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Officials have protected from penalties and landings. Punishment for foreign bills and property is recognised " premature ".

In a response directed to the State Duma, the Sovereign court (VS) has refused to support an interdiction to officials to have actives abroad which the group of deputies led by the head of the device " has suggested to establish; the All-Russian popular front " (ONF) Vyacheslav Lysakovym. Earlier W criticism of this bill the government has acted. Meanwhile in " an United Russia " to refuse the initiative do not think. amendments 2 the law " ABT corruption counteraction " and to the Criminal code (UK) the Russian Federations forbid state employees to own foreign actives, an abacus and real estate. Officials should get rid of the foreign property B4 the middle of next year. For infringement of an interdiction of item 289. 1 criminal code of Russian Federation is entered the penalty from 5 million B4 10 million rbl. or imprisonment till five years.

" The modern criminal policy is directed on refusal from superfluous criminally - legal regulation in sphere grazhdansko - legal relations, — it is SPK in a response signed by vice-president VS Anatoly Tolkachenko who has entered the State Duma. — statement of a question on criminalisation of acts is pertinent in the presence of their public danger when other means of the state reaction have appeared settled ". As the restrictions provided by the bill, does not exist, " to do a conclusion ABT expediency of introduction of a criminal liability for infringement of these restrictions it is represented premature " it is SPK in response VS. Besides, VS notices that in item 289 project. 1 criminal codes of Russian Federation " the list of duties is not concretised, for evasion from which performance responsibility " is established; and the size of the penalty " it will not be co-ordinated " W positions p.1 item 46 of the criminal code of Russian Federation on which it cannot exceed 5 million rbl. " Taking into account stated the presented bill regarding modification of the criminal code of Russian Federation is not supported " — summarised VS.

Earlier a response W the prevention that " additional interdictions " will prevent ward " highly skilled experts from negosudarstvennogo " on civil service, to the State Duma has directed the government. The white house has noticed that project ONF demands " cardinal completion ". The initiative, which " 2 fight against corruption has no relation " has subjected to criticism and the speaker of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin.

the secretary gensoveta " an United Russia " Sergey Neverov has declared that its position " remains immutable ": " if you work on the state your money should be on an abacus of the Russian banks ". This thought was voiced earlier also by the party leader — prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. " The real estate question will be corrected, most likely. But the position of citizens SPK that officials should be opened " — he has added. " there were cases when at a negative response of the government the project took place the first reading, — mister Lysakov has told. — the Project revolutionary, it enters new morals 4 national elite. Naturally, it will be conceived by the structures which have got used to certain frameworks, not W full understanding ".

" While about it there is no obviously expressed will, all departments prefer to occupy a waiting attitude and to specify on nerjashestva in the concrete bill " — the chairman of the board of the CTR of political strategies Boris Makarenko has explained. " Crude and inconcrete " the bill allows to do it, but it " did not prevent to accept in a mode of the enraged printer " amendments 2 the law on meetings and NKO, were reminded by the expert.

At the same time yesterday head AP Sergey Ivans has declared in interview " to the First channel " that " it would be very Gud " that corruption crimes came to an end " not only the adjudication, but also confiscation of all property acquired by a criminal way ". " When people will C it, I think, after that questions as the power concerns corruption, any more will not be " — he has declared. We will notice that Russia and did not ratify item 20 of the Convention of the United Nations on fight against corruption which understands as concept of illegal enrichment " substantial growth of actives of the public official, exceeding its lawful incomes ". Political scientist Evgenie Minchenko believes that in the near future it is not necessary to W8 for it, but the legislation will become tougher. " anticorruption campaign will grow, we will C still new detention and, probably, landings " — the expert has declared.