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The Syrian opposition has united. The USA, Qatar and Turkey demand to recognise as its legitimate authority.

the National coalition of the Syrian opposition and revolutionary forces included political, religious and public forces which are united only by one - desire to dethrone a mode of president Bashara Asada. Foreign sponsors of the Syrian oppositionists have already demanded to recognise a coalition as unique legitimate authority. creation of the National coalition of the Syrian opposition and revolutionary forces remains in doubt B4 the latest MOM. The most known and influential grouping of opponents of Bashara Asada "Syrian national board» (SNS) braked process, considering that in new structure influence of a management of advice will be washed away. Only powerful pressure of Qatar where took place congress of the Syrian opposition, and also the USA has forced SNS to join education. As a result of the auction "the Syrian national board» has assigned to itself a management of armed resistance to a mode of Bashara Asada. However, other groupings which have entered into a coalition, all the same yet have no neither people, nor the weapon 4 conducting high-grade war.

the ecclesiastic known in Syria sheikh Ahmed Muaz Hatib has headed the National coalition. It ministered the imam sunnitskoj to a mosque of Umajjad in Damascus, but as a result has left Syria after has been some times arrested. 52 - the summer imam adheres to moderate positions. He has CFMed with it and at conference in the Fur-coat, having declared, in particular, necessity to carry on dialogue W official Damascus. As he said, negotiations W president Basharom Asadom "will not rescue a mode», but will allow to make its leaving by less painfull.

creation of the National coalition of the Syrian opposition and revolutionary forces passed under dense guardianship of Qatar, Turkey and the USA." We are glad to support the National coalition heading for the termination of bloody board Asada and the beginning of the peace, fair, democratic future which merits all Syrian people», - the official representative of US State department Mark Toner has declared.

Washington, and also its partners in region intend to use the best efforts, that the new body has obtained the international recognition." The trust is to what we will aspire from this day that new supervising body as the unique lawful representative of the Syrian people recognised all parties», - the prime minister of Qatar sheikh Hamad ben has declared Dzhasim. As he said, Qatar will bring up this question in League of the Arabian states, Advice of cooperation of the Arabian Gulf States, and also W the European states. In it it was supported by head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu:" "Friends of Syria" should support this agreement. There can not be reasons for justifyings»any more.