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The Russian experts will dig under Yasser Arafat.

the Russian experts - criminalists will take part in opening of a tomb of the founder of the Palestinian national administration of Yasser Arafat together with the French and Swiss experts. Exhumation of a body of Arafat is a part of the investigation initiated by the Palestinian management, suspecting that eks - the leader of an autonomy has died a violent death, and has been poisoned. Yasser Arafat has died on November, 11th, 2004 in military hospital Persi nearby to Paris. In the conclusion ABT death the French physicians have specified that lethal exod has come from - for the extensive stroke called by an internal bleeding as which reason the unknown infection has served. However, despite ambiguities in the diagnosis, the widow of the Palestinian leader Suha Arafat then has not given the consent to opening.

Official investigation of death of Arafat has begun after in the summer of this year employees of Institute of radio physics Lausanne (Switzerland) at the desire of journalists of Qatar TV channel Al Jazeera has studied personal things and tests of biological liquids of the dead. Analyses have shown presence in them of a radioactive element polonium - 210 that theoretically could lead to Yasser Arafat`s death. However 4 an exact establishment of the reasons of lethal exod of the research conducted by the Swiss scientists it has appeared insufficiently - to CFM or deny the version ABT a poisoning of the late leader of Palestinian autonomy with polonium - 210, it is necessary to analyse Yasser Arafat`s DNA.

after promulgation of results of examination Arafat`s widow has insisted on excitation in France of criminal case upon death of her husband, and the family of the late head of Palestin has asked from the Palestinian national administration of the permission to body exhumation. By the way, hearings ABT Yasser Arafat`s violent death began to circulate right after its demises, and many Palestinians are assured that their first leader was poisoned with agents of the Israeli investigation "Mossad".

After decision-making on opening of a tomb of Arafat the government of Palestinian autonomy has started to carry on negotiations for the help in exhumation of remains W the French inspectors, the Swiss scientific and Russian experts - criminalists. "Now we co-operate W the French and Swiss experts, and also W the government of Russia concerning opening of a tomb of our head», - leader PNA Mahmud Abbas in the performance devoted to eighth anniversary of death of Yasser Arafat has declared on Sunday.

according to one of employees of the government of an autonomy, in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Palestinians already have answered in the affirmative." PNA has asked, that there were two experts from Russia. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation promised to help», - the Palestinian official has shared.

the management of the Palestinian national administration W8 from new research of the data which are distinct from the initial conclusion of the French physicians." We hope for the new facts about which we can tell to our people and the public», - Mahmud Abbas has declared, having added that present investigation" is more and much more important»than" media noise», lifted Al Jazeera.