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In a football national team throw the trainer

Yesterday, probably, one of applicants for a post of the head coach of Russian national team was defined. For this role designate the well-known Italian expert Fabio Kapello. Last place of work of mister Kapello which in the life has won nine champion titles with superclubs from Italy and Madrid " Real " there was an English national team. He has left it four months prior to polsko - the Ukrainian European championship, having quarrelled with heads of Football association of England (FA) from - for their decisions to deprive of John Terri`s captain`s bandage.
that Fabio Kapello can carry on in the near future negotiations on an occasion of the purpose by the head coach of Russian national team, yesterday has informed variety of domestic and foreign sources. This fast remained vacant after a Russian team departure at a group stage polsko - the Ukrainian European championship: the former trainer Dutch Dik the Lawyer In advance, even before tournament start, has warned that will not prolong the contract, without dependence from what will be a result of its performance.

the former press - the secretary of the Russian football union (RFS) Andrey Malosolov on a broader scale has informed that on negotiations to Russia Fabio Kapello will arrive already today. However known agent Shumi Babayev who will represent, as he said, interests of mister Kapello to Russia, has denied in conversation with " " this statement. " about any arrival of Fabio Kapello to Moscow at present speeches do not go " he has told. Mister Babayev has underlined that the question on negotiations will appear in the agenda only after to the expert will officially be converted with the offer to become the trainer of the Russian national team: " And such till now did not arrive ".

Vice-president RFS Sergey Kapkov named " " The information on ostensibly already co-ordinated visit of Fabio Kapello to Russia " hearings ". " It is said that former head RFS (Sergey Fursenko. " " ) has ostensibly agreed with the new trainer supposedly there is a sponsor of the contract, say that it will be the foreigner, mister Kapkov has told. But it is necessary to understand that it is a certain game of trainers and interested persons to create an agiotage round the person ". However, it is easy to assume what become interested in the person of mister Kapello could very many.

if negotiations RFS which has appointed yesterday to September, 3rd extraordinary otchetno - elective conference (on it the heir left after Evro in resignation of president Sergey Fursenko will be elected) with Fabio Kapello will really take place and will come to the end with success, Russian national team will be headed by one of the most effective trainers in modern football. On a top - level 66 - summer mister Kapello has fulfilled almost two ten years and in nine seasons led the command to a champion title: in 1992 - 1994 and 1996 it was " Milan " in 2001 " Rum " in 1995 both 1996 " Juventus " (two ranks turintsev, truth, have deprived after summarising of anticorruption operation " Pure feet ") And in 1997 both 2007 " Real ". At this Fabio Kapello on a course won also other prestigious awards. For example, in 1994 it has won with " Milan " the Cup of the European champions and the Supercup of Europe.

However, it is necessary to consider that all awards of Fabio Kapello extracted with fine completed superclubs. Also it is possible to tell that its problem consisted first of all in realising and so the huge potential put in them.

and here as to work of Fabio Kapello in English national team its results unequivocally positive do not look. Mister Kapello has headed Englishmen in the end of 2007 after under the direction of Steve Makklarena they have failed in a qualifying tournament to the European championship of 2008. In the Italian saw the person who is capable to satisfy requirements of the English fans, tired that their ambitious command immutably suffers crash on large tournaments.

With the mission of Fabio Kapello has consulted only partly. Two following qualifications to the World championship of 2010 and the European championship 2012 - go English national team, at the Italian essentially enough rejuvenated structure, has overcome. But on a world championship in the republic of South Africa Englishmen, to put it mildly, have not flashed. In group they have won the one and only victory over Slovenes, having made drawn games with Americans and Algerians, and in 1 / 8 endings have been crushed both #150; 4:1 Germans.

after that loss the wave of severe criticism has fallen upon Fabio Kapello for the first time for its operating time in England. The press accused him, in particular, of use of out-of-date schemes, that uncertainty till last moment with that who will be the basic goalkeeper, has led to the ridiculous goal passed by Robert Green in a match from a national team of the USA, and also that on base in Bloemfontein mister Kapello suited a mode for the command, on rigidity and closeness reminding that are applied on military bases.

in polsko - the Ukrainian European championship of Fabio Kapello and it was not possible to participate. Career in English national team has come to the end for it with scandal. In February the Football association of the country has made decision to send it in resignation after the scandal which has burst round the key defender of Englishmen of John Terri.

In interview to the Italian television Fabio Kapello has declared that " it absolutely not agree " that the organisation being its employer has deprived of a post of the captain of English national team of mister Terri. John Terri has suffered from - for charges in revilings of racist character from the football player " Kuinz Park Rejndzhers " Anton Ferdinand.

this case became the second when relations of Fabio Kapello with FA have deteriorated from - for John Terri. Before the World championship of 2010 he has released the player from captain`s duties after a scandal story described by the British newspapers: mister Terri as it was found out, being it is married, carried on with the former girlfriend of the partner in Wayne Bridzha`s national team, however has returned it a bandage later. Then in FA have preferred not to focus attention on an act of Fabio Kapello unlike a situation with racist revilings.

if about that, trainer`s talents of mister Kapello for Russian national team are how much suitable, there are some doubts about that RFS and to its sponsors it will manage is not cheaper at all, than receiving 7 million a year Dik the Lawyer, they are not present any. The salary of Fabio Kapello in England made nearby £ 6,5 million, and it was the most highly paid trainer among those trainers who works with national teams.

Alexander Zhukov, the first vice-president of the State Duma, in 2004 - 2011 the vice-president of the government of the Russian Federation:

it was possible to take and ours, but in the world for a long time already all look not at a nationality, and on a skill level. Kapello quite comprehensible variant if there was a professional of the same level among the Russian experts, would take it. At us very good command, I do not share opinions of those who has snatched on football players with criticism. A misfortune that the trainer`s staff by preparation has committed errors. It seems to me that if to involve in a national team of young football players, such as Dzjuba and Kokorin in the World championship we can act adequately.

Igor Butman, the jazzman:

remains, one Valery Gazzayev of that costs! In my opinion, the policy of purpose of foreign trainers is connected by that in the USSR there was a dictatorial system of preparation of sportsmen on a broader scale and football players in particular. People and customs have changed. To the foreign trainer, probably to be guided in outlook and values of modern football players, in all contracts, tops to which it would be desirable to aspire easier and more habitually. But on a broader scale that we are trained only by foreigners, is insulting. Just as it would be insulting, if over a domestic orchestra the foreign conductor supervised.

Dmitry Svishchev, the first vice-president of committee of the State Duma on physical training, sports and youth affairs:

At all does not remain. And not only trainers, but also players. The Russian trainers to appoint dangerously because they are engaged, are in conflicts with each other from - for federations, the unions, players. In such atmosphere it is very difficult to rally the command, it is difficult to become for it authority. And for our national team, where almost all players millionaires, authority on a broader scale to become difficult. Therefore idea to invite foreign trainers the sound. Fabio Kapello or any other professional in this sense is better than ours. But it is necessary to understand that, in - the first, Kapello worked before with perfect clubs where all conditions for work, and in - the second have been created, the trainer it only one car of the big train that the train has got under way, is not enough one car.

Alexander Sklyar, the musician:

the trainer from our environment, someone from outstanding football players is necessary To us. It does not take such huge money. Also that it is even more important, it has a Russian spirit. After all spirit education, instead of moving by different parts of a body is a training body. It can inspire our command with idea, inspire to players feeling of patriotism. These qualities will lead our national team to victory.

Dmitry Sablin, the deputy of the State Duma, a member of executive committee of the Russian football union (RFS):

Remained, and it is a lot of. Names I will not name, because well I know all possible candidates on this fast and I am afraid to maleficiate. That a national team will head Fabio Kapello, personally at me the confidence is not present, anyway, we at session of executive committee did not discuss it. My belief: the Russian trainer because no foreigner can on - to understand to the present our sportsmen should head a national team and to deduce them on new level. Mentality is not less important, than technics of game.

Nikolay Valuev, the deputy of the State Duma (" an United Russia ") :

To the contrary. Experience shows that the titled trainers to our command do not bring advantage, they receive a heap of money, and sense to plough over the command at them are not present. Therefore it is necessary to search for trainers in other place, including in Russia, more youngly, poambitsioznee, with desire to flash on a football scene. Then, I think, all of us would feel any effect.