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To popular front have added organisation. Preparation for constituent congress ONF has begun.

As it became known, the All-Russian popular front (ONF) has started active preparation for constituent congress which can pass in the following. The first session of organising committee ONF on which co-ordinators ONF in federal districts have been appointed yesterday has taken place. at organising committee session as participants of a MTG have told, there was the first zamglavy Presidential Administration Vyacheslav Volodin, deputies of the State Duma Vyacheslav Lysakov (head of administration ONF), Michael Starshinov, Lyudmila Shvetsova, Alexander Sidjakin, Olga Timofeeva, Ilya Kostunov, the chairman of Federation of independent trade unions of Russia Michael Shmakov and the head of the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen Alexander Shokhin.

according to one of members of organising committee, constituent congress ONF can pass " next year ". Vladimir Putin declared creation of the All-Russian popular front in May of last year before start of campaign for elections in the State Duma, and till now front existed as not registered organisation. Representatives ONF have passed in the State Duma under lists " an United Russia ". It has been decided to transfer earlier planned congress of front the next year.

Vyacheslav Lysakov has declared that exact date is unknown, but congress will pass " not earlier than in half a year ". ONF it is planned to register as social movement. " most likely, we will try to leave from mass inclusion of the organisations in ONF as was earlier, and the front will be based on persons and public persons " — one of interlocutors in ONF has noted.

At session of federal organising committee it has been declared the first steps on congress preparation. " From now on organising committees on places are created, in regions which will be constructed on active people and will be engaged in the local summons " — has declared a source in ONF. According to Vyacheslav Lysakova, considering Vladimir Putin`s wish " not bjurokratizirovat " process, " it has been decided to go not from top to down, and from below upwards, to give the chance to the regional organisations to refuse from " ukazivok " to prove, generate the congress summons ". " Main principle on which will be based ONF, — communications of the president and a society. Through leaders of public opinion Putin will reach that stirs regions " — Olga Timofeeva has declared. Timur Prokopenko will supervise ONF in Presidential Administration zamglavy managements of internal policy of the president.

federal co-ordinators who will be responsible " are already defined; the integrated federal districts ". In particular, Michael Starshinov undertakes for Southern and Severo - Caucasian federal districts, Lyudmila Shvetsova — Central and Severo - Western, Alexander Sidjakin — for Ural and Privolzhsky, and Vyacheslav Lysakov — Siberian and Far East. " their problem — to spend inventory of bodies ONF which have been created in regions one year ago B4 elections. In a number of regions the front works Gud and where - that 2 creation of the organisations there was a formalistic approach, and full replacement of shots " there is possible; — one of participants of organising committee SPK. " I audit or mistrust to existing shots it did not name in nowise. It is a question of systematic organizational WRK that branches ONF in regions were capable. It is time to meet people, to generalise, draw conclusions " — Michael Starshinov has declared.

Besides, in ONF there can be ideological platforms. Let`s notice that ideological platforms — liberally - conservative, socially - conservative also it is state - patriotic — are generated in " an United Russia ". According to Vyacheslav Lysakova, " to make recommendations from the point of view of the scientific analysis " ONF there will be an Institute socially - Dmitry Badovsky`s economic and political researches which has left recently fast zamglavy managements of internal policy of the president.