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All in game!

the Olympic Games have begun with grand welcomes and a seeing-off of sportsmen. With details how there passed ceremony of a seeing-off of the Russian sportsmen in Moscow, how met Belarus in London and why there was off side a president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, the special correspondent " - BoscoSport " Andrey KOLESNIKOV.
a seeing-off
on Saturday Olympians gathered at doors of the Big Kremlin palace. Separately, as on pjatachke under a ring, basketball players (were afraid, maybe, of questions on which they do not have answers) kept.

As if already going to act, stood shoulder to shoulder sinhronistki mentally in London.

there were many singles, is more correct odinochnits.

Basketball players and in Georgievsk to a hall seemed in advance tired: the first have taken place on banketkah in a hall corner. Here on a broader scale it has appeared about hundred sportsmen: Many already in London, and the majority, to the contrary, on bases also will arrive to Russia only to competitions.

at sportsmen as - that it is not accepted to estimate chances not that that the, but also strangers. And all of them estimated them:

At me such impression that little girls in handball can shoot... It is a pity, Stepanovu in basketball have lost, and even there there would be a chance... The rhythmic gymnastics will bring surprises...

so about our chances of gold medals spoke, first of all, as about surprises.

a star of domestic synchronous swimming Natalia Ishchenko on my question, a leah is afraid it of Chinese women (the question was safe all are afraid of Chinese women and the more so Chineses), has told:

We them did not see recently: disappear.

and you?

we too disappear.

means, is what to hide.

She has regretted that on the Olympic Games there are no single competitions.

well, can, to Sochi will appear... I have tried to calm it.

if only on the fads to try... she has laughed.

in expectation of Vladimir Putin some did not lose time in vain. So, the Caucasian fighters actively got acquainted with sinhronistkami. And in five minutes it was audible from one:

Well and with private life che at you, how?

the Girl expressively shrugged shoulders.

and you are able to prepare? already he more particularly asked it.

I? Yes I prepare all!

yes it is fine... he did not calm down. Both #150; a leah also Korean cuisine too that?

Korean it is necessary to learn... she admitted.

we will learn... it calmed her.

Vladimir Putin has said before sportsmen in Aleksandrovsk to a hall moderately flaming speech. He has remembered 1952 when the Soviet sportsmen have acted for the first time on the Olympic Games, and some words Lydia Ponomarevu who has won the first gold medal for the country have asked to tell. That admitted that then, in 1952 - the m, for them was nobody to be ill at stadiums, " only Sinjavsky and to Ozerov ". And fans from other countries long read letters " the USSR " on vests: " Si - Si - Si - Ar ". But have quickly got used.

and by the end of Games of thousand correspondents wanted to know that we such eat, and we fed with their borsch with a sourcrout... But at level of party and the government we then have not been met... with a pain she remembered. to us it was heavy from it, after all we have typed, as well as Americans, 494 points...

Then Vladimir Putin together with the minister of sports Vitaly Mutko and the president of the Olympic committee of Russia Alexander Zhukov has bypassed tables behind which sportsmen waited for it.

sportsmen shared with the president secret:

I have after the delivery got on gathering, as to a fairy tale... one spoke, and she could be understood: after the delivery and on street - that to leave a fairy tale.

tell thanks Vladimir Vladimirovichu for base in Kislovodsk... Vitaly Mutko who eventually became prompted to sportsmen, I consider, the newsmaker of day.

the matter is that the president has approached to pentathlonists and has learnt from them unpleasant news: horses (equestrian sport one of kinds pjatiborja) to them give out on a lot for 20 minutes prior to the beginning of competitions. In Beijing horses, strangely enough, understood only the Chinese. Our sportsmen are afraid that in London horses will respond only to English.

Anything, one of our Olympians, and #150 has told; I myself for such cases carrots and sugar from Moscow take.

no, the trainer, and #150 has minded; it is necessary to learn intensively English, as though difficultly was.

yes anything, Vitaly Mutko, and #150 has told; I will help.

to arrows Vladimir Putin has told story how it shot once on doctrines:

Has shot like quite good, he has shrugged shoulders. has beaten out 30 points from three shots... Then I ask the colonel from other group: " And who was best today? " he speaks: " the Commander-in-chief, certainly ". " And how much it has beaten out? " " and I whence know? "

Sinhronistki have promised to the president that do not leave on start if it does not arrive on them to look on August, 7th and 10. But at it, apparently, plans for other days.

At last one sportswoman has asked to photograph it with the president while she will kiss it on a cheek. It some time refused apparently, for the sake of appearances. But has agreed, certainly. However, from the first to press the button on the camera in time it was not possible, and it has allowed the girl to kiss the second time Vladimir Putin.

and in the third time he has kissed its itself, without the chamber.

Nastja, Vitaly Mutko, and #150 has told to it; you like is better kiss?

and you whence know? she has asked again it.

a meeting
In London planes from Moscow prizemljajut in five airports, that is in everything that here are. Thus for high-grade reception of Olympians Heathrow is equipped only. In the same place, in Heathrow, will accredit journalists, in the same place on an exit from an arrival hall in the fifth terminal the person who is playing the piano (and could box, for example) sits.

Thus I was surprised, how met us, several moderately shy Russian sportsmen and journalists, in Gatvike. On an exit two national panels between which ten two children (from five to fifteen have exposed in a rank have been developed and is more senior).

However, flags were almost completely green. On the other hand, other Olympians, except us, onboard was not. I with a sigh have thought that organizers, of course, were mistaken and have accepted us for inhabitants of any small island state whom too and are. Well, not for the first time.

but it has appeared that so, with bread - salt, employees of the Belarus embassy meet the sportsmen who should land by the plane from Minsk in ten minutes.

hardly somebody else on the British earth would concern them with such heat. The matter is that, still receiving luggage, I have learnt that to the Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko is refused accreditation on Games, in spite of the fact that it the president of the Olympic committee of Belarus. The British authorities have referred that it is included into the list of persons to which the European Union has forbidden entrance to the countries entering into EU, " in connection with infringement of the international electoral standards on presidential election in 2010 and in connection with suppression of a civil society and democratic opposition " further. Will lock EU, with simplification have declared the British authorities, possesses validity.

who these children? I have asked the person holding one of panels.

about the one who he, it is not necessary to ask. Employees of embassy it is visible from apart, what they had control over.

from Chernobyl fund, it has explained. on treatment here come.

So all - taki to Great Britain start up some Byelorussians, I have thought, and even invite. And in embassy have decided to use them for the designated purpose.

and truth what speak, as if after to Alexander Lukashenko have forbidden entrance to England, the Belarus sportsmen can declare a demarche and leave from Games directly the airport? I have asked.

hardly, with doubt he has responded and has thought suddenly. know, it is forbidden to us to make comments on this subject. Eventually about refusal in accreditation we have learnt from Twitter your head NOK Alexander Zhukov. Perhaps it also not so!

Alas, it was so. Mister Zhukov, by the way, has sympathised with mister Lukashenko: " Sports out of a policy? And how to be with the Olympic values and traditions? Each schoolboy knows that the armistice consisted in Greece for the period of Games ".

But Alexander Lukashenko did not need sympathy. This day it opened " the Slavonic market " also has declared that " the Market " and itself can apply for a rank of the summer cultural Olympic Games, and then, talking to workers of Open Society " Belaruskaly " has added in a fit of temper: " the Olympic games it not sports, and a policy. The dirty policy ".

It was obvious that this refusal in the rough form a reserve of the chairman of the Olympic committee of Belarus and he has tried to make everything that also its subsequent refusal to go on Games looked as in a pointed manner.

it was necessary to understand how to be to the Belarus sportsmen. And the main thing, where they? The plane from Minsk has landed already forty minutes ago, and any sportsman was not.

at this time the Belarus officials quietly argued on chances of the command:

both #150; And rowing, both weightlifting, and a hammer...

yes, they would throw a hammer with all passion. Both for itself, and for that guy (which have not started up to London).

We, by the way, have lifted a flag of Belarus in the Olympic village 22 more - go... Show was grandiose! Has begun with the dramatized representation, and then military British have lifted our flag!

yes, other employee, and #150 has gloomy added; and why to ourselves have not allowed to lift? Maxim Mirnyj should lift. Why they do not trust us? We that, eventually, lifted Cheerful Roger`s flag?

both #150; and music in a hall of the airport have not allowed to carry by... one more employee has added.

so allow a flag to lift to nobody and music to carry by... I have told. here precisely there are no politicians.

by the way, about our president of the final decision was not, as we know, till now, the first employee has said. they will think still. Well and we too, certainly.

And the Ukrainian president here to them is less than for days comes, someone from Byelorussians has added still.

they were proud of the Ukrainian president that he is not going to be late here. More they had, seemingly, nothing to be proud.

Here it is unexpected from an arrival hall there were two Kazakhs in the smart Olympic form. Were taken aback not only officials, but also children, already absolutely was started missing between panels.

the same our guys should be... someone from Byelorussians has whispered.

tragical transformation of the Belarus Olympians into the Kazakh has, seemingly, ploughed up their consciousness.

here conditions were even more heated. From an arrival hall ten two girls in the pink have fluttered out. They were young and faultless. The Belarus officials have ceased to understand that occurs.

it is flight from Minsk? I have asked.

yes, One of girls has confirmed.

and who you?!! the Byelorussian who has approached to them has moaned.

CHerlidery! with a call one of them has responded.

And, support group. But where those whom they have arrived to support?

Perhaps bicycles in a window of luggage do not pass? someone from officials has desperately assumed. call to them!

about, greetings, the approached guy has met one of Red Foxes. have gone.

it took it with itself(himself) and has shouted the remained:

While, little girls! We will be!

so all of them will disassemble, with alarm I have thought. More likely sportsmen would leave.

meanwhile there was a second hour of expectation. Turns on passport control were not, I saw.

here I have paid attention, how the young man in national Belarus furniture with bread - salt in hands toils. I have approached to it.

Eh, he has pensively told, still saltsa and chesnochku!. Also that would remain from this bread...

in some minutes I have seen, how the young man has accurately put bread - salt on a floor and, having sat down nearby, was fond of conversation by a mobile phone.

last information which I that day have heard about the Belarus sportsmen, was that:

Passport control have passed, in a hall they are not present.

Edition " - BoscoSport " will watch closely destiny of the Belarus sportsmen and heads of their Olympic committee.