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amp-hr.: good evening.

D. R: the Kind venture.

Amp-hr.: with you Dmitry Repin.

D. R: And Tchebotaryov`s Anna.

Amp-hr.: today we will talk about blondes on the Internet, about toys on billion and that sometimes it is necessary to agree in time on offers on purchase. I suggest to begin with news about resignations and purposes. So, eks - the vice-president of company Google Marissa Mayer became new CEO to company Yahoo.


Marissa Mayer. Was born in the USA in 1975, worked in laboratory of financial corporation UBS and Stendfordsky research institute. In 1999 became employee Google and was engaged in many projects of the company, including search mechanisms, mail Gmail and news services. Before the leaving held fast of the vice-president on local services and maps. Marissa Mayer entered into the list of 50 most influential women of the USA under the version of magazine Fortune with 2008 - j for 2011. Since July, 17th, 2012 is the general director of company Yahoo.

D. R: Really, Marissu can consider, probably, as the most known business blonde on the Internet.

Amp-hr.: also the veteran.

D. R: Marissa long time was public person Google. Its popularity in the Network has in many respects started to develop, when it was responsible for cleanliness and an order on the main page Google which is known the for the asketichnostju.

Amp-hr.: achievements of Marissy now are actively discussed on the Internet. In particular, Grigory Bakunov from " Yandex " in the blog has described that contribution which Marissa has brought in company Google creation.

D. R: Among them and a button " To me will carry! " And search in pictures, and service Google - news, and is a lot of that else another.

Amp-hr.: in the comments to resource VentureBeat of Marissa has told that the decision on leaving from Google and the consent to join company Yahoo was gave to it easily enough.

D. R: Nevertheless, probably, that the quantity of problems which will need to be solved, and calls which before it will arise, will be much. After all Yahoo is the company already with 18 - summer history, in general - that, enough bad karma. We know, a little the last CEO companies Yahoo for any of several reasons with a shame left the fast. However, despite a train of problems, Yahoo there is to one of leaders an Internet - the market, after all at the company of an order of 700 million users and weight of various services which involve a large quantity of people on the Internet.

Amp-hr.: I think that one more the birth of the child becomes call for Marissy, of course, after all now it is on the sixth month of pregnancy.

D. R: That, probably, was not a surprise for company Yahoo, time its pregnancy and purpose it has been declared in the same day. I think, we now will try to learn a little bit more about those chellendzhah which arise before women CEO, and we will call the general director of company Ozon Mael Gave. At us on communication of Mael Gave. Mael, being CEO one of the largest companies in a Runet, tell, please, woman CEO can face what calls?

M. G: Yes, a good question. You know, I think, chellendzh is not to be the woman or to be the man, I think that chellendzh is not to forget to be the person. I always speak about it to the employees. But if all - taki to try to answer your question, I think what to be the woman on this position has the big pluses and small minuses.

we Will begin with minuses. It is necessary to prove, most likely, that you are capable hardly - hardly more than your colleagues - men, it is necessary hardly - hardly more aggressively yourself to position, and people start to forget that about you easily enough, or to remember that at them coffee has ended, and that, most likely, you is best are able to use a coffee maker (that I, by the way, am not able to do at all). You know, I think that is also the big pluses because the repertoire of mutual relations, seems to me, is wider for the woman. I think that we have more than possibilities to co-operate with people both is softer, and is more strict, both with a smile, and with tears sometimes. And here this flexibility, seems to me, key elements of a good management. And it seems to me, women have a big advantage. The second big advantage that us underestimate the majority of men, therefore they us do not see. And they unessentially accept us as competitors. And they very strongly are mistaken in it.

D. R: Mael what advice or wishes you could give Marisse Mayer both concerning management of company Yahoo, and concerning her?

M. G: I to any general director or any manager whom I meet also which at me ask, and you casually do not have advice for me, always tell one and too - never surrender. Work will always demand huge level of energy, huge level of patience. A heap of people which will have the opinion cardinally different from thy and consequently be ready to that if you surrender at you never it will turn out nothing. It, most likely, is especially truthful in Russia. But I think that for the company which is in a difficult situation, it is important to remember that there are rainy days, and it is necessary to remember that it is not necessary to surrender, it is important.

Amp-hr.: we on communication had Mael Gave - the general director of company Ozon.

D. R: It is necessary to notice that almost everything, both last employers, and present, very high opinion on professional abilities and qualities Marissy Mayer. Sergey Brin said that she offers decisions as which considers correct, and time shows that these decisions really appear correct. Therefore we will wish Marisse to consult with all problems and calls which expect it.

Amp-hr.: and I, in turn as mum of the nine-monthly kid, wish Marisse of good luck and huge patience as I know, it is how much heavy to combine work and motherhood. Now we will interrupt on a short pause after which we will talk about game stories from company Amazon.

D. R: And again hello.

Amp-hr.: company Amazon starts own analogue Game Center under name GameCircle which represents service for gamers. GameCircle it is calculated on users of tablets Amazon Kindle Fire and, possibly, on users of the future smart phone.


Kindle Fire - the tablet computer with the colour screen, created by corporation Amazon in 2011. Works on operative system Android and it allows to be connected to networks wi - fi, and also to instal applications from Amazon Market. Devices of ruler Kindle have appeared in the market in 2007 and earlier intended only for reading of electronic books of various formats. Besides devices, there is also a program for the personal computer and the application for the smart phones, allowing to read files in format AZW, differently named Kindle eBooks.

D. R: To tell the truth, I saw Fire all at several people in Russia. It, of course, now more American history. And people, in general, read books more, instead of played. But, probably, as all - taki Fire is much cheaper, than iPad or topovye tablets from Samsung, probably, it will be a success of, maybe, more budgetary category of users, in particular gamers.

Amp-hr.: probably, but if to speak about GameCircle funktsional this service it is similar to that is in Game Center Apple where users can share with friends results, achievements and awards in the games.

D. R: It is possible to tell that it is literally recently Google Ventures has financed startup Pocket Change which allows to do similar things, as an exchange of the virtual goods, but we will talk about it in the following part of our program.

Amp-hr.: But it is interesting to notice still that game process will be saved in a cloud, that is, you can begin the game of the house on a tablet, then move to an electric train, play phone, and then come for work, turn on the stationary computer and, in general - that, to have a rest.

D. R: Well. The concept of three screens (the TV, the mobile device and the laptop), Andrey Krjuchkov last time told about it to us from Microsoft. Probably, this concept becomes more and more popular in all manufacturers of toys.

Amp-hr.: on a broader scale, it is necessary to notice that Amazon tries to win all markets what only it is possible. At first it were readers, then cloudy service, the tablets, now new socially game service GameCircle.

D. R: Well, I think, Amazon on a broader scale it is a lot of that is possible. And they do any things is not best almost. Including cloudy service which, probably, will give to the multiuser games really new any possibilities. And social aspect, for example, I all time learn it, what to me books to honour on Amazon which looks that read and that people who buy the same books, as I buy. And, maybe, for gamers it will be the new service, new possibilities to open any new games. They should to try play. Well, I think that will suffice us to argue as users and it is necessary to ask professionals. I think, it is necessary to call Elena Masolovoj, the founder and the general director of company Pixonic which are engaged for a long time in games, and to ask on trends in the field of mobile game platforms and not only.

At us on communication Elena Masolova. The founder and the general director of company Pixonic. Hello, Flax. Tell, please, what Amazon has let out Kindle how much it will affect the game industry? How you think, a leah developers will rush to do at once games under tablets Kindle Fire?

E. M: Is not present, of course, because it not killer - feature, not something that allocates Amazon as a platform, is simple a certain considered thing necessary by default. That is Game Center at Apple and GameCircle at Amazon simply allow to see that thy friends do that one friend has overtaken you on points in any game, another left on the third level. It a simply certain addition. It is more interesting to look at another that now 72 % of the market of all tablets at Kindle and iPad, thus, that Kindle at all were not one year ago on a scene and iPad as a matter of fact has created this market. And so, why at them of 72 % and as there has appeared Kindle.

At all because it the good device with any bright screen or there especially different funktsionalom. The matter is that at Apple was 14 million units of a content, basically, songs, and they have collected 200 million credit cards, the information on people. Amazon has collected, selling the content, 18 million units of a content, basically, books, the information on 140 million credit cards. All it allows them in one cliques literally for pair seconds instantly to do purchase and, naturally, involves users because they know that already on these platforms there is a content. It also is the main difference, the main advantage. The device, maybe, strongly is worse, than the let out analogues.

D. R: Now more the general question: with what you see trends in the field of mobile platforms for games on the nearest one - two years?

E. M: I do not think that something will strongly change and Apple will be on the first place. Google Play - on the second, Amazon - on the third. In successes Windows we do not believe.

Amp-hr.: We on communication had Elena Masolova, the founder and CEO companies Pixonic. I remind our radio listeners that if you agree or do not agree with our opinion and opinion of our experts, you can leave the comments on our page in Facebook.

D. R: Now we will leave on a short break, and in the third part of our program we will continue conversation on game and mobile trends.

Amp-hr.: in the third part of our program I suggest to arrange a blitz. So, the first news: Rovio has let out new game Amazing Alex for operating systems iOS and Android.

D. R: Also has not simply let out, and still this toy became the most popular, the toy has entered into tops AppStore for one day.

players Amazing Alex need to pass 100 levels with use 35 completely interactive objects. Players can create levels and share them with other users.

But, I think that here it is important, more likely not that have let out such toy, and it became such popular, and that the second success after Angry Birds can already be a certain indicator of that Rovio it is possible to do popular toys. Means, hearings that they can go on IPO next year, in general - that, probably, nebespochvenny.


Rovio Entertainment - the Finnish company based in 2003 which is engaged in working out of mobile games. In the beginning developed applications on platform Java having switched on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, later. In 2005 Rovio has involved angelic investments, and in 2011 has received a tranche at a rate of $42 million from venture funds Accel Partners, Atomica and Felicis Ventures. In 2009 the company has let out game Angry Birds which become by a hit and has typed by spring 2012 more of billion of downloadings.

Amp-hr.: Hearings, to an extreme measure, according to TechCrunch, that Rovio intend to create the new game franchise which becomes the additional factor before this planned IPO go still.

D. R: Our good acquaintance, the editor European TechCrunch, Mike Butcher, reflecting on a subject possible IPO Rovio and, quoting the sum in 9 mlrd, says that, probably, it will be more than company Nokia estimation (and we know that it both Finnish companies), and irony consists that the company making only one, now, maybe, two toys, popular enough on all platforms, will cost more expensive, than the company which, actually, of these devices and makes many.

Amp-hr.: time we speak about Rovio it is impossible to forget about them " spiteful birdies ". So game Angry Birds was issued in a format for huge screens Samsung Smart TV. And in China is under construction and - lja Disneyland under name Angry Birds Land where birds from the game with the same name become protagonists.

D. R: the mobile subject this week is not settled by This news. According to the same TechCrunch, Google Ventures have enclosed $5 million in startup Pocket Change.

amp-hr.: Pocket Change is engaged in creation of uniform virtual currency for all applications on platform Android. Further expansion is planned for other platforms, and now Pocket Change works with 100 games of 2 million users.

D. R: It is necessary to notice that it is the second round of financing for company Pocket Change. The first round was in November and then they have collected $1,4 million, and among investors there was David Saks with its company Yammer which sounded recently in our program, after its acquisition Microsoft for $1,2 billion On a broader scale, presence of any separate virtual currency on Android is, of course, a useful thing because it is known that users iPhone and iPad spend much more money in AppStore, than those who buys aaplets on Android, and an additional way for applications in any image monetizirovatsja obviously good idea.

Amp-hr.: the virtual currency from Google has also a negative side: probably, users will flow is easier from one game in another, having taken away all bank from virtual coins.

D. R: Against positive news about the game And mobile the industries the following news looks not such glamour.

Amp-hr.: according to The Wall Street Journal, news sotsset Digg has been sold investment company Betaworks for $500 thousand However, observing accuracy, we will make a reservation that the sum of transaction is not confirmed by the company.

D. R: Digg, probably, it is possible to consider as a dinosaur of social media. All has been, of course, sold for $500 thousand Digg, partially patents have been bought by company LinkedIn. On hearings, this sum has made about $3,5 million, and the command has departed Washington Post. Even if to combine all together, the most attractive sum will turn out not if to consider that in due time investors have enclosed in the company about $45 million, and such known funds took part in these rounds as GreyLog.

amp-hr.: and it not the most attractive sum if to remember that Digg offered itself to company Google for $200 million in 2009 that in 400 times is more expensive.

D. R: However it is not necessary to mourn about destiny, for example, the founder of company Digg of Kevin Rose which, having left from Digg in 2011, the new startup under name Milk which has sold several months ago companies Google has had time to make.

Amp-hr.: and, actually, now Kevin Rose has joined Google command.

D. R: In the same way, as flowing CEO Digg Matt Williams will join fund Andreessen Horowitz as the businessman in-home.

Amp-hr.: and patents and the operating time of company Digg which has left in a professional network of contacts LinkedIn, will help this social network to become more friendly for the users. With you were Dmitry Repin.

D. R: And Tchebotaryov`s Anna.

Amp-hr.: the program " the Kind Venture " leaves next Wednesday after nine evenings.