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Ministry of Labor has presented the new version of the bill of social service of the population

the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (Ministry of Labor) has made the second attempt at last - that to co-ordinate in the government and with the public the bill discussed since 2010 " ABT bases of social service of the population in the Russian Federation " also has published its new version. Earlier Minzdravsotsrazvitija at Tatyana Golikovoj already represented a variant of this law. Moreover, in the ministry hoped that this year the State Duma will consider the document. However government change has changed plans — the document from giving new vitse - a premiere on Olga Golodets`s social problems has been sent on completion. 2DAY regions give till now 19 million needing in sotszashchite the help on the basis of laws of 1995. Documents as officials recognised, have so become outdated that regions work " not absolutely legitimately " That is by the own rules, which to itself also have established. Thus in Russia exists about 5 thousand the social establishments giving social support and the help. The basic consumers of social services — older persons, invalids, families in a crisis situation. As Alexey Vovchenko has explained yesterday zamglavy Ministry of Labor, people who have appeared in a difficult reality situation get to a law operative range: loneliness, physical inability, a psychological situation, problems with health and etc., and activity of social services is directed on deducing people from it.

Presented by Ministry of Labor yesterday the new version of the bill fuller and detailed, contains some short stories. Regulation questions sotspomoshchi on - former remain under the authority of regions, however the government can establish at federal level standards of its rendering, including requirements 2 volume and quality sotsuslug, to terms and conditions of their granting. One of the key innovations provided by the bill as explain in Ministry of Labor, — it is an individual approach 2 rendering of social services, that is taking into account a state of health, marital status, a psychological status of the person. For the first time the individual program of granting will be developed for ANY1 needing sotsuslug. The citizen, according to the bill, can not only be converted in writing into body sotszashchity, but also put in the electronic statement. Other innovations of the document — concept " maintenance of social support ": the bill does an emphasis on preventive maintenance of difficult reality situations. As well as in the last version, the bill saves plans on creation of public control from the noncommercial organisations and provides an independent estimation of quality and productivity of activity in area sotsobsluzhivanija.

One of the main censures 2 the last version of the bill absence of possibility at business was high-grade to participate in granting process sotsuslug to the population. The document expands a circle of those who can render sotsuslugi through the state order mechanism. 2 the bill in the new version gives the chance to regions to involve 4 rendering financing sotspomoshchi " other sources " including 4 realisation of joint projects in frameworks it is state - private partnership in the field of social service.

the program of reforms of sector of the social security, offered by Ministry of Labor, calls questions of the same plan, as " adjacent " the program of reform of public health services of 2010, realised by Ministry of Health. First of all realisation sotsuslug according to high enough and technological standards will demand growth of expenses on this sector from regional budgets: Discussion ABT that, will cost how much similar reform and what can be sources 4 its financing while plainly at all has not begun whereas standards are entered at principle level already now. The second problem — introduction of standards will demand hiring additional and it is thus traditional nizkooplachivaemogo the personnel: in a situation W low unemployment it can be problematic since 2015. Besides, necessity and monitoring systems behind an expenditure of means in sotsobespechenii, and investments into an infrastructure sotsobespechenija &mdash is obvious; as it is assumed by medical reform. And as a whole deployment in enough short terms of new system sotsobespechenija on new principles W real clientele in 13 % of the population of the Russian Federation represents a problem, earlier in country scales so QIK not daring.

Ministry of Labor hopes that the document finished by means of the public will be brought in the State Duma next year.