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Presidential Administration have suggested to expand spetsupravleniem

the Advisory council under international relations and interaction at head of Advice federations (Council of Federation) to Valentine Matvienko has discussed yesterday strategy with religious associations gosnatspolitiki and recommended to finance in its separate line in the budget. To supervise realisation of strategy and an expenditure of budget money, Matvienko`s madam has suggested to create in the government the State Committee on affairs of nationalities. In Presidential Administration have told that " creation of state body 4 national policy realisation is not provided ". the Project " Strategy gosnatspolitiki " has been developed by working group of the Presidential Council under international relations which has been created to execute Vladimir Putin`s decree from May, 7th " ABT maintenance of the international consent ". The Advisory council of Council of Federation has supported yesterday strategy and as has noted Valentine Matvienko, it it is necessary " To make the effective document ": " it is necessary to discuss and legislative initiatives which strategy realisations " can help;. Zamglavy managements on internal policy of the president Michael Belousov has warned members KS that discussion of the project of strategy in Council of Federation — the last. " after entering of offers the document will be passed in the main legal department of the president, and then — for the signature to Vladimir Putin, — he has noted. ".

councillors of special changes have not brought in the document. They have suggested to enter school lessons ABT traditions, culture and belief of the people of Russia, that " since the childhood there was an installation on the national consent ". According to senator Vladimir Litjushkina, it is necessary to develop also " the project of the concept of the state information policy in sphere of mass-media " that they did not give " the information negatively influencing international relations ". In this connection one of authors of the project " Strategy gosnatspolitiki " eks - the minister of affairs of nationalities Valery Tishkov has suggested to develop the frame bill of bases of interethnic relations in the Russian Federation. Besides, he has brought up a question on a professional training 4 WRK in sphere of a national policy: " Officials should know at least the country, what people here live ".

the Minister of regional development Igor Sljunjaev has noticed that in its department the concept of the federal target program on " prepares; to decrease in multi-region differentiation, development of languages and cultures of the people of the Russian Federation, activization of WRK on an extremism non-admission on national soil ". Mister Sljunjaev has reminded that 4 coordination of WRK of the ministries and departments on ethnic questions the interdepartmental commission under the direction of vitse - prime minister Dmitry Kozaka is created. But councillors have suggested to create special department like the ministry of affairs of nationalities. However mister Tishkov has declared that is necessary " to strengthen corresponding department in management of internal policy of the president ". He Besides, has noted, " there is a department in Minregione, the interdepartmental commission in the government ". And eks - head Minnatsa Vyacheslav Mihajlov has supported department expansion under international relations in Minregione, which " it is necessary to rename into the ministry of a regional and national policy ". " It is possible, — he has noted, — to create in Presidential Administration spetsupravlenie instead of department on the national politician or the State Committee ". Matvienko`s madam 2 has supported State Committee creation in the government which will trace including " an expenditure of means ". However, mister Belousov on a question, a leah probably creation of the State Committee, has responded: " While creation of state body 4 national policy realisation is not provided. Though all can be ".

As a result advice has accepted recommendations in which the government is offered to make change to the Budgetary code that the national policy was financed in the separate line in the budget, and Council of Federation — to develop " the bill of obligatory financing of activity national - cultural autonomies at the expense of the federal budget ". Besides, it was offered to government to think ABT " to preparation of the project of the concept of a state policy in sphere of the mass information ".