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Russians C ever less ways to grow rich

to become rich, it is necessary to be very greedy — if me when - that have not deceived, it is an ancient Dutch proverb. But even if it was not popular wisdom, and a successful impromptu of my interlocutor, in it the bourgeois stereotype was very precisely printed: to save, save, increase. in the modern world, certainly, the way 2 prosperity is C differently and more variously. On it there are also other steps 2 mammon. For example, according to poll Princeton Survey Research Associates International, in the USA of the population of 20 % consider, own business will help what to grow rich, 20 more % believe in highly paid WRK and Gud career. And thrift, successful investments in stock market and in real estate have left on the second plan. Approximately in the same place there was also a good luck — in the form of a prize in a lottery or the big inheritance: it consider as a key to the treasured status of the millionaire of 15 % of Americans.

In Russia all differently. According to the published research of sociologists " Romira " the inheritance as an avenue to wealth is specified by 23 % of Russians. In 2005 when the previous similar poll so considered 17 % was spent. Hardly it is possible to assume that so much our fellow citizens seriously count " the aunt in Fingalii ". This reflexion of faithlessness in other possibilities and social lifts is faster.

ABT the same, possibly, the share of our fellow citizens which believe that is possible " SPK also; to marry the rich person " — 17 %. This indicator for seven years practically has not changed, though here there is a curious detail. In 2005 so considered 25 % of women, and now — only 19 %. Potential gigolos both there were 15 %, and remains. " Romir " assumes: " Or women became less mercantile, or they began to earn is better ". Probably and other explanation: Women are more adaptive, they can dream long ABT unreal — it is clear that rich grooms on all will not suffice.

" Romir " considers that " popularity of public service as a source of QIK enrichment (15 % of respondents this year, 18 % — in 2005-)... It is strongly exaggerated ". It seems that this question merits separate research. Probably, citizens have realised that this channel of extraction of an administrative rent already so is densely occupied that the stranger there there was only a routine, service and a strap.

this hypothesis, BTW, is CFMed by that in comparison with the previous poll the number hoping " has sharply decreased; to promote in the large company ": 10 % against 17 %. " Romir " explains it understanding that " QIK career in the large companies becomes all less probable ". And the pressing forward of Russians to work in " Gazprom " Names a myth.

one more myth " Romir " considers that " Russians have grown cold 2 private business ": it as an avenue to wealth 16 % interrogated (specify 14 % in 2005). However, seemingly, it is last from remained how much - nibud working social lifts. The others disappear.

at all do not C possibility to grow rich 15 % of respondents. Seven years ago them were twice less, 8 %.

" Romir " does two conclusions. In - the first, has amplified " fatalizm concerning mammon ". In - the second, has occurred " devaluation of value of personal labour efforts ". Quite in the spirit of other by-word, this time the Russian: from works just you will not acquire chambers stone.

It seems that more optimistical interpretation is possible also. Almost instant enrichment as in 90 - e, it is impossible more. Our fellow citizens at last have realised it. In this sense we become more and more normal society.

however, B4 present normalnosti it is still very far. " another " as an avenue to wealth name only 4 % of respondents. Thrift, ekonomnost, neither successful investments, nor Gud education will not help. A picture more peculiar to Third World countries, badly compatible to prospects of upgrade, innovations and on a broader scale economic growth.