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Tokyo tries to be saved from the Chinese expansion

the Authorities of Japan have urged the USA to reconsider a number of positions of the bilateral contract operating since 1960 ABT security and to develop the plan of action on a case of aggression from China. This statement has sounded after the head of the Peoples Republic of China Hu Jintao has promised to make China sea power. Experts are assured: the USA are not ready to direct confronting W China, therefore in case of capture by Chineses of disputable islands Senkaku Japonija hardly can count on military support of Washington. the contract on cooperation and guarantees of security which is a legislative basis of an alliance of Japan and the USA, has been signed in 1960. Yesterday head of Japanese Minister of Defence Satosi Morimoto declared: has come it is time to update it. It has explained that in operating edition of the contract it is a question, in particular, of a situation on the Korean peninsula, however ABT "to a problem of an exit of China on sea space» is not told.

the Statement of mister Morimoto became reaction to performance of the leaving leader of the Peoples Republic of China Hu Jintao at opening of XVIII congress of Communist Party of the country. Having promised that Beijing will continue "independent and independent peace foreign policy», chairman Hu has noticed: China as soon as possible should become high-grade sea power.

the main reason of trouble of Tokyo - not settled dispute round islands Senkaku (the Chinese name - Djaojujdao). We will remind, the conflict has become aggravated, when the governor of Tokyo Sintaro Isihara has declared intention to redeem island at private owners - Japanese. The government of Japan has agreed about purchase of three of five islands then Beijing has directed 2 them "4 protection of the sovereignty» two military ships. At this time across China the wave of Antijapanese pogroms has swept. Intensity is saved till now: Yesterday the Japanese security service on the sea has once again informed on detection in area Senkaku of the Chinese patrol ships - recently they appear there hardly probable not daily.

the Japanese authorities are assured: from Beijing it is possible to expect NE provocations up to razvjazyvanija the full-scale conflict round islands. Thereupon they prefer not to irritate Chineses once again. So, Tokyo and Washington have changed the program of bilateral doctrines "Sharp sword» which have begun in prefecture Okinawa on Monday. It was supposed that military men will fulfil actions on clearing of the desert island grasped by the conditional opponent, however from - for obvious analogies to Senkaku these plans has been decided to refuse. Besides, as declared Satosi Morimoto, military have made decision not to disclose at all any details of passing doctrines that "not to call unnecessary suspicions in neighbouring countries».

4 discussion of possible change of the contract the deputy minister of defence of Japan yesterday has gone to the USA Akihisa Nagasima - he will try to convince the USA to begin negotiations on this subject till the end of the year and publicly to recognise the sovereignty of Tokyo over islands Senkaku. The Same subjects, predictably, on fields of summit ASEAN in Cambodia will discuss US president Barack Obama and the prime minister of Japan Yosihiko Noda.

At the same time experts are assured: despite efforts of Tokyo, Washington will operate as much as possible carefully. "It is necessary for Americans to support balance between observance of interests of the ally and preservation of loyalty of Beijing 2 strengthening of positions of the USA in region», - the leading research assistant of the CTR of Japanese researches of Institute of the Far East of the Russian Academy of Sciences Victor Pavljatenko has declared. The expert is assured:" Despite agreement 1960, the USA will hardly be got involved in a direct antagonism W China from - for tiny islands». According to mister Pavljatenko if Chineses grasp Senkaku and some time will keep islands under control, the USA can EZ stand aside." In the contract it is told: the USA those and only undertake to protect those territories over which Japan carries out the sovereignty», - it has explained.

according to Victor Pavljatenko, the diplomatic way in the foreseeable future will not possible to solve the conflict." The new coil of the conflict was provoked by statements of democrats correcting in Japan that no territorial dispute from the Peoples Republic of China exists basically. Thus, they disavowed made the Chinese leader Dan Sjaopinom in 1978 the statement that the question at issue decision on Senkaku should be found to the future generations, - the expert has declared, having added: - Refusal of Tokyo of arrangements 34 - summer prescription has convinced Beijing that W Japan to agree is useless».