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New leader of the Duma fraction " an United Russia " Vladimir Putin has chosen personally

Were zamglavy the Ministry of Internal Affairs the general - colonel Vladimir Vasilev will supervise over fraction " an United Russia " instead of become and. An island of the governor of Moscow Region Andrey Vorobeva. Under data, the choice was made personally by Vladimir Putin, and it can be a sign of that interest of the president to party amplifies again, as it was B4 delegation of power of the leader " an United Russia " to Dmitry Medvedev. on Saturday fraction " an United Russia " in the State Duma has selected the new head the head of the Duma commission B4 incomes of deputies of Vladimir Vasileva which in two last convocations headed the Duma committee on security. We will remind, the commission on control over incomes under the direction of mister Vasileva recommended to the Duma to deprive of the mandate spravorossa Gennady Gudkova and CKed on participation in business of other deputies, including from " United Russia " that has led to preschedule addition of powers by United Russia party member Andrey Knyshovym.

Under data, the nominee of mister Vasileva was a personal choice of president Vladimir Putin. One of the reasons — the deputy personifies an anticorruption subject which 2 has been charged it by mister Putin. The main reason — direct contact of mister Vasileva and the president. Such relations between the president and the leader of the Duma fraction — a new line in party WRK. Before acceptance of the disputable law on an interdiction for possession of foreign real estate and an abacus which was greeted by the president, it is important. As a whole such sheaf SPK about strengthening of personal ATTN of the president 2 party. Its period demonstrative distantsirovanija which has begun after elections in the State Duma has terminated. Vladimir Putin has refused intermediaries and wants to make personally the decisions connected W " an United Russia ". It is remarkable that participations of party leader Dmitry Medvedev, EVN formal, in elections of the head of the Duma fraction of United Russia party members it has not been noticed.

the alternative candidates which promotion became obligatory after May congress, have appeared formal. The part of United Russia party members has refused to compete at once to mister Vasilevym, and two deputies have got to the final list from Vyacheslav Timchenko`s intrafractional group &mdash only; deputy Vadim Bulavinov and self-promoted worker Evgenie Fedorov (they have RCVed accordingly 18 and 9 voices at 136 at the major candidate). After voting United Russia party members have put forward Vladimir Vasileva on fast vitse - the speaker who combined with a management of fraction and Andrey Vorobev.

the First vice-president of the CTR of political strategies Alexey Makarkin 2 marks absence of a serious competition, in difference, for example, from elections vitse - the speaker of the State Duma of Sergey Zheleznjaka when EVN speaker Sergey Naryshkin has openly declared that has voted for other candidate. " quite probably, it was Putin`s own decision, — the expert SPK. — Vasilev in 1999 in Security Council was at first it zamom, and then was zamom and at Sergey Ivanov, zamom at Gryzlov in the Ministry of Internal Affairs ".

we Will add that after election of the leader of fraction Sergey Naryshkin who is included into high council bureau " an United Russia " has declared that has submitted the declaration of accession to party to one of the primary organisations to Leningrad regions. Sergey Naryshkin`s introduction into party means at least strengthening of functions of bureau of a high council " an United Russia " which W Boris Gryzlov`s leaving from the State Duma have been shown 2 a minimum. According to mister Gryzlov, Sergey Naryshkin has offers on the organisation of WRK of party. Yury Shuvalov has explained that they lie in sphere of WRK W legislative initiatives of United Russia party members, WRK of advisory council and advice 4 cooperation with unparliamentary parties. He has refused more detailed comments, having referred that soon speaker all will tell.

anyway there are signs of that the decision-making CTR is displaced from head of a general council Sergey Neverov and gensoveta parties. Thus the introduction of mister Naryshkin looked not as a subject of consultations and arrangements, and is faster as the individual decision: the statement is submitted in pervichku, instead of to the central bodies of party, Sergey Naryshkin has declared party joining on public, and comments and MSG a press - services only have then followed. There is a version that Sergey Naryshkin itself has felt need in party joining not to miss a line Vasilev — Putin, in which speaker — a weak link. OTOH, there were assumptions that the speaker applies on bolshee in high council bureau — to the place of the chairman instead of Boris Gryzlov. However, such decisions can be accepted at congress. Anyway in WRK " an United Russia " changes and some the internal CTRs of influence were outlined at once.