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" Open government " searches to itself popularity in socially - engineering innovations

for Session of the governmental commission on activity coordination " the Open government " under the chairmanship of Dmitry Medvedev ascertained the low popularity of the project connected with public passivity, disbelief, indifference, estrangement and boredom which is called by those or other offers from above. Problems are offered to be treated methods of social engineering, namely kraudsorsingom, fasilitatsiej, virus distribution and gejmingom W prize elements. However, EVN on gejming " the Open government " there are restrictions: it, in particular, should not lead to police dissolution, cancellation of the transport tax and as a whole, probably, urged to influence the validity moderately. at session of the commission activity " the Open government " it was considered in three directions: Project expansion on level of the ministries and regions, perfection of system of public discussion of state purchases for the sum from above 1 mlrd rbl. and preparation for realisation of the public initiatives which have collected on the Internet more of 100 thousand of votes. As the pilot project " the Open ministry " head Minobrazovanija Dmitry Lebanons has presented discussion of state programs to the spheres of education and in the field of a science and technologies, and also the project of the federal law " ABT education ". Success of these actions mister Lebanons named the first session of social council at the ministry led by the Nobel winner Jores Alfyorov: " the Roller W the video record has collected on YouTube more than 700 thousand viewings ". That then the official government has confirmed the state program by training rejected by advice of mister Alfyorov, Dmitry Lebanons has kept silent. But has informed: " It is ready to share the nou - hau ".

the Situation W public control of state purchases was explained to colleagues on two governments zamglavy the present of Ministry of Economics by Vladimir Simonenko. From its report followed that on the developed Ministries of Economics to rules " 116 procedures of public discussion of large purchases, including 100 &mdash are in full spent; at the expense of means of the federal budget (it is an order 220 mlrd rbl.). Following the results of 55 contracts for the sum of an order 135 mlrd rbl. " are concluded;.

But the result has appeared modest: " to Four purchases following the results of public discussion by the customer the documentation ABT the auctions " has been specified;. According to mister Simonenko, " insufficient level of activity &mdash is marked; for example, one notice on purchase has been seen 755 times and not fixed any comment ". The reason of such passivity and citizens, and the enterprise organisations, according to the deputy minister, in the following: " now it is impossible to reject Purchase — there are allocated means from the federal budget which should be directly mastered and spent ".

the head Present at meeting " Business Russia " Alexander Galushka has specified: " We C the facts of the latent resistance to public discussion ". However, he nevertheless has CFMed with Vladimir Simonenko`s conclusion: " Discussion should begin with a planning stage ". The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanin who has informed present that a present order of public discussions unduly zabjurokratizirovan &mdash has acted For specification of rules also; in Moscow discussions and so begin at a design stage, and now it is required to duplicate them and at a stage of placing of orders.

under civil initiatives of premieres - minister Dmitry Medvedev has designated borders of public freedom itself: " 2MORO will suggest police to disperse, for example, and it will collect a considerable quantity of votes for. The public initiative all the same needs to be supported, but not in this question, certainly ". Instead of impudent initiatives at meeting of premieres - the minister has suggested to investigate question less dangerous to political system: " Any 100 thousand persons as - that have collected the reference ABT cancellation of the transport tax. Real this 100 thousand person or exaggerated? " But this question just also remained yesterday W/ O the answer. As the head of Ministry of Communications Nikolay Nikiforov, " has informed; system of the valid identification of citizens that the principle " was observed; one citizen — one voice " should earn on the Internet from the following ". As an example the minister has suggested to be guided by results " test operation of system " Electronic democracy " RCVed about 700 offers from citizens and about 80 collective references ".

In these offers on cancellation of the transport tax speech did not go. Nevertheless mister Nikiforov nevertheless recognised that " the NE portal, NE information system should RCV due level of support and popularisation ".

that the main problem of the project " the Open government " low popularity nevertheless is, the president of fund " has informed gathered; Public opinion " Alexander Oslon. As he said, to involve people, " it is necessary so to make, that it was interesting to people ". He has specified that the subjects rising at meeting, are defined " W public passivity, disbelief, indifference, estrangement, boredom which is called by those or other offers from above ". Also has suggested to use methods of social engineering: " kraudsorsing, fasilitatsija, virus distribution, the network distribution, self-supported communicative processes, gejming W prize elements and so on ". According to mister Oslona, " it is all should lead to that there was a big traffic, there was that now is called " dvizhuha " ".

Dmitry Medvedev W thought on necessity of application of all of these known it is far not much present innovations in WRK of authorities already has reconciled. " I agree that not all initiatives, EVN, apparently, supersignificant, are capable 10 thousand To type... I can now, without descending from this place, something such to tell, then millions people will write ". " it is not necessary " — has moderated enthusiasm of the prime minister mister Oslon.