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To deputy Bessonov have not returned inviolability. The sovereign court of the Russian Federation has counted the State Duma decision correct.

the sovereign court has refused satisfaction of the complaint of the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from Vladimir Bessonov`s Communist Party of the Russian Federation which challenged legality of deprivation of its parliamentary immunity. The communist has declared that on a fair judgement did not count, and wanted "to draw ATTN of the public to what EVN the deputy can be made answerable on the far-fetched bases». the Complaint on behalf of mister Bessonov has been directed to the Sovereign court in the end of MTH before last. 2DAY the Sovereign court recognised the lower chamber decision lawful. The representative of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Evgenie Korobkov insisted that the State Duma decision lawfully. As he said, the State Office of Public Prosecutor is not deprived possibility to bring in a thought of representation about parliamentary immunity in spite of the fact that investigating bodies are engaged in excitation of affairs." 2 behaviour of the deputy as statesman special demands are made. All actions of the State Duma, SKR and the State Offices of Public Prosecutor were within powers of these departments and are directed on establishing true in an event in Rostov», - he has noted.

as informed the State Duma has deprived of Vladimir Bessonov of parliamentary immunity under the petition of the State Office of Public Prosecutor and thus has allowed Investigatory committee (SKR) to bring against the deputy criminal case for" application of violence concerning the representative of the power»(criminal case concerning deputy Bessonov SKR has transferred in the Rostov regional investigatory control). To the communist incriminate drawing of physical injuries to law enforcement officers during last year`s protest actions in Rostov-on-Don.

Vladimir Bessons at State Duma session declared that any beating did not put, and during action has been urged "to constrain a mutual pressure from outside pravoohranitelej and from outside rostovchan». For deprivation of communist Bessonov of parliamentary immunity then fractions "United Russia" and LDPR have voted. Communists and spravorossy have declared that thus the power leaves for legal frameworks, punishing "for realisation of political deputy activity».

The communist has declared that for other judgement did not W8." There was no hope that the parliament decision will be cancelled, but it is necessary to draw ATTN of the public to what EVN the deputy can be made answerable on the far-fetched bases», - the communist has informed. Mister Bessons has specified that plans to appeal against against the decision of the Sovereign court in appeal board VS.

2DAY the Duma commission concerning deputy ethics has considered letters of Nomos - bank and Promsvjazbanka who have accused the deputy from" Fair Russia»Oleg Mikheyev of plunder at them money. Commission session passed in the closed mode. Mister Mikheyev who was present at session, has declared that at the commission 2 it questions have not appeared. Under the version of the deputy, it not it, and banks should money to the companies at which mister Mikheyev acted as the guarantor at credit reception CUZ they have not carried out of the obligations on credits. Oleg Mikheyev has given to the commission "tens decisions of the courts which CFM with its relations W banks». By words spravorossa, to the commission they are necessary for a writing of the answer for banks.

meanwhile the head of the commission, United Russia party member Vladimir Pehtin has declared to journalists that the commission has solved while 2 mister Mikheyev not to apply any sanctions CUZ "infringements in the area of ethics» are not present. Thus mister Pehtin has noticed that W Nomos - bank the commission has suggested the deputy a question to solve a question amicably. And the commission has decided to request the additional documents CFMing the version of mister Mikheyev of Promsvjazbanka.

we will notice that voice deprivation for MTH or removal to it of a public censure can become the maximum punishment 4 the deputy. Earlier mister Pehtin declared that the commission 2 can be converted into law enforcement bodies W the request to inspect concerning the deputy. Let`s notice that the commission on control over incomes of deputies of the State Duma which tazhe will consider references neskolkih banks in the relation spravorossa Mikheyev can accept the same decision.