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After Barack Obama`s election for the second presidential term fire-arms sales volumes have sharply increased in the USA.

after Barack Obama`s election for the second presidential term fire-arms sales volumes have sharply increased in the USA. One Americans are afraid that the president, as well as promised, will toughen laws on weapon carrying, others expect deterioration kriminogennoj a situation against economy easing. after presidential elections of the USA of the action of many American companies and manufacturers have started to fall. And on this background manufacturers of the weapon, which action are distinctly allocated not only do not fall, but also break records. So, for example, actions Smith and Wesson at the auctions after the publication of results of elections have flied up at once on 10,8 %. Did not lag behind them and action Sturm Ruger. As a whole throughout weapon Barack Obama`s first presidential term of the action of manufacturers confidently rose. At the same Sturm Ruger they have grown on 744 %, and at Smith and Wesson - on 346 %. And at this process it was observed two splashes: presidential elections in 2008 and present elections.

for the first time Americans were afraid that Barack Obama will toughen laws on weapon carrying. However left very much the other way: the president has allowed to bear the loaded arms to people visiting national natural reserves or travelling in trains Amtrak. B4 present elections Americans have AGN begun to worry. In one of pre-election performances Barack Obama has given unequivocal expression that intends to understand resolutely W growth of level of violence the country, in particular, by returning of an interdiction to the fire-arms, expired in 2004 after its introduction in 1994 Bill Clinton. Being afraid of it, Americans have rushed behind reception of permissions to purchase of the weapon and behind the weapon to shops.

in interview CNN a number of sellers of weapon shops has informed that ESP automatic rifles AR - 10, AR - 15, and also AK - 47 is Gud disperse. People take at once some units of the weapon, smetaja from shelves and everything that before was not in demand. If usually separate weapon shop sold 2-3 units of the weapon for three - four days now them leaves 20-30 in day.

Besides, many Americans are disturbed by a situation W economy against which easing they expect deterioration kriminogennoj conditions and growth of number of acts of terrorism. And many inhabitants of state of New York began to be reserved by the weapon after hurricane of Sendi to protect the property from predators. According to magazine Mother Jones, in the USA about 300 million units of fire-arms it is got and it is used legally. Besides it is not known, how much goes the illegal weapon. And according to polls spent Gallup, 47 % of the American families have houses at least one unit of fire-arms.