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The governor of the Novosibirsk region has commented on accident under Cherepanovo

Medvedev: the President of Belarus promised to recognise Abkhazia and South Ossetia

The producer of rapper Noize MC considers 10 days as too serious punishment for a song about militia

The lift in which the Petersburger was lost, do not repair one and a half year

In Moldova registration signs for cars

Pelmeni with the Siberian ulcer to Novosibirsk have not reached?

In Kazan will judge the gang which has plundered for month 14 Internet - salons

In Nizhni Novgorod on Thursday start quests on city history

Barnaul dorozhniki round the clock repair street Cheljuskintsev

In Kyrgyzstan productivity grain

In Bottom fair " opens; the Nizhniy Novgorod edge - the earth of Seraphim Sarovsky "

Petersburgers and inhabitants of area can complain on " self-capture " coast of the rivers and lakes

Beneficiarii de compensa ţ ii la c ă ldur ă trebuie s ă mai depun ă o cerere

Liability of infringement of fire prevention rules in the Ulyanovsk region want to toughen

Season of hunting on feathery in the Ulyanovsk region can transfer

Ravine fire any more does not threaten settlement Jablonevyj

In Latvia anonymous businessmen will organise " a disco on bones "

In the Kemerovo region the car with three people

SKP the Russian Federation: Pilots of the plane which has wrecked in Krasnoyarsk region were sober

276 thousand inhabitants of Udmurtiya regularly go in for sports

To Lithuanian Sejma Vintsasu Babiljusu`s the deputy the penalty or arrest for excess of speed

In Ural Mountains the teacher of camp has scalded the girl boiled water

Doi b ă rba ţ i au murit asear ă î n accidente de circula ţ ie

In Ulyanovsk will open " the Intaking exhibition "

Illegal passage of border of Russia with Lithuania costed to young men of freedom

The Municipal Department of Internal Affairs suggests to forbid alcohol sale in Vyksunsky area

The sovereign court of Tatarstan has left a sentence to drug dealers without changes

The Ministry of Emergency Measures: In Vladimir region there will be a thunder-storm with a strong wind

For water traffic lights have in vain spent 17 million roubles

The Ulyanovsk economy have started to hand over grain in reserve fund

Abnormal heat: Rains in Saratov are expected not earlier than second half of August

In Tatarstan victualers will cross Kama that people have ceased " to eat " each other

In Rostov « special design bureau - Bank » have fined for half-words in advertising

In the Gomel area « close » woods

In Moldova will enter into the reference of 9 new memorable and anniversary coins

FNS on KCHR has given to swindlers of 53 million roubles

Putin will observe of building of habitation for pogoreltsev in a mode on - line

Rapper Noize whom obhajal the Volgograd militiamen, all - taki have left under guards

From - for heats at drivers " plavitsja " a brain

In the centre of Petersburg from drivers money for journey

SKP: pilots of the plane which has broken near Igarka were sober

In Krasnodar territory from - for heats snakes

From the Tula drugstores sal ammoniac

In the Astrakhan camps children slept on a floor and caught a dysentery

The Office of Public Prosecutor finds out the reasons of state of emergency at the Ural factory

In Kishinev routes of some flights of minibuses

The Barnaul citizen has thrown out from a balcony a dog in the face of children

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow storm warning

In the Volgograd region will appear spetsotrjady on suppression of forest fires