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Kadyrov names on May, 9th a name of the murderer of the father

The new government of Estonia after the oath has given citizenship to 391 Russian inhabitant of the country

In Perm the monument « will be established; Permjaku salty ears »

Bruce Willis became the gentleman of the French Order of arts and graceful literature

Amendments to the law on elections can be accepted in the autumn

Rudolf Dzhuliani

The expert: Russians do not want returning to the past

To figurants of business about acts of terrorism in THEY be 134 and THEY be 154 2 years of prison

Ramzan Kadyrov has told about a trophy - Basayev`s artificial limb and promised to name the murderer of the father on May, 9th

In Budyonnovsk the soldier has hammered to death in the colleague in an infirmary for refusal to wash socks

Nikolay Karachentsov has started to speak and independently to eat

On court in the USA mother has told, how killed 6 - the summer adopted son from Russia

In Kiev negotiations on crisis settlement

On a roof of a building of Office of Public Prosecutor of Makhachkala the bomb is blown up: 4 employees of Office of Public Prosecutor

In Grozny there is a fight in 9 - a floor apartment house in which insurgents

The court has pronounced a sentence accused on the case of acts of terrorism in They be 134 and They be 154

Prince Harry became the cadet of military academy

In the North Ossetia on September, 3rd it is declared by Day of memory of victims of act of terrorism of Beslan

Capacity of explosives in Dagestan has made almost 37 kg of trotyl

The investigation of the case of act of terrorism is prolonged for Dubrovke

In Monaco pass funeral of prince Rene III

Kvachkovu psychiatric examination

In hotel Rio - de - Zhanejro is killed the pilot from Russia

Attack on Harry Kasparov - « nashisty » accuse NBP

Russians took the higher award for special effects at cinema

Verdict of jurymen: Irma Pavlis American Irma Pavlis has killed the son unpremeditatedly

Winners of the cinema award « are declared; Nika »

On Monday the first session of Konklava of cardinals

The American senate has expressed concern a situation in Kirghizia

In the Amur region the passenger bus and a cargo train have faced: 7 victims, 18 wounded men

The apartment of known singer Lva Leshchenko

The world bank has estimated Russia: 97 - e a place under incomes per capita

By day of Victory will amnesty about 200 veterans of war, workers of back, blokadnikov and prisoners of concentration camps

The referendum on association is recognised by valid

For the first time for 88 years the Russian football clubs will be headed by trainers from Great Britain and Germany

FSB has confirmed  destruction of 5 employees and 6 insurgents at special action carrying out in Grozny on April, 15th

FSB has confirmed  destruction of 5 employees and 6 insurgents at special action carrying out in Grozny on April, 15th

Putin: integration of regions is not end in itself

In Vorkuta the drunk miner at check of documents has shot 2 militiamen

Schoolmate Eminema has lost against its case in court

The president of Iraq will not sign to Saddam Hussein the death sentence

Military men of the Russian Federation and the USA spend doctrines on antimissile defence

Israel enters the facilitated visa regime for Russians

The new Father can become the former professional sportsman

The favourite on fast of the Pope at bookmakers - the cardinal from Nigeria

On Sakhalin the pensioner of 10 days floated in the sea on self-made to a raft from an ice floe

Pitchugin`s defenders did not begin to deprive of the lawyer status

The dollar has fallen in price for 8 copecks

« the Arena » has opened for visitors after reconstruction

Lahova the Chairman of profile committee of the State Duma on affairs of women suggests to forbid temporarily foreign adoptions /">Russian & World News.

Yushchenko the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has obliged to issue offices of officials in national style

Cardinals have entered into the Sikstinsky chapel in Vatican

The USA intend to interfere with a situation in case of disorders in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea

In Moscow as a result of a fire on industrial object there were some explosions

The court has sentenced the cadet of the Novosibirsk military college to 3,5 years of a colony for « dedovshchinu »

Moscow has every chance to acquire the right of carrying out of the Olympic Games

Explosion in Makhachkala: is a victim

Parents natsbolov, passing on the case of Presidential Administration capture, will carry out the action « Capture - 2 »

In Krasnoyarsk search for the gone juvenile schoolboys

The special troops of police of the USA search for a monkey for group SWAT

Two women participated in school capture in Beslan - terrorists

On business of the participant of capture of school in Beslan will pass preliminary hearing

That occurs now within the precincts of the Sikstinsky chapel

The name of one more terrorist is established - participants of act of terrorism

The monument to Peter the Great in Riga will not be established

In the United Nations there will pass an exhibition of photos of acts of terrorism to the USA and the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Internal Affairs: in Russia the threat proceeding from « has decreased; skinheads »

Deputies suggest to create the uniform list of obscene words and to publish them in mass-media

Otunbaeva: chairman VS of Kirghizia should retire

The court will check up legality of elections of Nikita Mikhalkov chairman SK the Russian Federation

Konklavu cardinals again it was not possible to select the new Pope

In Moscow conference « has taken place; Management of audience and advertising on the Internet »

Condoleeza Rice has arrived to Moscow

Yushchenko the Candidate for presidents of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has accused the authorities of separatism kindling

To antialcoholic advertising can allocate more broadcasting time

Ukraine accuses the Russian Federation of contract infringement on the Black Sea fleet

Russian neftjanniki ask Fradkov to protect their interests in Ukraine

The opposition has delivered the ultimatum to the president of Ukraine

Aman Tuleyev is vested by powers of the governor of Kuzbas

The consequence has found out that became a cause of death of two 12 - summer girls in Volgograd

The gone five children could steal from - for donor bodies

The sovereign court of Ukraine will consider the claim of supporters of Yushchenko

Rice has promised that the USA will not export « colour » revolution to Russia

The Russian skin-divers were lost in Egypt from - for immersings on too deep water

The lifelong president of Turkmenia will resign in 2009

Sentence on the case of acts of terrorism on THEY be 134 and They be 154 it will not be appealed against

The new Pope was converted to cardinals with a keynote speech

City centre on May, 9th I will not block, Luzhkov

Events in Kirghizia have set the USA thinking, a leah it is necessary to play with Russia

The Tagansky court of Moscow has transferred for May, 30th process under the claim of Paul to the Drill

The lawyer: accused of attempt at Chubays it is recognised by made

Turkey should recognise officially a genocide of Armenians of 1915, head considers the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia

The insurance companies enter penalties for smokers

In Kirov the employee of institute of microbiology of the Minister of Defence has killed and has dismembered the wife

The State Duma has accepted in the first reading new edition of the law on advertising

Crisis in Nikolay Karachentsova`s state of health passed

The prime minister - the minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi has retired

Putin will act with the traditional message to Federal Meeting

Michael Gorbachev intends to found movement in support of the United Nations