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Fire on a bakery: one car ognebortsev

In Tbilisi the political scientist - the spy have planted for 20 years

In Sovetske the master of hand-to-hand fight has brutally killed 42 - summer sozhitelnitsu

In February 2008 Anna Vladimirova (the name and a surname are changed - a bus) It was arranged with the seller - the cashier in one of Pyatigorsk building shops. Anna had a six-month-old kid and took the girl with a trial period, but here on papers while in any way it did not make out. About what in couple of months the director of shop has bitterly regretted. The girl obokrala it almost on 100 thousand roubles. And did it it is masterful: accurately substituted electronic variants of commodity checks in the program 1 - With accounts department, thereby reduced in the register of the program the sum of daily handed over gain for the realised goods. The girl daily took away turning out gain from cash desk.

the Alarm was hammered by one of employees of the shop, casually noticed that figures in the register of sales do not coincide - the guy has looked at the monitor, profit for day of 15000 roubles, has returned in 5 minutes from a smoke break, and there already on 3000 it is less.   the Guy has started to suspect that Anna steals, but could not understand as. The vigilant employee has informed On the suspicions to the heads. Those have verified registers under the program 1 - With accounts department, and have found out already 125 moved commodity checks for 138673 roubles. However could document shortage only in 88154 roubles of 76 copecks as cash vouchers were approximated more often, and the sum part did not make the way on cash desk. When the girl have driven into the corner, she has promised all to return. But the director of shop has decided that it is better let in business the law will interfere.

- the Court recognised the defendant guilty of commission of crime provided ch. 2 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation also has appointed to it punishment in the form of 2 (two) years of imprisonment, conditionally, with a trial period to 2 (two) years, - the assistant to the chairman of Pyatigorsk city court Astemir Podluzhnyj has informed.

As posudimaja has already returned 5 thousand roubles, the court has obliged her to extinguish the remained 83 154 roubles of 76 copecks.

On Moldavian - the Ukrainian border the first frontier mark

Tula a boiler-house in which there was an explosion, the Office of Public Prosecutor together with Prioksky management of Rostehnadzora worked with numerous infringements

Weather forecasters warn: on Monday - strong snow and a blizzard

Since February, first of school of Vladikavkaz will be ohranjat uniform security agency

The authorities were late with prolongation of the program of preferential autocrediting

The Natsbank of Belarus recommends to make credits more accessible

To foreign spouses of Russians the State Duma on Friday will be easier to get the visa

Growth of state duties can lower business activity in Tatarstan

Wheel at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre recognised as serviceable

The Ministries of Public Education of Moldova and Romania will co-operate

The Krasnoyarsk citizen has won " bronze " Jaryginsky tournament

Almost all candidates for Jarobldumu, expressed to take part in elections, have higher education

It is dismissed head Basmannoj of a justice

Karpovtsev becomes the assistant to the head coach in " the Locomotive "

For Jaryginsky tournament have made new cups

The head of department of culture otgrohal a private residence on state money

Hillari Clinton has arrived to Northern Ireland within the limits of the European tour

Fraction HDNP in municipal council has broken up

Were defined starting the five on a match for the Cup of Call MHL

The best figure skater will choose among tractor operators

Part " the Georgian landing " remained in Ukraine

The US State Secretary has arrived with unexpected visit to Northern Ireland

In Yaroslavl have cancelled a film shrove

The Ukrainian star Playboy Darya Astafeva dreams of political career

Pensioners of Kishinev will receive free subscriptions on journey

Fighters for the rights of animals demand to bring action against the owner of the dog who have frozen on a frost

In the Novosibirsk region the wounded militiaman has detained the armed criminal

Six persons

From - for thin ice people can fail in water

The aged pedophile remains on freedom

France and the USA together will develop sanctions against Iran

The Belgian rescuers have taken from - under ruins a body 12 - j a victim of explosion

In America 64 - the summer man threatened to blow up a train

In " to the Pearl of Siberia " will pass the international competitions

The teacher will decorate a stamp

The Moldavian who has lost memory has lived half a year in the Novgorod hospital

At hearings across Iraq shouts « sounded; Blair - the liar and the murderer! »

The unemployed has made uproar in militia

" Korver " has failed from - for icings in a fog

The employee of the centre sotspomoshchi on excite has beaten five children

Alexander Hloponina officially became head Severo - the Caucasian federal district

Igor Semshov has got over from « Zenith » in « the Dynamo »

To cellular operators of Vladivostok at FAS there are claims

On a visit to " to the Locomotive " goes " fight club " from Chekhov

Krasnoyarsk designers have punished for piracy Windows

In Krasnoyarsk the second day of Jaryginsky tournament