mister Kosov together worked in embassy of the USSR in London in 1980 - h years. It is curious that mister Kosov has been invited at once to a post of the first vice-president. Those years present head veba Vladimir Dmitrys who in 1997 - held 2002 a post of the first vice-president was its colleague. Recently relations of misters of Dmitriev and Kosovo have become complicated: Last last year even has written a resignation, but resignation has not been accepted. This time all is more serious, and Nikolay Kosov can really leave the State Bank, confirm sources " " from its environment. As a new place of work of the mister of Kosovo they name the International financial centre (MFTS): it sorukovoditel one of subgroups within the limits of Russian - the British working group on creation MFTS.

the New place of work 43 - summer Anatoly Tikhonov can become or FGUP " Mail of Russia " (it supervises the project of creation Mail - bank on the basis of actives FGUPa and Communication - bank, affiliated bank VeBa), or Ministry of economic development and trade which is headed for quite some time now by its good acquaintance Andrey Belousov, tell sources close to the banker. " It is considered, what exactly Andrey Belousov (in the recent past the director of department of economy and the finance in governmental body of the Russian Federation which supervised recently work veba. " " ) has promoted Anatoly Tikhonov`s purpose in veb in 2008 " confirms one of them.

However the most expected resignation in most vebe name possible leaving from fast of vice-president Anatoly Ballo. We will remind that in March the main investigatory management of central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation across Moscow had been brought criminal case about swindle at the credit delivery which figurant is Anatoly Ballo. He has been detained, and then released on the security of 5 million rbl. Under the version of the investigation, in 2008 vice-president veba together with accomplices has stolen $14 million a part of the credit, Open Society allocated the WEB OHM " Euroasian " on acquisition of shares in the Sochi water canal. In the end of March Anatoly Ballo`s protection has appealed against in the Tver court against the decision about excitation of criminal case concerning the client (see " " from March, 26th).

This history have tried to remember to Vladimir Dmitriev, refused to dismiss the assistant, at renewal of its working contract, confirmed sources " " in the White house on the eve of May feasts (see " " from May, 25th). Mister Dmitrys has been renominated by chairman veba: Vladimir Putin has signed the corresponding decree on June, 18th. In exchange for prolongation of the powers mister Dmitrys has been urged to go for essential updating of the command, confirm sources " " in the government. Thus, by data " " the place in one of structures VeBa can be offered to Anatoly Ballo.

it is expected that from beginners in board VeBa there can be a typing political weight the vice-president Michael Polubojarinov which nominee is lobbied actively by mister Dmitrys. However sources " " in the government assert that oYia command will be considerably updated " At the expense of people from outside, mainly from among proteges of the prime minister ". To open " " names of candidates they have refused, having referred that " while it is solved nothing ". vitse - prime minister Arcady Dvorkovich (enters in nabsovet veba) on inquiry " " has not responded. In most vebe official comments have refused. Misters Kosov, Ballo and Tikhonov were inaccessible yesterday to comments.