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Crossover, pleasant in every respect

If to the lady on a portrait to add moustaches, it will not transform it into the man. And with updated Lexus RX: the innovations which have appeared after restyling have not added courage and have not changed character of the favourite car of the provided American homemakers.

news is covered in details
Usually on the test - a drive with run of all absolutely new cars get to pair - a three of thousand kilometres. But the test of updated Lexus RX 350 was unusual it has begun with trips by the three-year car. Business was in February when only there was an information that in the spring of Lexus RX will update. It became curious to compare two generations of a popular crossover a premium - a class.

that winter RX 350 made a painful impression. It was the illustration of that, in what can turn bonus SUV stamps of Lexus in three years of merciless operation by journalists. Despite like frivolous run in 40 thousand Km, skin on seats has become covered by wrinkles, plastic details were scratched, and light carpets were not washed any more from the eaten dirt. The car as a whole not bad went, truth, that unique night for the last winter when the temperature on area has fallen to a minus of 33 degrees, refused to be got. Updated Lexus RX 350 on such background, of course, has seemed the good fellow. At least because it was new and pure.

in the updated version from old not too it is a lot of external differences: new RX has saved the recognised licked forms. poostorozhnichali founders of the most sold series of Lexus. If to put nearby two cars both #150; old and updated, it is possible to play in game " find ten differences ". In headlights there were light-emitting diode strips of running fires similar to arrows time. The form of a forward bumper and #150 has a little exchanged; two. Radiator facing has changed three. In Lexus booklet new drawing name the turned trapeze and a spindle, these arrows have seemed to me more similar to moustaches as at a cat. Other differences will find only especially attentive: sideways and behind new RX it is almost indistinguishable from the old.

with an interior about the same. Others became a wheel and buttons on it, new has seemed more uhvatistym. Instead of prevailing beige and brown colours in materials of furnish of the car of the previous generation now black and it is dark - grey that is, of course, more practical. The cover of a huge armrest now opens on - chelovecheski, on 95 degrees, it, certainly, more conveniently. The screen on the forward panel can show now three types of information simultaneously: for example, a map of navigating system, adjustment of the conditioner and the message on entering phone call that too is good. In the booklet write that devices have a little changed and the projector showing on a windshield before the driver current speed and instructions of the navigator became more accurate. But if it have not written, I and would not notice. All it and at former Lexus RX 350 has been normally made.

but, unfortunately, all has not changed in any way that annoyed in the old car. For example, the hours similar to an electronic alarm clock from eightieth: they again small, again where - below, and them constantly it is necessary to look around for that, distracting from road. Or the management joystick: over it Lexus is a little pokoldoval, but it and did not become, in my opinion, more conveniently. Again it any shaky - shaky, not elastic, demanding very exact movements to get to the necessary menu item on the screen. At movement it is almost impossible to adjust navigation: continually you get not there from - that has a little shaken the car. Well and, of course, game in " guess a melody " It about a choice of radio stations by means of the joystick. For a choice four screens of small squares on which frequency of station can be written, or that passes in this station given moment RDS are again offered: it can be both weather, and air phone number. Also guess then, what radio designates an inscription " course RUB / USD ".

As a whole in salon all on - former is qualitative and sound the present Japanese premium - a class. Materials pleasant to sit conveniently, all is regulated by an electricity, the review good. It is a pity only that smells in such bonus salon not as expensive leather wallet, and any chemistry like glue. But smells not strongly, so hardly - hardly.

On our test Lexus RX 350 of version F SPORT new to given model which 2,822 million rbl. At this version cost has visited there is no especial loaded engine, F SPORT it is more registration. Additional spoiler in the forward bumper, deeply planted protivotumanki, dark 19 - inch wheel disks and additional shildiki on the forward wings, furnish of salon distinct from other versions. The gear change of an automatic six-step box at Lexus RX 350 F SPORT can occur as automatically, and from a wheel, petals. It is possible to do it even then when selector AKPP costs in usual mode D, other differences in management of car of this version are not present.

Besides version F SPORT Lexus RX 350 can be reserved in versions Executive (2,625 million rbl.), Premium (2,956 million rbl.) and Premium + (2,972 million rbl.) . They differ with furnish and presence of the additional equipment like a map of contactless access, the projective display and a panoramic roof. But even the cheapest Lexus RX 350 is all the same richly equipped, as before, has leather furnish, the xenon headlights, a full drive and an automatic six-speed transmission. The engine on all versions of Lexus RX 350 is established petrol, atmospheric, six-cylinder, volume 3,5 l, capacity of 277 l. With. And about 346 nanometers of the maximum twisting moment.

the American dream of the homemaker
In a native habitat which for Lexus cars are the USA, crossover RX 350 usually the second car in a family c a prosperity above an average. Cost of similar Lexus RX 350 F SPORT in America begins from $47 thousand Car has a reputation reliable, safe, practical and is used, as a rule, by homemakers for trips to shop, razvozov children and etc. On any big American parking it is possible to see set of Lexus RX of different updatings and years of release.

at us, of course, slightly other prices and absolutely other representations about model RX though actually this car and at us will approach the homemaker, instead of domohozjainu more. By silent and smooth Lexus RX 350 to go in shop or in a hairdressing salon, instead of with muzhiks on hunting more correctly. This sympathetic wheel not for rough hands. On these soft leather seats where intoxicated friends with berdankoj will look more harmoniously ruddy karapuzy, instead of. In this luggage carrier there is no place for the blood-stained hulk of a deer this compartment for a turkey from a supermarket. The crossover is absolutely deprived brutalnosti, it smooth, elegant and not so aggressive, whatever lines to it have added during restyling.

dynamics at Lexus RX 350 not the explosive. It is not bad dispersed, perfectly keeps on road on high speeds, but does not provoke to exploits. By such car it would be desirable to go, without trampling down a pedal of an accelerator and without pulling a box. Simply to slide, knowing that if necessary you can always be accelerated and have time to turn, overtake or be built in a stream it is all a crossover allows without special work.

absolutely it is not necessary to relax too. Good acoustic system plus very worthy sound insulation, the engine which it is not audible almost on low turns, and smoothness of transmission can play a malicious joke. Speeds it is not felt almost: it seems that all as slowly you move, and on a speedometer already 160 km / ch. The projector and #150 helps; speedometer indications always before eyes.

new Lexus RX 350 is comfortable. The suspension bracket can seem a little hardish, but informidable obstacles it " swallows " without almost sound, in turns heels the car within the limits of decencies and does not shake. The wheel legkovat, but does not deliver efforts: To catch the car it is not necessary neither on a straight line, nor on an arch. Brakes sufficient, but not the brutal.

in daily operation of Lexus RX 350 it is convenient. It is convenient to get and get out, conveniently to sit both in front, and behind, it is convenient to load and take out luggage. The big doors completely cover thresholds with the bottom part, therefore even during a bad weather do not blot trousers. A back door, as well as it is necessary in a premium - a class, it opens and closed by pressing the button so also hands remain pure. In salon it is a lot of place for trifles, coasters.

has unpleasantly surprised unless a luggage carrier. Passport volume like decent 496 l, but low enough shelf from above and a cover of a compartment acting over a floor for zapaski reduce this volume till rather modest sizes. The full-size spare wheel it is, of course, very healthy today, but it is bad that it steals so much space. In shop it is possible to go without problems, but in a campaign places it is already small.

the Full drive at updated Lexus RX 350 same, as at the predecessor: the back axis is connected automatically by electronics under its discretion, all rest of the time the car remains front-wheel. The road clearance is insignificant 180 mm, therefore as a serious off-road car the car we will not consider. But in the winter we have driven on previous RX on snow and even parked it on not cleared away neighbour`s site pobuksovali, but nevertheless have left independently. I went by the new car only on proselkam and on an air field grass. It is possible to tell that in usual, not extreme conditions of off-road qualities of Lexus RX 350 quite suffices.

as a whole the car has seemed very easy and simple in management, despite the two-ton weight, the powerful engine and rather big dimensions. But the eye does not light up also blood does not boil. Lexus RX 350 the car is faster for quiet and judicious drivers, than actively adjusted. Even it is outwardly possible to name it prompt, only when prompter nearby is not present anything. In airdrome I have put Lexus RX 350 near to legkomotornym by plane to compare. The car has lost.

cost of the annual insurance kasko on Lexus RX 350 F SPORT from 120 thousand to 200 thousand rbl. a year depending on the insurance company and additional conditions. OSAGO 6336 rbl. year, the transport tax 14 550 rbl. a year. Average cost THAT from 15 thousand to 30 thousand rbl. depending on run taking into account expendable materials. Periodicity THAT time on 10 thousand in km. The gasoline expense on a city 17 - 20 l on 100 km, in a country mode about 13,5 l on 100 km. The price of the complete set of winter rubber of the standard size for Lexus RX F SPORT 235 / 55 R19 from 32 thousand to 45 thousand rbl. depending on the manufacturer.

we Give thanks for the help in the organisation of shooting of the president of federation of glider sports of Russia of Sergey Rjabchinsky, airdrome administration " SHevlino " pilots Leonid Dombrovsky and Sergey Dulepova.

Lexus RX 350

Dimensions, length / width / height (mm) 4770 / 1885 / 1725
the Drive full
the Engine type gasoline
the Engine volume 3,5 l
Capacity (l. With.) 277
transmission 6 - step AKPP
the Price from (thousand rbl.) 2625

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