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Without separating some grain from a tare

Twenty with superfluous years back the good friend of our family American Alan Kuperman, then the trainee " the Moscow news " trying my next pie, liked to repeat that is fast, when and in Russia all will be adjusted, I pies the furnace will cease. " after all here, he spoke, my grandmother cooked wonderful jam, and mum any more did not have this need ". Some years later Alan when - that the convinced supporter of progress of progress, has headed religion department in The Washington Post, and I on - to a former pitch pies though and at us now shops simply burst with a various batch. With religion at me as - that has not developed, can, not in the last instance because my modest personal experience proves: firm trues does not exist.

by the way, as to a batch here that has surprised recently even me: boom house hlebopechenija. One my friends have bought for a long time already hlebopechku, others gather, the third dream of it as about the best gift. And after all in shops not that that every year with each month bread grades are multiplied, wonderful small cafes - type bakeries " open; Rolls " where it is possible to find loaves, fruitcakes and cakes of quite house quality and even better. And then, what for to people on a broader scale it is so much bread when there are other products, much less high-calorie much. After all adiposity not only at us, but also all over the world has already grown into an epidemic. " no, my girl-friend Tanka whom everyone half a year sits on any new diet speaks, but has all the same bought hlebopechku. Here I never will refuse bread: in the mornings I want to inhale its aroma and thus to understand that there at it inside ". Tanka also has opened to me eyes that, according to the last dietologicheskim to the researches, not all carbohydrates are equally harmful. On the one hand, bread, especially white hardly probable not the main enemy of a slender waist. On the other hand, who has told, what bread needs to be baked by all means from the refined flour? Yes, it provides splendour, softness and a roll trade dress. Therefore even if on packing it is written that bread from a flour not refined, bleached all the same, most likely, add, and still any emulsifiers and unnecessary fats. And Tanka for this purpose also has bought hlebopechku to do loaves from exclusively healthy tselnozernovoj, rye, nutovoj and any other flour from which in the magic image it is possible to recover simply, and, to the contrary, to lose superfluous kgs. I, as they say in the classic, have reflected about " mysterious properties of haemoglobin ".

And here I the owner hlebopechki Bork also it is already ready to preach incomparable advantages house hlebopechenija. Listen, for a month, without going on a diet and simply having breakfast with tselnozernovym bread, I have lost pair of kgs! While my friend Irusja, sitting on one salads, has not dumped any. I adhere now in meal only to three exceptions white sugar, white rice and the refined flour. The matter is that all these products consist of simple carbohydrates which are instantly soaked up, therefore at them high glikemichesky an index, that is an indicator of how quickly the food lifts sugar level in blood. And it the most powerful catalyst zhiroobrazovanija. From an integral flour leaves at refinement of 25 % of weight it is a grain germ and an external cover, a peel or bran. With them the most important disappear in thing grain: 75 % of mineral salts, 35 % lipidov, 10 % of a protein, 50 % of vitamin E and 75 % of vitamin B. And also 95 % kletchatki, and it lead to that about 90 % of a white grain crumb are instantly acquired. But you noticed, how quickly, having eaten a white loaf piece, we again want to eat? Therefore at restaurants still before accepting the order, before us put a basket with fragrant rolls. Yes - yes that appetite was quickly played. Kletchatka of which the white loaf and #150 is cleared; it just those difficult carbohydrates which are slowly acquired and give not fat, and energy. By the way, in sheet salads on which my friend Irusja, kletchatki much less, than in tselnozernovom bread sits.

and here that especially is pleasant to me in borkovskoj hlebopechke it specialises just on that healthy tselnozernovom wheaten and rye bread. There are separate programs for loaves with bran, with sunflower seeds and seeds. And that it is possible to enter own programs and recipes is even more important and to prepare bread, for example, with a vegetable marrow or with nutovoj a flour, at which, by the way, glikemicheskaja loading almost ten times more low, than at the wheaten refined. As, it appears, it is interesting to think out own bread! There is a unique question: and a leah it is tasty? After all not fools Frenchmen who have transformed a white baguette into a world symbol of qualitative bread. More correctly it seems to us that a baguette the best French roll. Actually in the France still in 70 - h years of the last century wrote that " the present white baguette at all so is good, as chunks of rough dark loaves of times of youth of our grandfathers which should be chewed long, as in those days when bread was considered sacred ". Since then there there was a grain revolution, and even baguettes now often are baked from tselnozernovoj by torments. Here and I have very much fallen in love with dense structure and deep orehovo - earthen taste of not refined grain. And then, know that occurs to a white crumb next day after a batch: it is dehydrated and dries up, and even crackers from it before insipid that suit unless on panirovku. Another story altogether with tselnozernovym bread, especially with in what the rye flour and seeds is added. Next day in it there is that aroma of a maturity which we so appreciate in good wine and the sustained meat.

to feel the present taste of integral grain, make simple experiment: bake wafers - kutaby exclusively from the rough not sifted flour. All is plain: on 100 grammes tselnozernovoj torments 40 - 50 milliliters of water and a quarter of a teaspoon of salt. We get mixed up from all this good abrupt dough and we forget about it on an hour. It needs to be drawn to become elastic. Dough can be made even since evening if want to eat kutaby for a breakfast. After all to fry them faster fried eggs. Too it is better to prepare the elementary stuffing in advance. We warm up one table spoon of olive oil with one table spoon of water and a table spoon of white balsam vinegar and in it a mix we weary it is thin cut porej. When it becomes soft, we add a green onion and we weary still to steam of minutes. We switch off fire and it is mixed with it is thin the cut parsley, a coriander and garlic. If want, put a little more brynzas.

to unroll dough from a rough flour marvellously it is easy: it as plasticine. The most thin wafers (I do them in diameter 7 - 8 centimetres) turn out. The they will be more thin, the more elegantly taste. Generously we put on half of circle green forcemeat, we cover with second half, prishchipyvaem fingers and we cut off surpluses of the test (better a round figured knife which it is instant it " locks ") and on gorjachennuju a frying pan without butter. In a minute raise edge and look: if has well blushed, quickly overturn! And in a minute spread on a dish, a brush hardly grease kunzhutnym with butter and strew kuminom and fresh greens. Affairs that`s all! Eat more likely, while a wafer hot with low-fat yoghurt the present obedenie! But also next day or even evening the dark wafers dried on a grill a miracle as are good with red wine. And only 129 kcal on 100 grammes of a product, and kletchatki so many that it is possible to clean itself, as the vacuum cleaner!

so who said, what it is necessary to separate grains from a tare? By the way, know, what means this ancient Russian word? On the one hand, a weed field grass, and with another that cover of grain. To release grain from a tare means to separate good from the bad. Here to you and common truths! By the way, and so-called chaffs submit now at the advanced restaurants. I here ate recently salad with lebedoj.

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Kutaby from tselnozernovoj torments
1 Tselnozernovaja a flour (100)
2 Water (40 - 50 ml)
3 Parsley, a coriander, a green onion (on a bunch)
4 Leek (1 stalk)
5 White wine vinegar, olive oil, kunzhutnoe butter (on 1 table spoon)
6 Garlic (2 zubchika)
7 Brynzas, seeds kumina, salt (on taste)