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USA will discuss cancellation of the amendment of Jackson-Venika together with " the law Magnitsky "

the Congress of the USA renews consideration of the law cancelling discrimination concerning the Russian Federation the amendment of Jackson — Venika, W simultaneous introduction of visa and financial sanctions against the Russian officials from " the list Magnitsky ". Voting can already take place this week. Unexpected haste of legislators speaks a position of business community of the USA which has warned: delay W amendment cancellation will cause a serious damage of activity of the American companies in Russia. the committee on Congress regulations declared readiness to renew WRK over the bill establishing " constant normal trade relations " from the Russian Federation, — voting will pass on Tuesday. Predictably, the law on cancellation of the amendment of Jackson — Venika it will be united W " the certificate Magnitsky " Providing introduction of visa and financial sanctions against the Russian officials. After that the total TXT will place for consideration all structure of the House of Representatives. " we count that the bill will be accepted over the weekend " — have assured of the Congress device.

addition to the law on the trade, accepted in 1974 (Jackson`s amendment — Venika), forbids to give a most favoured nation treatment in trade to the countries which break the rights of citizens to emigration. Since 1989 the Congress of the USA annually declares the moratorium on action of this amendment, but is formal it till now is not cancelled.

in the summer key committees of the Congress and the Senate of the USA have unanimously countenanced the bill cancelling the amendment. But to take out it then on the general voting has prevented to accept simultaneously intention of legislators and " the law Magnitsky ". The version confirmed by the lower chamber, provides introduction of visa sanctions only concerning officials of the Russian Federation and arrest of their property. The Senate bill assumes that in responsibility for infringements of human rights can be involved and representatives of other countries. That the new law has been confirmed by the president, both chambers should co-ordinate the versions. However it is disturbed by a position of republicans.

the head of committee of the international affairs of Congress Ileana of Dews - Lehtinen has declared that considers premature cancellation of the amendment of Jackson — Venika. " It will be one more concession to a mode which breaks the rights of the citizens, undermining interests of the USA all over the world " — it has explained, having added that the Congress should start discussion " the law Magnitsky " and consideration of the bill of an establishment of normal trade relations from the Russian Federation can and be postponed. As the head of budgetary committee of the Congress Eric Kantor has specified, legislators are afraid that on an insisting of the White house a total variant of the bill " will be too soft ". Of the Congress are convinced, what exactly amendments, in particular, ABT introduction of sanctions against representatives of the NE countries guilty of infringement of human rights under administration pressing in the document confirmed by the Senate, have been made. The speaker of the lower chamber John Bejner has let know that discussion of the amendment of Jackson — Venika " can be renewed only next year ".

Nevertheless in the end of the past week the committee on Congress regulations unexpectedly declared that is ready to consider bills already during the first session after elective vacation. Experts explain unexpected activity of legislators a position of business community of the USA. On Friday representatives of 500 American companies working in Russia, were converted 2 the Congress W the requirement immediately to consider the problem on cancellation of the amendment of Jackson — Venika. " Since Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization has passed 80 days, and during this time of 155 members of the organisation could use completely liberalisation of the Russian legislation, including new rules of granting of services and intellectual property protection, — it is SPK in circulation businessmen. — but these privileges on - former are inaccessible to the American business ".