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last week the five-monthly history of the arrested participants of group Pussy Riot has reached court: accusation in definitive edition is brought, the first judicial hearing has taken place. Before the process beginning " the Spark " the punk has talked to relatives of defendants
Soloists - the feminist of group Pussy Riot have preferred to hide persons and to be called as nicknames. The February action in Christ the Saviour Cathedral was spent by five girls Garadzha, Tjurja, Schumacher, Seraphim and the Cat. For arranged " the punk - a prayer service " three from them are arrested. Charge in hooliganism is put forward against Nadezhdy Tolokonnikovoj, Ekaterina Samutsevich and Maria Alehinoj. In the opinion of their native criminal punishment threatens not to active workers and hooligans, and daughters and mothers.

on family circumstances
In the end of the last year girls at our place began to gather: constructed any dresses, something drew, discussed, The father of one of accused, Stanislav Olegovich Samutsevich remembers. Katya did not devote me in the affairs. I thought, let are engaged, not in the street lounge about. But I could not present, in what it will result. For me their action in Christ the Saviour Cathedral became a bolt from the blue. I about it have learnt, having seen a roller in news on the TV. Then, I remember, has asked Katya: " I Hope, thee there were not? " she has responded: " Is not present ".

From the middle of March, that is from the moment of Ekaterina Samutsevich`s arrest on business Pussy Riot, every Monday it 73 - the summer father goes in " the Yellow Bastile " (so name on colour a building of a female pre-trial detention centre in area Printers in which there are all three accused active workers) to pass the daughter products.

during time otsidki she declared two hunger-strikes and when you starve, transfers are not put, Stanislav Olegovich tells. The first time declared, when it had disagreements with cellmates. She sits in the four-seater chamber, and basically it is good. There there are chambers and for 30 persons, where both addicts, and absolutely fallen women. Its cellmates 50 - summer women who accuse of economic crimes. As it happens often at such age, they very devot. And these women have decided that Katya the antireligious figure, scandals have begun. To Katya has helped the lawyer, it has arrived to a pre-trial detention centre and has achieved, that Katya have left alone. The second time the daughter has gone on hunger strike after the next prolongation of term of holding in custody on July, 9th. I on appointment have asked it " You, what starve? Has become crazy? " it: " And what? I am healthy, it is possible for me ". All - taki has persuaded her to stop hunger-strike. It why - that is always very optimistical on appointments, speaks: " That`s OK. Be not stirred! "

to the Husband of another accused, active workers Nadezhdy Tolokonnikovoj, to Peter Verzilovu in appointments to the wife sitting in a pre-trial detention centre, refuse.

nobody expected that such strict measures will be accepted. After arrest of Nadi the inspector has handed over me already five formal refusals on a meeting with it it is a lawlessness, Peter is indignant. as far as I know, me do not allow to see the wife because someone from militian chiefs has heard by radio as I rigidly enough responded about the present power.

Peter says that them with Nadej the daughter, 4 - summer Gera, very much misses mum: " She constantly asks on mum, where it that occurs how faster to return it home. We with it draw plans how to destroy prison walls. For it mum she is the princess whom the malicious wizard has caged. Certainly, to it it is very heavy. All try to give to it of more attention ". All She is Peter`s mum on whom responsibility under the maintenance of a family of young active workers has laid down.

there is in this history and more one participant and the victim 5 - summer Phillip, the son of third arrested participant Pussy Riot, Marias Alehinoj. All weight of a situation both #150; and care of the child, and of the imprisoned daughter the Car has taken up mother. Speak, it is helped by the father of the boy.

unsuccessful, usual
In family Soviet period in which heroines of present events have grown, would name unsuccessful. Now incomplete families and fierce dissonance between generations so a commonplace that seems that these three stories do not differ from all other. Children critical 90 - h, early given to, rushing about in attempts to understand as as it is arranged in this world, participants Pussy Riot a sentence to last decades.

Marias Alehinoj now 23 years, the Muscovite. The girl mother was nurtured by one. Maria openly and frankly told about itself in a blog which conducted before the arrest: " the Father did not want my birth, has suggested my mum to make abortion. If it has made it, hardly when - nibud still could give birth, because age, because work and on a broader scale. It was difficult to raise me. On many circumstances. Crisis of the ninetieth, absence of men in the house, my character ". Maria has decided to meet the father, when to it 21 year was executed, has found phone number and has called it. So the girl describes a meeting with it: " I have come to listen. Has heard about two wives, four children, has heard that I conduct a bohemian way of life that sounds in general - that better, than is actually, have heard " excuse ". " Excuse " I even have seen, it appears, it is possible to measure it by money, it appears, even monthly ".

After leaving school in 2006 Masha has given birth to the child, has then entered the institute journalism and literary creativity where and now is registered on the student 4 - go a course. At institute was fond of ecological activity. Judging by the characteristic which was given in court by the noncommercial organisation " Green Peace Advice " since December, 2008 the girl participated in campaign for protection against illegal cutting down zakaznika " Big Utrish " in Krasnodar territory. In 2009 - 2010 it took part in the organisation of the Moscow pickets in protection of lake Baikal and the Khimki wood. Proceeding from other characteristic, half a year since September 2010 till January, 2011 it was the volunteer of multi-region social movement in support of orthodox youth initiatives " Danilovtsy ": organised employment with patients of one of children`s psychiatric hospitals of Moscow. Maria published the verses in a blog, told about the son, the travel by a self-locking device across Europe.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova most younger of girls (to it 22 years). Was born in Norilsk in a family of the pediatrist and the music-mistress. In 1990 - e years her parents were engaged in business, family idyll the end has come. When to the girl year was executed, the father has taken away the daughter to the grandmother to Krasnoyarsk where she has lived till 3 years. Then the father has moved to Moscow and took Nadju with itself. And when to it 5 years, mother who has achieved in business, obviously were executed, the big successes, than spouses, has taken away the daughter to Norilsk. Nadja has ended fiziko - mathematical lycee and music school, but has decided to arrive on philosophical faculty of the Moscow State University despite protests of mother and its unwillingness to release the daughter to Moscow. On 1 - m a course of Nadja has got acquainted with Peter Verzilovym who also any time studied at University. According to experts, early attempt to arrange private life a distinctive feature lonely, " nedoljublennyh " children. Speak, when mum Nadi has learnt that the daughter has contacted any active workers came to Moscow to teach Nadju and even tried to move it from the apartment bought for it.

the most senior in a scandalous Trinity Ekaterina Samutsevich. To it 29 years, in August will be executed 30.

It was the remarkable child, very persistent, school has ended with a medal, her father tells. the only thing that was impossible, this training to music. Therefore I have been surprised, when have learnt on the action video record in Christ the Saviour Cathedral which I accepted the inspector, the daughter with an electroguitar in hands.

school teachers marked its mathematical abilities, said that at it not a humanitarian warehouse mind, and advised to go to study as the programmer. Katya and has made has entered MEI. It has gone in the footsteps of the father: it the technician, too has ended this institute, then worked in scientifically - research laboratories.

when Katya was 19 years old, her mother has died. " it has very courageously transferred death of mum, Stanislav Olegovich speaks. the Wife was the strong-willed person, with Katya it had a contact (I on it have no such influence), and it, of course, would not admit that has occurred ".

To the red diploma Katya did not have no one five. To complaints of the father has responded: " to Whom it is necessary, this red diploma! "

after high school Ekaterina worked in defensive concern " Morinformsistema " Agate " ". Two years was engaged in working out of the software for the submarine " the Seal ". It wanted to send on tests to Primorski Territory, but the father has acted sharply against it went on other end of the country, without wishing to release the daughter for the whole year. Family quarrel has led to Katinomu to dismissal from work. It became the freelancer, since then was engaged in creation of sites. (And now that the girl officially jobless formally it on maintenance of the father which earns transfer of the technical literature for Academy of Sciences, became one of consequence arguments to keep her under guard.)

And still Katya has ended the Moscow school of a photo of a name of Rodchenko.

Training there interesting enough, teachers basically adherents of the modern art, Oleg Kulika`s creativity, for example, Stanislav Samutsevich tells. And I, admit, at times played a trick on its works that is supposedly necessary not only the abstract form, but also the maintenance. And it has ceased to share with me as with the person of outdated views. Katya closed enough, thus firmly defends the sights, it is difficult for overpersuading in something.

during study at photo School there were two events which have changed destiny of the girl. At this time Ekaterina has fallen in love and then took hard the unfortunate novel. " sobbed at itself in a room, and I could not help it in any way, the father remembers. this unfortunate love has changed it, it seems to me, from - for it it and had later an interest to ideas of feminism ". Then the girl has joined a creative party where has got acquainted with Nadezhdoj Tolokonnikovoj.

On soil " Wars "
In the end of 2009 in infamous art - group " War " there was a split on so-called Petersburg and Moscow fractions. Into the first have entered Oleg Vorotnikov (a nickname the Thief), Natalia Sokol (Kid), Leonid Nikolays and Alexey Plutser - Sarno. In the second Peter Verzilov, Hope Tolokonnikova (Oat flour) and Ekaterina Samutsevich. After that two versions of an origin of group began to extend: on one, " War " have created Collars and the Falcon in 2005, on another the same together with Verzilovym and Tolokonnikovoj in 2007. Under the first version they ordinary participants, on the second both #150; founders and ideologists.

anyhow, the first resonant action " Wars " with Hope participation there was an orgy in the Biological museum it. Timirjazeva in the end of February, 2008 on which it was together with then already husband Peter. A repellent detail was also that Tolokonnikova was on 9 - m month of pregnancy and in some days after the action has given birth to the daughter. Said about its deduction from university, but that is called, has carried by. By the way, now Hope the student 5 - go a course, truth, in January, 2012 it has taken the academic vacation.

with Katya Samutsevich we both #150; I and Nadja have got acquainted in the spring of 2008 when prepared for the action " Humiliation of the cop in its house " Peter Verzilov tells. It as the student of School of a photo was included into working group and participated in the action documentation. Then it have included in constant structure " Wars ". And Maria Alekhin has taken part for the first time in the action " Wars " In the spring of 2009 when we have been occupied by preparation the punk - a concert in Tagansky court where then Andrey Yerofeev and Yury Samodurova`s case, and #150 was considered; Peter remembers. then she participated even in some our actions.

the most known actions of the Moscow fraction " Wars " with participation by Tolokonnikovoj and Samutsevich of a steel " tarakany court " in the summer of 2010 and " Kiss garbage " in the beginning of 2011. On the first action in a corridor of Tagansky court before session on Yerofeev`s business samodurova active workers have let out cockroaches. On the second action which has been dated for law coming into force " About police " participants Moscow " Wars " kissed employees of militia in public transport.

a series the test - trainings in which course it became clear has been carried out that madams policemen react to kisses much more aggressively, than misters, Shared supervision of Tolokonnikova. Women at attempt zasosa started to panic, defiantly used foul language, obrugivali active workers and frequently started to fight with them.

also it is possible to consider this action as the beginning of existence of feministic fraction which became group Pussy Riot later and began to compete with " War ". A leah this competition it is necessary to explain growing from the action to the action degree " performances " both loudness of scandals? And a leah all became isolated it finally on questions of financing which remain in the shadow till now?

it is less than for existence half a year (the collective has arisen in September, 2011) participants of group have spent a series of performances on different occasions (in protection of movement sex - minority, political prisoners, in support of feministic and opposition views) at metro stations and roofs of trolley buses, on a roof of a building of prison, on the Place of execution on Red Square. The action " Deipara, Putin banish! " this semi-annual marathon of activity crowned.

this way of life, a behaviour manner, actions called aversion many. A leah this all has merited imprisonment?

I think, them will punish, with bitterness Stanislav Samutsevich, Katya`s father speaks. I am anxious by that to it do any unnecessary biography that it turns to a victim of a mode. What for it is necessary for the normal person if he wants to live and work after prison?.