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The system approach - reliability pledge in power

After four years after end of reforming of the Russian Open Society " UES of Russia " the state has saved complete control only in two segments of power branch - atomic engineering and operatively - supervisory control. For realisation of last function it is equal ten years ago - in June, 2002 - the specialised company the System operator of the Integrated power grid, having 70 regional branches and representations in subjects of the Russian Federation has been created. About problems of branches of the System operator in the Far East we talk to the general director of Branch of Open Society " FROM EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY " " Incorporated supervisory control by East power supply systems " Sergey Drugovym.

- Sergey Gennadevich, for what purpose has been created ten years ago the System operator, after all regional supervisory controls existed before many years and also were under state complete control?

- it is valid, the three-level structure operatively - supervisory control in the electric power industry, outwardly similar to those which exists now in the System operator, was generated in 1967 with the advent of the central supervisory control of EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY of the USSR. At that point in time seven incorporated supervisory controls on number of electric power pools and several tens central dispatching services as a part of regional power managements already worked. By 2002 - to the beginning of reforming of electric power industry - the former system generated under problems of the Soviet power and the Soviet economy, could not carry out the functions in a new economic reality any more. Introduction in branch of economic mechanisms of maintenance of reliable work of a power supply system was one of the primary goals of reform - subjects of branch should have material stimulus to execute the command of the System operator who was responsible for steady teamwork of all generating and electronetwork objects and consumers in UES of Russia. Absolutely other level of development of technologies of supervisory control, other maintenance and speed of business processes Besides, was required. Events in a power supply system develop promptly, reaction to these events too should be operative, accordingly, and the market as the basic economic mechanism of interaction of all participants of process demanded calculation of operation modes of a power supply system in real time.

during creation of the System operator all three levels of supervisory control have been united within the limits of one company. It has allowed to create as much as possible clear and transparent system of supervisory control, to unify approaches, technologies, standard base, the software. Today the System operator is one of the most hi-tech companies in power branch, thus immutably high level of technological equipment is supported both in the main dispatching centre, and in each incorporated and regional supervisory control (RDU). In DVO such managements three: Amur, Seaside and Khabarovsk RDU. Their activity supervises our Incorporated supervisory control by East power supply systems (the East ODE).

- What priorities of the System operator in the Far East?

- the Priority at the System operator one on all country - the positive control of an electropower mode of UES of Russia for maintenance of its steady work that in turn depends on stability of functioning of regional power supply systems.

all are connected with this priority problem also the others. For example, for the East ODE in 2012 maintenance of uninterrupted power supply of the summit of the countries ATES is very important. Certainly, it is the process demanding harmonious work of all energetikov. But in an electropower system as in any most complicated technological complex, much depends on the qualified management, that is from our work on management of modes. We specially prepared for it and prepared a power supply system. At a stage of planning we have analysed and have revealed risks of decrease in reliability of an electrical supply of consumers of Primorski Territory, participated in formation of the scheme of an electrical supply of objects of the summit and a city of Vladivostok. Input of each object demanded creation of a special electropower mode.

the scheme of an electrical supply of the summit is generated. Now there is an elimination of remarks before implementation of the remained objects of an electrical supply, in particular objects of generation on island Russian. We develop a special operation mode of a power supply system which excludes any planned repairs of the equipment in a power supply system in the summit. For this purpose it was necessary to make such co-ordinated plan of repairs of the network and generating equipment which will allow to perform necessary works behind summit frameworks. Prior to the beginning of action we will necessarily spend protivoavarijnuju training for our dispatchers in which scenario the most difficult infringements in power supply system work will be put. During training we will check up also efficiency of interaction of our dispatchers with the personnel of objects of an electrical supply of the summit on duty that everyone on the place understood a problem. At qualitative performance of all actions risks of infringement of an electrical supply in days of the summit aspire to zero.

all actions for preparation of a power supply system to summit ATES, spent directly in Vladivostok, have essentially raised reliability of an electrical supply of a city that is very important and for its further development. But in Primorski Territory as a whole, of course, still there is a number of problems. We, as branch of the System operator, have developed and have proved necessity of performance of actions for reliability augmentation of a regional power supply system. The majority of our offers is included in the basic document confirmed by the authorities of Primorski Territory and defining development of seaside power - the Scheme and the program of development of a power supply system of Primorski Territory on 2012 - 2016.

- a leah means it, what in Primorski Krai while on - former mass power cutoffs are possible? Many still remember that time, in the end of 90 - h - the beginning 2000 - h when the region sat days without light. A leah probably repetition of such situation now?

- Disconnects in Primorski Territory in the end of 90 - h have been connected years with problems toplivoobespechenija the Seaside state district power station. These problems are solved for a long time, therefore we do not predict such scenario. Now there problems of a bit different character. Primorski Territory - the most occupied and economically developed region in the Far East. The most part of manufacture and large settlements are concentrated in a southern part of region. It leads to natural growth of consumption of electric energy. Now in the south of edge power consumption twice exceeds the established capacity of power plants of this power area. Consumption becomes covered at the expense of an overflow of capacity from the Seaside state district power station located in the north of edge. Section the Seaside state district power station - the south of Primorski Territory - the most loaded in OES the East. Practically 90 % of time the overflow on it is close to as much as possible admissible. Thus any emergency disconnect of one of main LEP in this section leads to restriction of consumers as carrying capacity of the equipment which has remained in work is insufficient. It became the reason of inclusion of Primorski Krai in the list of regions with high risks of restriction of consumption.

According to the mentioned Scheme and the program, for reliability augmentation of an electrical supply of consumers of this region of Open Society " FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY " The civil-engineering design of substation 500 kv by Lozovaja in a complex with two transmission lines 500 kv Vladivostok - Lozovaja and Lozovaja - Chuguevka - 2 is realised. Building of these objects will lead to short circuit of the main ring 500 kv in territory of Primorski Territory. It will essentially raise as much as possible admissible overflow in section the Seaside state district power station - the South of Primorski Territory and will provide " interchangeability " the main transmission lines in case of failures and repair.

however without building of generation the complex of actions for reliability augmentation of the Seaside power supply system will not be effective enough. There are different variants on generation building is and thermal power station in the Find for power supply of East petrochemical industrial complex, and thermal power station in Ussuriisk, and gas generation on a platform of the central steam-and-water boiler room (TSPVB). For today the most effective variants from positions of maintenance of stability of work of a power supply system is gazoturbinnye installations on TSPVB and thermal power station in the Find.

- what else exist " bottlenecks " in OES the East?

- the Sovgavansky power area demands as strengthening of existing network communications with OES the East for transfer there additional capacity, and building of own generation. For today Open Society " FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY " realises in this power area the civil-engineering design of the second line 220 kv Komsomol - Vanino with upgrade of substation 220 kv Vanino. There is a civil-engineering design of new thermal power station in a city the Soviet Harbour. It has been planned by the investor to realisation in 2015 - 2018, but we now conduct work on a substantiation of change of terms of building of this station on earlier as it is necessary for a power supply system.

There are questions to the scheme of delivery of Zejsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION which was under construction from the middle 60 - h to the middle 80 - h years and as a result has been constructed without possibilities on delivery of its capacity in a regional power supply system. However, this inveterate question should dare next year: in investment program FSK projects with term of realisation till 2013 which will allow to give out all capacity of station in the normal scheme are put and to avoid large restrictions in the repair scheme.

all existing " bottlenecks " are analyzed by our experts, offers on their liquidation are developed. After that at a stage of the coordination of investment programs of subjects of electric power industry the System operator and workings out of schemes and programs of development of electric power industry of regions in which we also take the most direct part, actions for liquidation " bottlenecks " join in these program documents.

By working out of schemes and programs of development of power of subjects of the Russian Federation which are developed for the five years` period on the basis of the perspective forecast of demand formed by the System operator for the electric power and capacity, the System operator acts also as the expert proving optimum dates of performance of investment programs of subjects of electric power industry depending on needs of a power supply system.

all it also is the system approach which is peculiar to our company. And that fact that the system approach began to be applied in management of development of UES of Russia - one of the major achievements of the first decade of the System operator.

- and what objects are included in these schemes and development programs, except for what assume liquidation of bottlenecks?

- Power objects set. One of the most interesting to the innovatsionnostju and the importance is, in my opinion, Open Society project " FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY " a direct current insert on substation 220 kv Mogocha in Transbaikalian edge which will allow to unite East and Siberia power supply systems. Now they are connected by three transmission lines 220 kv which carrying capacity is insufficient for maintenance of steady parallel work of these two large OES. Therefore the east now while works separately from all UES of Russia. Overflows of the electric power from a power supply system of the Amur region in a power supply system of Transbaikalian edge also are back carried out in small volume and only in need of performance of planned and emergency repairs in Transbaikalian or Amur power supply systems. The new object will allow to work OES the East and OES Siberia in parallel, but not synchronously, that is with possibility to pass energy, but needlessly to synchronise power supply systems with each other on frequency of an electric current. Besides, the insert will solve an old problem of reliability augmentation of an electrical supply of the Trans-Siberian highway.

Other project which I would like to note, is an establishment of electric communications OES of the East with Western and Central power areas Republics Sakhas (Yakutia). Now in structure OES works only Southern - the Yakut power area of this republic, and Western and Central are isolated. Their inclusion in structure of UES of Russia will help to raise reliability of power supply of consumers of Yakutia. To 2015 it is planned to construct transmission lines of Olekminsk - Bottom Kuranah and Bottom Kuranah - Tommot - the Maya.

in spite of the fact that actual joining of these power areas will occur only in 2015, already today in this region realisation of such functions of the System operator, as formation of schemes and programs of development of power of Republic Sakha, investigation of the technological infringements influencing reliability of a power supply system, the coordination of specifications on technological joining of new consumers is necessary. Therefore the decision on the organisation of representation of the System operator in Republic Sakha (Yakutia) is accepted. It will carry out all functions of Open Society " FROM EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY " except for direct operatively - supervisory control by a mode of this regional power supply system as this problem the dispatching centre of branch of the System operator solves Regional supervisory control of a power supply system of the Amur region.