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The German investigation considers that the financial help of EU to Cyprus is favourable first of all to Russians

the Federal intelligence service of Germany (BND) has pronounced to Cyprus an unfavourable sentence: country support by the European union will be favourable to the Russian oligarchs who store on an abacus in local banks about $26 mlrd as EU money will go on strengthening of bank system of the country and maintenance of guarantees under contributions to the Cyprian banks. as appears from the confidential report BND which has appeared at the disposal of weekly journal Der Spiegel, in the German investigation consider that in Cyprus there are too many possibilities 4 money-laundering. Formally the country adheres to all agreements on struggle against money-laundering: necessary laws are accepted, corresponding bodies of control are created and have begun WRK. But while rules practically are not observed. It is ESP EZ to launder money to the Russian millionaires at whom it is too much possibilities to obtain the Cyprian citizenship. In report BND, informs Der Spiegel, it is SPK about 80 Russian businessmen who have used such possibility. Their names, however, the magazine does not name. Not clearly, 2, a leah these names in the report are specified.

as confirms magazine, Sotsial - the democratic party of Germany agrees to take measures on rescue of Cyprus, only if the country executes a number of conditions. "Before SPD will confirm formation of an auxiliary package 4 Cyprus, it is necessary to discuss business - country model», - the member of parliament from SPD Karsten Schneider has informed magazine Spiegel." We cannot protect contributions of Russian Mafiosis, using money of German tax bearers», - he has noted.

according to BND, the sums on an abacus of the Russian citizens exceed country gross national product. Now in Nicosia it is officially registered 2 thousand Russian firms.

the government of Cyprus in 1970 - h years, enjoying a favorable favour between Europe, Asia and the Near East, has decided to transform the country into paradise 4 tax bearers. However the boom has begun only in 1990 - h, after disintegration of the USSR. Since then the quantity of the offshore enterprises in Cyprus has increased B4 40 thousand: nobody asked investors, whence they take money.

when in the end of 1990 - h Cyprus has made an application on the introduction into the European Union, the central bank of the country has purged internal financial institutions. As a result in 2004 Cyprus became a member of EU. Euro introduction in 2008, and also successful development of bank sector of the country has strengthened its financial status, but it has reeled during crisis.

this year Cyprus has informed that the country needs financial support to stabilise the bank sector.