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The Russian banks again go on a record on profit

the Russian banks AGN go on a record on profit. For ten months of current year they practically have reached result of all previous. However, opinions of bankers and the Central Bank ABT an effective utilisation of these means disperse. the Russian banks (taking into account the Savings Bank) have RCVed 836,5 mlrd profit rbl., in current MTH in comparison with the past profit of the Russian banks has increased by 11,5 %, agency "Prime" has passed words of the first vice-president of the Central Bank Alexey Simanovsky. The financial result of ten MTH of current year is almost 99 % from profit volume for all last year (848 mlrd rbl.) Thus, on profit banks this year, most likely, will beat a last year`s record.

on the basic indicators of business banks as a group too have shown positive result. According to mister Simanovsky, the portfolio of credits to legal bodies for a MTH has grown on 1,4 % (from the beginning of year - on 11,6 %), to physical persons - on 2,9 % (from the beginning of year - on 33 %), contributions of citizens - on 1 % (from the beginning of year - on 11,1 %). In mroshlom MTH the situation was slightly worse: banks have increased a corporate portfolio on 0,6 %, retail - on 2,5 %, depositary - on 0,2 %.

However, W portfolio growth delay under credits has grown also: on 1,4 % for last MTH and on 17,4 % from the beginning of year. Thus delay on retail mesjache grew in the past advancing rates - 2,5 %, and from the beginning of year - 11,9 %. On growth of delay banks have responded growth of reserves, but a little smaller - to 0,8 % in last MTH, from the beginning of year - on 6,9 %.

In such situation growth have arrived to banks very opportunely. Reserves as the expense reducing profit of bank, press on the capital. "And the big profit creates to banks of possibility 4 a solution of a problem dokapitalizatsii», - quotes Alexey Simanovsky of "Prime". As he said, to the aid the states in dokapitalizatsii to banks are better be not to counting. "Hardly banks can W8 for state grants. The state helps, when other tools of the help are not present. But when it is necessary to be fed independently, what for to expect the help of the state?» - Quotes words of mister Simanovsky agency "Interfax". In a substantiation of such approach it has resulted level of profitability of the Russian bank sector. It makes 16-17 %, and banks from the developed countries "can envy it only». Thus the Russian banks direct not all profit and at all half on capital increase, the first vice-president of the Central Bank has underlined.

however to demand the increase in a share of profit which banks start up on capitalisation, the Central Bank cannot. Such approach is conceptually provided "by Basel - 3» - speech ABT the buffer of preservation of the capital, but in details is in a stage of working out and can earn only in some years.