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The president of Bashkiria have decided to hasten. Public men initiated petition for preschedule presidential election.

in Bashkiria petition for early election of the president of republic has begun. W such initiative not registered public organisation "National referendum» has acted. The experts who have prepared the next index of election of heads of regions, consider that election to the president of Bashkiria is anyway guaranteed. to nobody the known and not registered public organisation "National referendum» has notified administration of Ufa on the petition beginning for carrying out of early election of the president of Bashkiria next year. The action already passes in the form of single pickets on which to citizens suggest to answer a question orally: a leah is necessity of early election of the head of republic? As organizers in circulation 2 mass-media explain, "the idea of popular voting was born as a result of hot discussions», it "was supported by political parties and public associations». Heads "the National referendum» the former inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor, and nowadays pensioner Alexander Ovsyannikov. In different years he stood for the State Duma, Kurultaj of Bashkiria and municipal councils, however as the public politician of has not shown. Mister Ovsyannikov categorically denies participation in idea of Presidential Administration of Bashkiria Rustema Hamitova.

In the Bashkir administration the version of early election deny and explain that to a rating of the president on the eve of carrying out in 2015 in Ufa of the summit of the countries SHOS and BRIC threatens nothing. We will notice that the administration has extended results of poll VTSIOMa from which followed that the trust level to mister Hamitovu (60 %) above, than at Vladimir Putin (58 %), and its WRK has positively estimated 61 % interrogated. The antirating of the head of Bashkiria has made 26 %. These results have convinced many representatives of the Bashkir elite that elections can pass next year when in republic the parliament will be selected. Oppositionist Azamat Galin notices that early election is favourable to the head of region: "There are no guarantees that by 2015 its numerous and isolated opponents are not consolidated and will not expose to it on elections of the uniform opponent». Mister Hamitov (its powers expire in 2015) has declared to journalists that over early election "did not reflect yet», however combination of elections will allow to save a significant amount of budgetary funds.

imitation of "national opinion» through under control public men was successfully used at the former president of Bashkiria Murtaze Rakhimov. Political scientist Stanislav Shkel believes that vbros subjects of early election in a public field "is hardly casual":" It means, such possibility in administration, at least, is studied».

the Expert political group which has prepared the next index of election of heads of regions, carries Rustema Hamitova to group of governors by which election is guaranteed. However head of task force Konstantin Kalachev does not exclude that the head of Bashkiria prepares for early election:" It both government updating, and actions of public men. And Hamitov has declared that it does not have money 4 carrying out of separate large-scale campaign». According to the expert, the federal authority can meet the head of Bashkiria as already there is a successful experience of early election of the governor of the Ryazan region.

as to other regions where next year will take place elections (only nine subjects), 2 number garantirovanno selected, experts carry vrio heads of Moscow suburbs Andrey Vorobeva who has replaced on this fast of Sergey Shojgu. And the most difficult elections, according to experts, will pass in the Vladimirskiy and Magadan areas, and also in Khabarovsk territory." In Vladimir region much will depend on how soon governor - communist Nikolay Vinogradova will send in resignation. I do not think that to it will allow to remain for the third term. Though the Kremlin can go on its participation in elections to show its weakness and a low rating», - mister Kalachev explains. In Khabarovsk territory, as he said, at governor Vyacheslav Shporta" difficult relations W the plenipotentiary»and as the independent politician it has not taken place. In the Magadan area, the expert considers, much will depend on a campaign format: or not enough popular Nikolay Dudova will replace on start, or real competitors will not be admitted 2 elections.