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Citizens look narrowly at a policy. But yet do not consider as its effective way of the decision of problems.

the number of citizens which would like to participate in political activity, grows, has found out " Levada - the CTR ". Means, " those who have fallen asleep by the end zero, have started to wake up " sociologists SPK. However, citizens to whom participation in the politician is interesting, still make minority, and public initiatives and protest actions Russians consider as the most inefficient ways of the decision of own problems. as sociologists have found out, in total 14 % interrogated believe that the Russian society supervises actions of the authorities, and 76 % consider that a society " practically does not supervise " or " poorly enough " supervises the power. Thus poll " Levada - the CTR " has shown that 66 % of citizens would not like personally " to participate in political life, at least at level of the city ". It does not mean that Russians are apathetic, the pro-rector of university of Plehanova has declared, political scientist Sergey Markov, is simple they " are chronically overloaded ": " the Citizen who works on two rates, SPK what to supervise bureaucracy it is necessary. But in it politically active citizens " should be engaged;.

According to sociologists, 28 % of respondents are now ready to political activity — it on 6 % more than this year. The deputy director " Levada - the CTR " Alexey Grazhdankin notices that 28 %, " which want to make something, is at least declarative, it is a lot of ". And time the figure has grown, means, the society has quickened, the expert marks: " Those who have fallen asleep by the end of zero years, have started to wake up ".

It as the sociologist marks, citizens notice also. For example, in April, 2010 of 18 % of respondents SPK that exists " high probability " That " growth of social intensity will pour out in meetings, demonstrations and other forms of the social protest ". In April of last year so responded already 21 % interrogated, this year — 22 %, and in last MTH — already 24 %. Means, " citizens catch some discontent " Alexey Grazhdankin explains.

However, as show results of poll, Russians do not consider public work by the effective tool of the decision of the problems. IAC, on a question on that, " how citizens of Russia can achieve most likely the decision of problems " participation in activity of public organisations and civil initiatives have chosen 6 % of respondents, participation in WRK of parties and political movements — 4 %, and participation in meetings, processions, strikes and other protest actions — 9 %. It is more preferable To respondents other ways: For example, a reference to the court (33 %), enforcement authorities (22 %) and mass-media (24 %). (Poll has passed among 1516 Russians, the error does not exceed 3,3 %).