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About Russia

Russia, a strange and beautiful country inhabited by kind and hospitable people. It has great history and almost unlimited opportunities for investors. Why to invest in Russian economy?

1. Russia is one of the most dynamically developing economies. Its GDP began to grow in 1999 and it seems this process will never end. In 2011 GDP of Russia grew by 4. 2 percent and it was the third highest growth in the world.

2. Consumer market of the country also constantly goes up. Russia is among the largest global retailers and shows no sign to slow down. It has the population of more than 140 million people whose incomes are increasing from year to year.

3. Russia is the most industrialized among the former USSR countries. The most developed and competitive industries are resource - based, aircraft and defence industries as well as railroad industry while automotive industry and electronics are rapidly growing.

4. Russia can offer one of the most liberal non - offshore tax regimes in the world. Personal tax rate is 13 %, corporate tax rate is 24 % and VAT rate is 18 %.

5. Russian workforce is one of the best trained in the world and cheap enough.

6. Russia has vast natural resources: natural gas, oil, coal, iron ore, diamonds, silver, platinum, gold and others. You can find everything you want here: huge forests, rivers and lakes full of fresh water and fish. Russia is world`s leader in terms of per capita natural resources.

7. Russia has a unique geographical position. The country links together Europe and Asia and it is the largest in the world in terms of territory. Russia borders on the EU as well as the USA.

8. Today`s Russian news proves its political and economic stability. Putin is again at the wheel and everyone knows he will continue to run the course he chose.

Those who were brave enough and began to invest in Russian economy at the end of 1990s have a lot of money now. To invest in Russia is a lucrative business and it is proven by a great number of success stories.

Investment Success Stories

You can see a lot of well - known companies among those who invest in Russian industry, for example: E. ON, Shell, Boeing, Coca - Cola, PepsiCo, Unilever, Nestle, Renault, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Volkswagen, and many, many others.

Unilever, a well - known producer of food and HPC products, opened its first office in Russia in 1991 and it has opened more than 160 local offices and entered almost every Russian household with its products by now. Nowadays Unilever has 7 manufacturing sites in Russia and manufacturing capacities are growing, some productions, for example, roll - on deodorants production, were moved from Europe to Russia.

According to Russian news, automobile manufacturing is one of the most attractive for investment and rapidly growing industry. Toyota which launched production in Russia in 2007 is very successful now as well as Ford, Peugeot - Citroen, Nissan, GM, Volkswagen and some other concerns.

All it proves Russia to be worth of investing.