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Problems of practical application of the legislation of the Customs union

Problems of practical application of the legislation of the Customs union exist, but they do not brake process of integration of customs space of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan — 2 such conclusion participants of a series of exit sessions of a profile round table of Advice of federation have come. The global problem separating customs space of the union, preservation " is; a principle rezidentstva " — the Euroasian economic commission only starts its decision and will settle not earlier than 2015. (HARDWARE) representatives of legislative and executive power in the end of last week studied problems of the Customs union during bus " a march - a throw " Moscow — Smolensk — Minsk — Brest on the M line - 1 (on it in the Russian Federation 30 % of the import imported by motor transport) arrive. One of unresolved questions concerns transit of cargoes: According to the chief of central administrative board of the organisation of customs registration and control of Federal customs service of Vladimir Ivina, after introduction during the current year obligatory preliminary informing on cargoes arriving on border business has brought up a question on creation of a uniform portal of the HARDWARE 4 giving of such data. Now the information should be submitted on border through which cargo is imported, but formats at customs of three countries different that creates inconveniences to business. Customs officers of Belarus and Kazakhstan W idea of a uniform portal do not argue, but also its QIK start do not promise: according to the assistant to the head of the State customs committee (State Customs Committee) of Belarus of Sergey Borisjuka, is planned to start this WRK only in 2015.

one more " practical " the HARDWARE question — acceleration of ACK of the fact of export of the goods 4 compensation of the VAT by the exporter. According to mister Ivina when export occurs through HARDWARE outline border, time of its ACK (in comparison 2 export through border of the Russian Federation) increases, and business costs grow. In a greater degree it concerns the Kazakh direction — information interchange W customs bodies of this country is still insufficiently automated. The deputy minister of transport of the Russian Federation Sergey Aristov has noted also a problem revealed in the area of its department. For this year on points of transport control of the Russian Federation it has been CKed 173 thousand the lorries which have arrived from Belarus, at 57 thousand from them (33 %) infringements &mdash have been fixed; absence of the permission to transportation, excess of weight and other, besides that these trucks have passed the Belarus transport control on HARDWARE border.

the global problem which decision is W8 by business, &mdash Was discussed also; fixed in the Customs code of the HARDWARE " a principle rezidentstva " On which after control on outline border of the union it is possible to clear of the goods only in the country of check in of the importer (that is the companies from Russia can deal only with customs bodies of the Russian Federation). According to the head of the supervisory board of Open Society " Vestavto " Ruslana Luzhetsky, it is not always convenient to its company to make out cargo in the Russian Federation, and " if the Russian residents could rastamozhivat cargoes in Belarus and Kazakhstan and on the contrary, it would allow to optimise essentially goods traffics ". So the situation in EU is: cargo can pass customs registration in its NE country.

customs officers of Belarus to move 2 principle cancellation rezidentstva agree with necessity, noticing that carry on negotiations W the European Union for a mutual recognition of the authorised economic operators (UEO, exclusive participants of foreign trade activities). " It can turn out that from - for a principle rezidentstva we is more QIK recognise European UEO, than Russian and Kazakh though politically it will be wrong " — Sergey Borisjuk SPK. Customs officers of the Russian Federation are voiced more carefully. According to Vladimir Ivina, rezidentstva it is not necessary to consider a principle as constraining HARDWARE development. " if to cancel it, without having harmonised other sections of the legislation, there will be a set of problems " — he SPK. By words the minister of customs cooperation of the Euroasian economic commission of Vladimir Goshina, nadnatsionalnyj the body takes up the issue. " we have revealed and have analysed 12 reasons which yet do not allow to cancel a principle rezidentstva, including distinctions of the tax, currency, civil legislation " — he has informed. The collected information is finished to the governments of three countries and now by them is studied, he SPK. Under the forecast of the minister, the decision of this question will be co-ordinated to creation of the Euroasian economic union — not earlier than 2015.