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Ten regions Russian Federations have refused grants of the federal budget 4 farmers

Refusal of agrarian and industrial complex from almost 5 mlrd the rbl. of grants has been fixed at meeting concerning efficiency of use of means of state support which was spent yesterday by the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Nikolay Fedorov. Great volume of not demanded means — 596,2 million rbl. — it is fixed in the Volgograd region. They have been directed region on support of elite seed-growing, indemnification of expenses on insurance of a crop and percent on agrarian and industrial complex credits. On the same purposes means have been directed to the Stavropol, Transbaikalian and Altay edges, the Archangelical, Kaluga, Leningrad, Amur areas, Mordovia and Yakutia which 2 have refused state support. in the Ministry of Agriculture recognise: among refusal principal causes — nevostrebovannost grants, absence at regions of means on sofinansirovanie agrarian and industrial complex state supports, mistrust 2 system of insurance and others. However the assistant to the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Dmitry Jurev considers that failure of terms in a greater degree is called by slowness of local authorities, rather than the objective reasons. It was supported also by the head of department Nikolay Fedorov — it has rigidly scarified non-observance by controls of agrarian and industrial complex of regions of financial discipline. The minister has promised to subjects of the Russian Federation to consider development of state support of agrarian and industrial complex at distribution of means next year (the general state support of landowners will make from above 120 mlrd rbl. a year), and to governors of unsuccessful subjects — to direct " representation W the prevention of a disciplinary responsibility of heads of agrarian departments ". Claims of the Ministry of Agriculture 2 financial discipline in regions, however, repeat from year to year — so, and during a management of Elena Skrynnik`s department the department central office regularly complained of the overestimated requirements of regions at inability to report for the allocated means and " nevybor " (On separate regions B4 100 %) agrarian and industrial complex of volumes of the fuel given at a discount by the oil companies.

informally sources in the Ministry of Agriculture SPK that economy of ten regions which have refused state support, are one of most zakreditovannyh in the Russian Federation — the relation of their debts to a gain makes " B4 80 percent ". One more cause of failures from subsidised credits — requirements 2 insurance of actives at registration of such loans which 2 are burdensome 4 landowners. Obligatory requirements of presence of the insurance in some cases essentially increase the price of support 4 the financed company, and in some cases is incompatible with structure of the property of the company, its financial streams and used schemes of optimisation of the taxation.

ABT same SPK in regions: So, the plenipotentiary of the president in Privolzhsky federal district Michael Babich at session of a county council concerning agrarian and industrial complex development has declared that " level zakreditovannosti agricultural productions now the extremely considerable " and " rates under credits are not adequate to profitableness degree in this sector ". The plenipotentiary has explained the reason of a situation the massed state support of agrarian and industrial complex last five years and that " since last year the period of active return of credits and payments on leasing " has begun;. So, at the same meeting the head of Bashkiria Rustem Hamitov has informed that debts of agricultural productions PFO B4 banks on the beginning of this year were made more than 200 mlrd by rbl., delay — more than 7 mlrd rbl., and a gain for last year — only 220 mlrd rbl. Let`s notice that last year was rather fruitful and record regarding agricultural products export, and following the results of this year to count on support of a financial status of landowners by an export gain taking into account a scale drought and a poor harvest at the world prices for grain below the internal Russian Federations in ports it is not necessary.

Regional officials SPK that debt loading on agricultural productions will be " intolerable " and a way out C in " change of existing measures of support " — in their opinion, the state " should find forms of support of agricultural productions, which have difficulties with return of credits not to null reached in agriculture during the last years ".