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The Minister of Defence of Iraq has denied failure of the weapon transaction W Russia

the Minister of Defence of Iraq has denied the information on contract failure on delivery of arms to $4,2 mlrd from Russia, having declared that realisation of agreements proceeds. Contract cancellation earlier on Saturday was declared by the representative of the Iraq prime minister, naming as a principal cause corruption risks. the representative of premieres has declared cancellation of the multi-billion transaction on delivery of arms from Russia to Iraq - the minister of Iraq on Saturday Nuri al - Maliki Ali Musavi, having noticed that in Bagdad there are fears in corruption from the Russian side. " the transaction has been cancelled. When al - Maliki has returned from Russia, it had some suspicions in corruption, therefore he has decided to reconsider all transaction. On this business there is an investigation " — the official has declared to France Presse agency. He has not specified, concerning whom exactly there is an investigation.

L8R the Minister of Defence of Iraq Sadun al - Dulajmi on a press - conferences has denied cancellation of the contract W Russia, informs " Al - Dzhazira ". According to the minister, the government has not passed in time necessary documents under the transaction in anticorruption committee that could call nedoponimanie.

In country parliament arabojazychnomu to a site " RIA Novosti news agency " Anba Moscow have declared that deputies have signed the reference to Nuri al - Maliki in whom have demanded to suspend the weapon transaction W Russia. Besides, the representative of committee on defence and security in parliament of Iraq Hasan Jihad in interview to the edition has noticed that " the new delegation will shortly go to Russia thanks to the efforts rendered by anticorruption committee of parliament ".

In Rosoboroneksporte have refused to make comments on a situation. Could not give the comment and in embassy of Russia in Iraq. " comments are not present. At present instructions did not arrive, the information did not hear " — has informed agency " Interfax " a press - the embassy secretary of the Russian Federation in Iraq Sergey Tcherkasov.

"it is visible, this contract became a victim of higher political reasons╗

the Director of the CTR of the analysis of strategy and technologies Ruslan Pukhov :" Iraq is not absolutely sovereign state, in its territory there are American armies, it strongly depends on the USA. Besides, always it is necessary to remember that Iraq not the mononational state, Shiits, sunnity, Kurds, Arabs there live, a part of persians, and at all national minorities the interests. As we C on a situation in Syria and in Turkey, it is impossible to exclude creation of independent Kurdistan in the foreseeable future. Quite probably, it will not be created de - jure, but will exist de - fakto. Therefore those shock helicopters Mi - 28 which the central Shiit government in case of complications was going buy can to be and will be used against Kurdistan. Quite probably, what exactly Kurdish deputies of parliament have blocked the transaction. It at least two reasons╗.

the Editor-in-chief of magazine" Export of arms╗Andrey Frolov :" As I understand, official papers from Iraqis to Russia did not arrive, but, probably, this contract became a victim of higher political reasons. Early to build any guesses, but to SPK about corruption with reference to this contract difficult enough CUZ intermediaries participate in the NE weapon contract, certain interested structures. The reason had been chose an abstract thing which allows to save the face and thus to refuse the contract, W/ O an explanation of the present reasons. Probably, one of the reasons - pressure of Washington CUZ Iraq was and is after Saddam Hussein`s overthrow by one of the basic customers of the American arms, and to Americans to lose this market was uncomfortable. This contract had many enemies, probably, not only outside of Iraq, but also in the Iraq╗.

As Iraq undertook the Russian weapon

ABT signing of contracts on deliveries to Bagdad the Russian arms for the sum more than $4,2 mlrd it became known after a MTG of the prime minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and its Iraq colleague Nuri al - Maliki which have arrived to Moscow W three-day visit accompanied and. An island of Minister of Defence Saaduna a hell - Dulejmi. " Iraq needs support of the Russian Federation in military and defensive areas to protect itself from terrorism " - has declared then Nuri al - Maliki, having added that Bagdad will not listen to opinion of the USA on purchases of the Russian weapon, as " does not wish to be someone`s exclusive ancestral lands ".

During this visit of Nuri al - Maliki has met and Vladimir Putin. During negotiations W the president the mister al - Maliki has told that the countries have agreed to develop a road map in all directions of cooperation in TEKe, building, training of students, - and words has not told about military cooperation. However it has been CFMed that the military contract on four and a half billion dollars has been signed still during the current year.

" half-billion it will be paid by bribes a minimum "

the Military observer Paul Felgengauer :" Now in many countries of the West of the company are afraid to pay the big bribes to buyers as there there are laws, the criminal liability follows for payment of bribes to Third World countries. And at us such laws are not present. And at us it is actually perfect legally, it is frequent and at the expense of the state budget, the minimum of 10 % from the contract is paid. If here there is a speech ABT $4 mlrd, half-billion will be paid by bribes a minimum. And happens and B4 20 %, and EVN B4 25 %╗.

That was going to buy Iraq from Russia

After 2003 Russia delivered to Iraq only transport helicopters Mi - 17. The transaction concluded in this year assumed delivery 42 pushechno - rocket surface-to-air missile systems " the Armour - 1Đ " (manufactures Tula " instrument making Design office ") and 30 shock helicopters Mi - 28═Ţ (Open Society " Helicopters of Russia "). Besides, Russia could sell to Bagdad planes the Instant - 29╠/ ╠2 and the armoured technics. Actually Russia substantially should replace presence on the Iraq arms market of the USA which since intrusion of armies of the international coalition into Iraq (in February, 2003) were the basic supplier of arms in the country.