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Families killed in Kabardino - Balkarii of divisionals will receive the help in 500 thousand roubles

What roads will repair the next three years

the Object list from the program confirmed by Jacob

1. Street Radishcheva reconstruction, from street Moscow to street Gurzufsky (2011)

2. Reconstruction of street Belorechensky, from street Gurzufsky to street Posadsky. The road will go by the Ivanovo cemetery, coordination and designing (2011)

3 are conducted. Street ShCherbakova reconstruction, from street of Skiers to street Proninoj (with the bridge through Patrushihu) (2011 - 2012)

4. Reconstruction of a crossroads of the prospectus of Lenin and Lunacharsky`s street with ring liquidation (2011)

5. Reconstruction of street of Weavers, from street East to a lane Base (2012)

6. Reconstruction of street of Tatischev, from Lenin`s prospectus to street Factory, with reconstruction of the site Lenin`s prospectus - Repin street - Top - Isetsky parkway (2012 - 2013)

7. Reconstruction of street of Charles Marx, from Gogol`s street to street of the Rose Luxembourg (2012)

8. Reconstruction of street Opalihinsky, from street Gotvalda to street Papanina (with the bridge through an Inet) (2012 - 2013)

9. Reconstruction of street of Teachers, from street Turbine to street of Front brigades (with an overpass through tracks) (2012 - 2013)

10. Street Shejnkmana reconstruction, from street Popova to Lenin`s prospectus (2012 - 2013)

11. Reconstruction of street of Ostrovsky, from street Moscow to street 8 Martha (2012 - 2013)

12. Building of street European, from connecting road between streets of Switchmen and European to street Gotvalda (2012)

13. Reconstruction of street East, from street Bolshakova to street of Kuibyshev and from street Malysheva to street May Day (2012)

14. Street Furmanova reconstruction, from street Machine to Belinsky`s street (2012)

15. Reconstruction of street Moscow, from street Furmanova to street Aviation (2013)

16. Street Bolshakova reconstruction, from street Moscow to street Serova (2012)

17. Working out design - the budget documentation on a reorganisation of entrances on street of Metallurgists from the Chusovsky path (2012)

18. Platform building along the street Moscow, around street ShChorsa (2012)

19. The termination of building of a traffic intersection in different levels on crossing of streets of Metallurgists - Park (2012)

20. The termination of building of a traffic intersection in different levels on crossing of streets Moscow - Bolshakova - Posadsky (2012)

21. Traffic intersection building in different levels on crossing of street Moscow and the Loop road (a median ring) (2013)

22. Traffic intersection building in different levels on crossing of street of Amundsen and the Loop road (2013)

23. Working out design - the budget documentation and traffic intersection building in different levels on crossing of a high-speed ring on a lane Base with the Siberian path and street Komsomol (2013)

24. Working out design - the budget documentation on building of an underground pedestrian crossing on crossing of the prospectus of Lenin and Charles Libknehta`s street (2012)

25. Working out design - the budget documentation on building of an underground pedestrian crossing on crossing of streets 8 Martha and Malysheva (2013)

26. Working out design - the budget documentation and building of a tram line along the street Bolshakova - Serova - Ostrovsky - Fuchika (2013)

27. Isolation of strips of public transport (including working out design - the budget documentation) (2013)

In military units of Murmansk area are noted mass prostudnye diseases

Rospotrebnadzor forbids children to take in hands any fireworks

The Petersburg nationalists will remember the fan « Spartaka » meeting

JAroslavtsy have not supported idea to make from six disctricts of the city four

Vyacheslav Shport has congratulated Khabarovsk energetikov

The legal investigation about murder of the Korean student in Barnaul

The arbitration court of Moscow confirms the fact of a technical error concerning the claim « the SOU - 155 »

In Izhevsk rescuers evacuated students from a hostel

On New Year`s Eve the public transport in Barnaul will work to 3. 00

From a frost in Tyumen two were lost tjumentsa

Dmitry Medvedev named 5 major events of the expiring year

By the underground " Tula " under a train the passenger

The predator, selecting at the old woman of 9000 roubles, has broken to it a hand

From Samara to Rozhdestveno vessels on an air cushion

The three-million passenger of the Petersburg airline was calculated by Father Frost and the Snow Maiden

Militiamen, to death of the hammered participant of war, will judge in the Nizhniy Novgorod region

That will be in Moldova today, on December, 24th

Lauruses: the Resolution of the senate of the USA to the agreement on SNV has no validity

JAroslavtsy can ask personally questions to court enforcement officers

Julia Kovalchuk has acted in film in a clip on a New Year`s song

The Stavropol Cossacks will start to track down poachers

In Volgograd the engineer and the house painter have seized the salary at a family of businessmen

The Office of Public Prosecutor has finished check of a status of facades of Khabarovsk

In Astrakhan the customs officer continued to work even after a court sentence

In Azov one more victim has died at minibus and truck collision

Dmitry Medvedev: « the Police should operate accurately, quickly and under the law »

At the Barnaul sales representative in It is mountain - Altajske have stolen 100 thousand roubles

Meeting in Izhevsk: young mums gather together with children before a government building

On the right coast of Krasnoyarsk has burnt down " the Gazelle "

Dmitry Medvedev about the law « About police »: should not be in the conditions of democracy at law enforcement bodies of hothouse conditions

Vadim Kulichenko leaves fast of the Minister of Health of the Samara region

The commander-in-chief of the Navy of the Russian Federation considers silly messages on execution of pirates by the Russian seamen

Dmitry Medvedev: With those who smashes a city, the militia should behave rigidly

In Irkutsk will become warmer by December, 25th

During week-end New Year trees in Leninsk and Industrial area of Barnaul

Dmitry Medvedev about the Khimki wood: « We have listened to the public, and at the same time have not ruined the project »

Alliance « Moldova Noastre » risks to "be scattered" within several weeks

The minister of sports of Krasnoyarsk region has opened a new gym

Question to Dmitry Medvedev about fight against corruption:

Dmitry Medvedev about a village Kushchevsky and gangsters: « Any wadded situation: pravoohraniteli that was raised by criminal cases stopped... »

Dmitry Medvedev: « the Person who has put in a pocket the traumatic weapon, feels the cowboy »

Dmitry Medvedev about corruption and a freedom of speech

Family of the student which have shattered a foot during time " sweeps " on December, 19th, prepares the complaint in Office of Public Prosecutor

In Ufa the special fire-prevention mode

In the Nizhniy Novgorod region pjanka on work the State Labour Inspection in the Nizhniy Novgorod region has ended with death

In court criminal case about armed assault on the Frenchman

In Saratov waterless there were six kindergartens of Lenin area

Ministers for Foreign Affairs of EU: " the European Union has suspended sanctions and has acted with the generous offer... But all has changed "