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The governor beside himself

During the period with 2008 for 2012 in Russia 63 heads of subjects of federation were replaced. Many of them held the fasts more than ten years, and some worked from the beginning 1990 - h years and, as a matter of fact, got used to a post. The longer such head of region held the fast, the it was more difficult to present, as well as with whom it to replace. " " begins a series of reportings that has changed in regions, all - taki endured in last years change, apparently, the permanent head of the subject of federation.
the power of the Oryol region, seemingly, that without wishing, have developed and have introduced a trouble-free method of cultivation of independent elite for no reason. It has appeared to send enough on change to governor Egor Stroev of variag Alexander Kozlova. Through three and a half a year it was found out: naznachenets and its command are too weak definitively to send in the past of the predecessor, but so konfliktny that have united against itself almost all local, having admitted to the power of their promoted workers, is frequent hostile to the governor and thus already nothing obliged to the former leader.
the owner has left
Egor Stroev with small breaks headed the Oryol region with 1985 to 2009. In this time it has visited a member of last structure of the Political bureau of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the speaker of Advice of federation. In the region many long years anybody did not think at all of throwing down to its a challenge. In October, 1997 on governor`s elections it has got support of 95,1 % of voters. Its unique competitor was the director of collective farm Vera Enina (2,83 %). On memoirs of eyewitnesses, at meetings with voters she told that completely supports Egor Semenovicha, and was put forward only because it was necessary for someone. In 2001 the mister Stroev has defeated already three friendly opponents all with almost same impressive result. Inhabitants of region have got used that the Grandfather (Stroev`s national nickname) will not leave never, believed in an irremovability of the Boa (a nomenclature nickname) and in its environment. In area joked: " Egor Semenych in pioneers accepted Me, he and on pension will send ".

So proceeded till March, 2006 when the mayor of the Eagle had been selected supported by communists and having a personal abacus with the governor Alexander Kasyanov. The weariness of the population from the old leader and its command was showed. To return complete control over area to Egor Stroev after that and it was not possible. In 2007 he de - fakto has lost elections in country council, when " an United Russia " has received for those times pity 39 % of voices. Neutralisation of mister Kasyanov to which had to hit in races, escaping from criminal prosecution, a situation has not rescued. Law enforcement bodies investigated at once some criminal cases concerning people from an environment of the governor. Were stroevsky the first zam Vitaly Kochuev cannot beat off till now from inspectors and puzzly asks all who is ready to listen to it: why at it so scoff? And why only over it? Stroev`s epoch has come to the end in February, 2009 not too honourable and neskryvaemo with preschedule resignation expected in the Eagle " at own will ". The mister Stroev became the senator. Despite failures of last years, he, possibly, could offer the Kremlin the heir. But, as it was found out, has not grown up it.

local against " sent "
On change to the mister to Stroev there has arrived the absolute variag the former first deputy of the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Alexander Kozlov. " to all formal signs left that the person serious: the deputy minister, the huge experience in financial audit of state structures. There was a hope that it will start to wash Orlovshchinu. Probably, all local, even most irreconcilably oppositional, went to Kozlovu, wanted to co-operate " the editor-in-chief of a regional oppositional weekly journal " tells; the New paragraph " Yury Lebedkin.

But it was soon found out: anybody from local, even if would want then confront with the new power could not. Before the elections of the mayor of the Eagle planned for February, 2010 Alexander Kozlova`s command searched for the candidate, capable to defeat the promoted worker of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vasily Ikonnikov. It it was not possible to find in region. " All environment of the former governor, it zamy, chiefs of the big enterprises, large businessmen considered themselves as the present elite. But without Stroev they have ceased to correspond at once to this status " the mayor of the Eagle Sergey Stupin characterises a situation.

As an example of the representative of an old administrative layer interlocutors " " Tell about " the rector of one large high school ": " In newspapers the big, dear person. But as it humiliated Stroev! To tears, hysterics and movings on an office on all fours. Neither will powers, nor abilities to make decisions, respect for ". As a result the candidate was in Kolpino area of St.-Petersburg. It was headed by the native of the Oryol region the general of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Victor Safjanov. Its election campaign was conducted at first by local United Russia party members, but to victory confidently there was a communist. Shortly before elections " to rescue a city from red " there has arrived the command of political strategists led by the deputy of the State Duma Romanom Antonovym. They have broken a course of campaign and have led mister Safjanova to victory.

now, in the July, 2012, all parties recognise that those elections have broken working mutual relations of the command of the governor and local. " against Ikonnikov all resources have been thrown. Safjanova three weeks of weeks prior to elections have made and. An island The mayor on the TV its exploits in bolshem volume, than heroic achievements of mister Stroev also showed. In parallel on our candidate poured out dirt tons. On behalf of Kozlova even letters were dispatched to townspeople with the request to vote for the general! It was found out that at the governor and its environment is not present internal stop. Stroev could create in calm of offices the most different things, but before that the present command did, never would fall " mister Stupin, in 2010 were the head of campaign of mister Ikonnikov tells. At Alexander Kozlova`s command the truth. " communists and in the pre-election purposes have started to knock all this antagonism supposedly Goats both all its environment " strangers " " sent " " invaders " and we unique spokesmen of interests orlovtsev. These shortcuts on us hang up now all who feel like it " speaks vitse - governor Igor Garmash. It supervises the device of the regional government and it is considered Alexander Kozlova`s right hand.

" Without Stroev operate here anybody cannot "
Victor Safjanov too is Literally in some months after election became the opponent of the governor. Alexander Kozlova`s connected with municipal economy all large initiatives, were blocked, and the pressure from area was stronger, the it is more city counteraction. At first there was a version that the new mayor Egor Stroev`s trojan horse. " but it was soon found out that it here at anything. Morocco the Martian, or the Alien has earned among subordinates and deputies of the City Council a nickname. It really was other-wordly: instead of latanija pipes studied kriminogennuju conditions in a city, sent on 20 official congratulations in a week to all for whom only it is possible, to Chukotka, to Dagestan, to any clerks in the federal ministries. He has created a little absolutely superfluous departments in the mayoralty, engaged in control and shadowing employees... But thus did not cave in and went on the conflict " tells one of city deputies. The eagle actually did not cope neither city, nor regional administration.

according to people from Egor Stroev`s environment, with it the heir too did not hurry to agree. " the chief, probably, has made even too many steps towards to Kozlovu. Constantly offered any projects, beat out under them the state money. But the majority of these plans has decayed in regional administration bowels " has explained " " one of the nearest co-workers of the senator. He considers that in such conditions " be fixed in region of Goats could not ": " Stroev`s Economic resource anywhere did not disappear, political weight too. Without cooperation with us anybody cannot operate here ". " So there was in the first years Kozlova and there will be still any small time. But Stroev both its command a leaving reality, at least owing to its respectable age. If they also return, weakened and for a short while " Sergey Stupin marks.

" the Old skating rink has left, and new have not sent "
In such position Alexander Kozlovu had to hold an election in the City Council of the Eagle (March, 2011) and the State Duma, spent simultaneously with elections in a regional council. Following the results of the first campaign the City Council has been halved between the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and " an United Russia " and in the power lower chamber could spend only one deputy the former chief of FSB Nikolay Kovaleva. Both campaigns conducted Anton`s going in the Oryol regional group on elections in the State Duma by second number and not managed to be re-elected the Novel. Helped it the head a press - services of the governor Marina Ivashina. During Stroev`s epoch it was the most ardent oppositionist and more in the beginning 2000 - h began campaign " on exposure of corruption activity " экс commands - the governor. On mayor elections it already worked with mister Antonovym. " Then it, without disappearing almost, participated in use of black technologies, and against all it has continued to use a method of war, and when became the main PR manager of the governor. Ivashina has managed to consolidate against itself almost all local journalists. Even those who works in the state mass-media, hold the fig in a pocket " mister Stupin marks.

the regional authorities have assigned Fault for a failure of December elections to Victor Safjanova who completely has refused participation in them. The governor initiated its dismissal from a post, having charged with loss of trust of the population and economic crimes. That the City Council has voted for resignation of mister Safjanova, the governor had to agree with communists. Amendments to the charter of the Eagle, cancelling direct elections of the mayor have from this point on come into force also. Within the limits of arrangements between the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the regional authorities communist Sergey Stupin who is not feeding warm feelings neither to former, nor to a present management became the mayor (the chairman of the City Council). City - the manager the City Council has appointed the United Russia party member of Michael Bernikova operating at Egor Stroev small business (the largest object bowling - club) and not in time densely to co-operate neither with it, nor with Alexander Kozlova`s command. " the Present weak regional management just works on the future strengthening of the regional power. The Stroevsky political skating rink has left, and new have not sent. Asphalt has cracked, and from - under it starts to make the way fresh, while a lean and weak grass. At the chief they, of course, never would occupy such fasts, level not that " the former official of administration of Egor Stroev describes misters of Bernikova and Stupina.

the image of alien enemies in the name of a management of area at the majority of representatives of local authorities and business has already settled. Has reached that one of toasts in the company of the Oryol businessmen became " For clearing of Orlovshchiny of invaders ". " They here have tried to wring out it has not turned out, there to direct again has not grown together. As a result we with them are now converted approximately so: to you here one and a half year remains, we, collective farmers Oryol, we will suffer, 20 years as - that suffered? Even which - than we will share. And you while collect suitcases and anything here do not touch " the local businessman explains.

one of the basic channels of distribution of an antipathy to newcomers the most popular local Internet - a resource " Orlets " An informal portal about city life. " we wanted to create a site on which everybody can write fairly and interesting that occurs in area. But so it has turned out that rather considerable share of the Oryol tin has appeared is concentrated in regional administration " one of founders " ironically speaks; Orletsa " Victor Zyryanov. On this site ill-wishers regularly merge the information on financial problems of state enterprises, sex - scandals in bowels of regional administration and others unpleasant for the command of the governor of history. " now information war against area it already nobody co-ordinated process, the general trend. They have quarrelled with all. It is possible to light simply the next oversight and not to prevent to make the new. It accelerates resignation of Kozlova " Stanislav Rybakov tells local bloger.

" visitors " with such statement of a question do not agree. " It is impossible to say that we have arrived to region " on hapok ". It turns out to work For someone, at someone no. Many officials who have come with Kozlovym and have already left administration, till now communicate with Oryol with mutual respect. Catastrophically there are no two things that strategic understanding where we conduct area, and the competent information policy. The media space is lost clean, and at primary absence of real enemies " the high-ranking official of administration of Alexander Kozlova speaks. " Obkom the Communist Party of the Russian Federation continues against us blasting work. Repeat that no achievements are present that here swindlers and thieves sit. And we, without considering another matters, it is more than 20 long-term constructions which have remained from last administration, have placed in operation! Who has made something of our critics similar? " Igor Garmash is indignant. He considers as one of the main information wreckers that " Orlets ". " I as - that have passed Zyryanov that I will break to it a foot if it once again touches my family on the site. And what answer was? " so same abruptly: I with the broken foot ". the Inadequate person " tells vitse - the governor.

" we do not set as an object, as the last command, to twirl nuts and to press a freedom of speech. I tested this pressure on myself and saw all its inefficiency. We give the chance to work as all. Simply opponents no means always use it for pure conducting political strike " Marina Ivashina considers.

Difficulties with performance of the given guarantees at the command of the governor anywhere do not share. The history with attempt to remove Egor Stroev from fast of the senator began indicative and to replace with its Moscow businessman Vadim Remizovym. The businessman in March became the deputy of one of area municipal councils, but in the upper chamber and has not passed. In Egor Stroev`s environment said that it " has involved exits available for it on the first persons " the states and mister Kozlov has received an interdiction for castling. Certainly, now all participants of the scheme publicly deny the fact of its existence.

problems with execution of promises can soon be reflected and in attraction of investments into region. " at Stroev businessmen knew that the entrance ticket in region it is a share in the enterprise for any friendly his family of firm. Exceptions became basically for the companies with 100 - the percentage foreign capital like holding Coca factory - Cola or Italian Kerama Marazzi. Goats and its command cannot guarantee performance of obligations owing to that do not supervise a situation in region " the businessman working in the Oryol region tells.

Notsomnennym the June Oryol economic forum became acknowledgement of these words. There the head of region has publicly assured the owner of Kursk corporation " GriNN " Nikolay Greshilova that will help it with its expansion trading - an entertainment complex (on suburb of the Eagle) on territory of the factory belonging to structures of holding " Orelstroj " the considerable share of actions in which belongs to Egor Stroev`s family. " we after all can solve with Egor Semenovichem this question, truth? " he was converted to one of a top - managers " Orelstroja ". That it agree nodded, and on an exit from a hall has told to the correspondent " " that the company of anything " GriNNu " does not plan to give.

Alexander Kozlova`s term of appointment expires in the beginning of 2014, but its command already prepares for elections. The governor some times declared desire to be re-elected. " To finish the begun projects and really qualitatively to improve life in area, it is necessary for us ten years. It is more in the power it is not necessary to be that is called, an eye zamylivaetsja " Igor Garmash explains. Confront with the governor the communists having, under own data, more necessary under the regional legislation for promotion of the candidate in governors of 8 % munitsipalov can only. Their candidate again name Vasily Ikonnikov. " I do not have desire to become the head of region. In a present political situation I will be urged to work in narrow frameworks of federal installations which will be necessary for carrying out. Both installations, and game rules will set far not the friendly Communist Parties of the Russian Federation and me people " he speaks.

Oryol are convinced that the following governor should be " the local, peace loving and authoritative person ". But among only appeared independent elite they such figure do not see, as well as among representatives of the old power. " this consolidating candidate should agree with all: various political groups of interests, businessmen, opposition, Stroev`s environment and those who remains from the command of Kozlova. The candidate still had not too a lot of time to grow to such support " Sergey Stupin considers.