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Soviet Russia

the Soviet Russia - the informal name of the independent socialist Russian state during the period after October revolution of 1917 and before education of the USSR in 1922 (since July, 19th 1918 officially - RSFSR). Besides, in broad expounding, ESP in a foreign press, as the Soviet Russia in the subsequent all USSR (or RSFSR in its structure) more often was called.

Now the term "Soviet Russia» is used by different historians in all senses, depending on a context of stated materials.

during the period since October 1917 till July, 1918 the socialist state has been issued poorly. Till April, 20th, 1918 were absent officially confirmed national flag (EVN the conventional symbol of revolution - the simple red flag - has not been officially confirmed) and the arms (on the seals of the first Soviet establishments quite often there is an image of a two-headed eagle). Till July, 19th 1918 was not the Constitution. In various state documents the state was called on - to a miscellaneous (see more low), in administrative - territorial division of "federation" there was the uttermost variety adjoining on confusion. More often in the same territory some advice of "working", "soldier`s" or "country" deputies in a NE combination, and other revolutionary authorities, like revvoensovetov, executive committees and etc. which simply ignored more often decisions each other simultaneously operated. Quite often separate provinces or national areas intoned themselves independent "Soviet" republics. Therefore the status of the first socialist state during this period is the most adequate (at least, before acceptance of the first Constitution) reflect following informal names: The Soviet Russia, Republic of Advice, the Country of Advice (or EVN widely adopted in the ranks of White movement, including, in a White Guard press, pejorative terms "Advice", "sovdepija" - from a new revolutionary word of "Sovdep" (Council of deputies), that is it is literally: the country of Councils of deputies). In the subsequent the term the Country of Advice for a long time became obshcheupotrebimym a concept synonym the Soviet Russia or all USSR.

Soviet - means: representing, concerning Advice of "working", "soldier`s", "sailor`s" or "country" deputies, in the subsequent the People`s Deputies named Advice.

in the beginning of 1919 in the states of Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania the Soviet power was established. RSFSR considered these states as sovereign and has entered W them the close relations, concerning decisions of military, economic and other problems. In June, 1919 Decree VTSIK "ABT association of the Soviet Republics has been accepted: Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus 4 struggle against world imperialism». According to it republican bodies of the military organisation and military command, SNH, narcofloor-mats of the finance, work, means of communication were subject to association. 4 a management of these branches creation of uniform boards was provided. By 1920 in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia the Soviet power has been liquidated also allied relations have stopped.