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Moscow does not take Washington a word

Russia and the USA it is required ten years to agree on nuclear disarmament. 2 such conclusion experts of American fund Global Zero ("the World W/ O the nuclear weapon») in the report on upgrade of nuclear strategy of the USA have come. In Moscow about the new disarmament plan were sceptical. Under doubt readiness of administration of re-elected president Barack Obama to show promised "flexibility" in ABM questions is put also. The Russian experts consider what to support balance by usual reduction of armaments it is impossible, and urge Americans to search for new tools 4 achievement of strategic stability. report Global Zero is devoted questions of upgrade of nuclear strategy and structure of nuclear forces of the USA. Its authors recognise: the policy of the USA in this sphere "is focused on threats of times of cold war» and aimed on "improbable scenarios of nuclear war W Russia»; To satisfy "reasonable requirements of restraint», the arsenal in 500-900 units of the weapon from ANY1 party suffices; reduction process will take ten years.

"report Global Zero is comprehensible, - the director of Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Rogov has declared, addressing to conferences" the Nuclear weapon and the international security in the XXI-st century ", organised by the Russian advice on the international affairs. - however at first it is necessary to find compromises on other questions». The expert named some disputable components of military balance. Among them - high-precision rockets of the big range, capable to amaze strategic targets in territory of Russia. 2DAY in an arsenal of the USA such 3 755 rockets of sea basing, 361 more it is planned to buy this year. Other factor calling fears, mister Rogov named placing on the American destroyers of superfast rockets SM - 3 (at the disposal of the USA 94 destroyers, ANY1 can contain B4 such 90 rockets). And on safety issues and disarmament the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Leontev has warned the deputy director of Department: it is impossible to define the real sizes of uncontrollable potential.

one more obstacle in a way of arrangements - antimissile defence. After ten years after an exit of the USA from the contract on the ABM of a guarantee of Washington have not been supported by any legal contract - in this problem has specified vitse - the prime minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin. "As to public statements of that the ABM of the USA are not aimed against Russia we do not believe words», - it has reminded.

"a situation from the ABM patovaja, - Anatoly Antonov has complained to the deputy minister of defence of the Russian Federation. - it is necessary to us to raise the question ABT guarantees in the form of legally obliging document as this offer is cut by Washington as frivolous». According to mister Antonova, one more threat 4 Moscow - "purposeful and consecutive steps» on expansion of the global ABM." It would be desirable to believe that the US president will keep a word and will show flexibility in forming of the policy in this area», - has expressed hope of the deputy minister of defence.

the American experts are adjusted more optimistically and do not doubt: Barack Obama`s re-election will open new possibilities 4 dialogue. So Stephen Pajfer, the director of the initiative for control over Institute Brukings arms considers also." For calmness of Moscow there are enough guarantees of the USA and the NATO that they do not use the defence against Russia», - he is assured.

the head of project Global Zero Richard Bert is convinced: in dialogue between Russia and the USA it is necessary to consider opinion of other nuclear powers." In due course potentials of China and India will stir more strongly Russia and the USA», - it has explained. And the former Minister of Defence of France Pol Kile has added:" Future Russian - the American negotiations should include Paris and LDN in spite of the fact that their nuclear potential makes no more than 4 % from potential of the Russian Federation and the USA».

the former Minister of Defence of India has disagreed With it Mahmud Durrani which have made responsible for process of disarmament to Moscow and Washington. The representative of China on conference RSMD has not arrived.