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Russian women

Russian abroad are always allocated from crowd. It is possible to fasten bejsbolku, to hide under it a fair hair, to put on dark glasses in a floor - persons and to go W an impartial kind of the habitue, all the same will approach and will start talking in Russian. If to respond in Gud English - will strongly be surprised, all - taki foreigners have got used to that Russian do not own languages. So foreigners with whom they C Russian girls think of us? on resorts of Italy and Spain Russian speech already muffles local dialects. In Turkey and Egypt Russian and Ukrainians already almost have completely forced out Germans and Italians, IAC, the last prefer to have a rest in the hotels intended for the colleagues: Germans W Germans, Italians - W Italians.

4 many foreigners Russian women are very attractable. Foreign men dream to get the novel W the Russian beauties, some then admit that the fleeting holiday romance became almost the brightest adventure in their life. Some, taught by bitter experience, to the contrary, are afraid of Russian, as fire. Dating sites dazzle with announcements that the provided foreigner takes in a WF the Russian girl and EVN W children.

some years ago I worked as the translator in one large international company. I remember, when I left for the first time on a new place of WRK, me at once have estimated: "ABT! One more Anna Kurnikova!». 4 foreign men the former tennis-player Anna Kurnikova was and is the sample of the Russian beauty. Very often on various resorts the Asian men asked: "And that at you all same beautiful, as Anna Kurnikova!». In the list of our compatriots personifying beauty and feminity of Russian girls, Natalia Vodjanova, Evgenie Volodina, Anna Vjalitsyna, Sasha Pivovarova, Vlad Rosljakova, Maria Sharapova and many other things.

on resorts of Russian allocates uhozhennost, brightness, broskost, discrepancy of the dress to a place and time. Only the Russian girl can go down after a breakfast 2 pool in barefoot persons on a hairpin and a vesper make-up. Only Russian tourists, going on excursion to mounts or ancient ruins, will put on mini - skirts and besides hairpins then not to leave at all the bus.

Russian women from different corners of Russia, falling upon upon a buffet, impose on three platefuls of meal, do not know when to stop in alcohol, sing songs there where them "has covered". Russian women like to complain to foreigners, as the house on them hangs, and children, and the husband - the alcoholic does not work many years also all spends on drink, but to expel him it is impossible, after all to children is necessary though any father.

very young Russian girls go out of doors every day, as on a podium: both a hairdress will make, and a make-up will guide, will put on the best dresses, manicure, a pedicure, perfume, going on shopping or to a supermarket behind a toilet paper. Thus the length of a route has no value - round the corner at home, the next street or to travel all over all planned shops.

so foreigners with whom they C Russian girls think of us? I have asked the familiar men - foreigners, many of which are my Gud friends, to help me with a writing of article and to answer an important question: "As they imagine Russian women».

Juha Graaf, the musician, 29 years, Helsinki:" Russian girls have played in my life very important role. But F2T only ABT girls from Northern capital. We come often to St.-Petersburg: we act in local clubs, we drink, we come off. Russian girls absolutely freaky if they break away, it for a long time and to the full extent. They there is nothing do not know a measure - neither in alcohol, nor in LUV. Very womanly, passionate, very beautiful, very vulnerable». JUha has been twice married and dissolved, the second WF from St.-Petersburg. From the GF from St.-Petersburg at it the two-year son grows, the pair does not live 2GETHR.

Hajnts Schultz, 36 years, the designer, Dresden:" Russian girls know the own worth, IAC, Muscovites. (Hajnts lives and works in Moscow more than 8 years - a bus) Certainly, 4 them money plays a paramount role. And they to themselves search for the husband W apartment, car and the bank account. Russian dream to go abroad, CUZ think that there it is better, than here. Both men more richly, and air are purer also than the house at all W a picturesque garden. Russian WFs - perfect mistresses, it is Gud and it is tasty prepare, hospitable, but uneconomical. But after all we, choosing a WF, we do not search for the servant, and to relations stir distinctions in mentality. Russian too mad, too unpredictable, LUV, that all went under their scenario, like to order men, very strictly nurture children, are unpunctual, unessential, whimsical».