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" Rostelecom " has handed over the Olympic tariff

2DAY in Sochi tariffs for telecommunication services 4 the press shining Olympic Games in Sochi will be published. As it became known, the prices for high speed access to the Internet will make 4 thousand rbl. on one workplace that on 43 % more low initially defined " Rostelecom " costs. The operator has agreed with recommendations of the International Olympic committee (IOC) which demanded to make tariffs more low, than they were on the summer Olympic Games in LDN. tariffs for telecommunication services 4 mass-media in a package of a tariff directory of the Olympic winter games in Sochi will be declared 2DAY within the limits of the international forum of the press. As have informed in organising committee " Sochi - 2014 " the price for paid high speed access to the Internet will make 4 thousand rbl. for 34 days, that is for the period of carrying out of Games. Potential clients can be connected to the channel by carrying capacity of 10 Mb through Wi - Fi, and also through cable connection. To one paid channel can garantirovanno be connected simultaneously B4 25 users, ANY1 of them should use a paid account. As have informed in a press - organising committee service, representatives of mass-media will be provided for the first time by free wireless access 2 the channel, carrying capacity in 10 Mb, but speed of such communication will depend on quantity of the connected users. On Games in Sochi can be as much as possible accredited B4 2,8 thousand representatives of the press, but paid access is required, first of all, to photographers.

that tariffs for telecommunication services 4 the Olympic Games are co-ordinated, organising committee and " Rostelecom " have informed, but the price then have not opened. To come 2 this decision, partners needed some MTH. As appears from correspondence of the parties, " Rostelecom " Has offered the price at a rate of 7,1 thousand rbl. for 32 days of access to the Internet. However it did not suit organising committee which asked to lower the tariff to 3 thousand rbl., and also to consider connection possibility 2 the Internet simultaneously three devices from one client account. The source familiar with a course of discussion of tariffs for the Internet in Sochi, asserts that the situation has displeased the Russian authorities, including Presidential Administration as could affect image of Games negatively.

" Rostelecom " became the general partner of the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2009, having obliged to pay a sponsor`s payment at a rate of $130 million half from which to give in a type of service on a fixed-line telephony. Earlier the operator declared that prior to the beginning of this year on account of a payment has been rendered services for the sum $7,6 million Service of mobile communication in the Olympic Sochi will give " the Megaphone " Which became general partner Igr in 2009 on similar financial conditions.

services of access to the Internet, which " Rostelecom " will render during Games, do not enter into number of what the operator is obliged to give in the form of a sponsor`s payment, told earlier in the operator. According to the councillor of directors of the operator, there was a political underlying reason to, that " Rostelecom " became the Olympic Games partner in Sochi, " sponsors actually appointed, and the operator has approached to this question commercially and has decided to derive economic benefit ". The price for access to the Internet in 7,1 thousand rbl. the interlocutor named " market ".

Nevertheless the Olympic tariffs have been defined by organising committee and " Rostelecom " " taking into account recommendations the IOC " it is SPK in the communique: " In LDN for similar " Gold " Press package paid 150 pounds for 34 days, in Vancouver a package " netzoun " cost 560 Canadian dollars (7,5 thousand rbl. and 17,7 thousand accordingly. —) ". " search of optimum tariffs was uneasy — building of communication lines in the water drain in the most complicated mountain conditions 4 the winter Olympic Games in Sochi inevitably involves the big expenses " — are resulted in a press - release of a word of the president " Rostelecom " Alexander Provotorova.