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State services in electronic form

the State services in electronic form — the first project " Rostelecom " as service - the provider. The company did not build the separate finished decision 4 ANY1 subject of federation, and gives them state services as service on a basis " cloudy " technologies. " Rostelecom " intend and to increase further activity in this sphere. According to company strategy, on a share " cloudy " projects in 2015 20 % of its gain should have.

prepare sledge in the summer

last year the project of state services has brought " to Rostelecom " 2,76 mlrd rbl., or 1 % of a gain. Incomes of this direction will increase, but the basic part of the future incomes " Rostelecom " expects to RCV from commercial services in sphere of housing and communal services, medicine, education, " a safe city " the project 112. In March of last year the company has begun working out national " a cloudy platform " 7 — the complex of the integrated information systems intended for granting to enforcement authorities of various level, to local governments, the commercial organisations and physical persons of services on " cloudy " models. Online - services 7 in a test mode " Rostelecom " has started in the spring of current year.

service " 7. Medicine " it is intended for automation of interaction of all participants of medical process. It is supposed that medical - preventive establishment, having connected to it, can get access to system of electronic registry, uniform electronic medical cards of patients, system of electronic document circulation. To consumers of medical services introduction of such service will give the chance to learn the SKED of doctors and to register in reception through the Internet, " to transfer " History of illnesses from one hospital in another not to hand over on some times same analyses — all it will be stored in the centralised electronic map. Speech can go and ABT life rescue. " for example, if 2 the person on a call will arrive fast, the doctor can RCV its electronic map, analyses and the case record on a place and to start treatment at once " — Alexey Nashchekin marks.

" O7. Education " will allow parents to write down children in electronic Q in a kindergarten and school, to get access to an electronic diary, the SKED of lessons, results of examinations, information on PTA meetings and other school actions. 4 teachers it is possibility to conduct electronic class magazine and pourochnoe planning, to create base of uniform graduation examination and to load results on a uniform portal of state services. 2 the educational institution can get access to programs " Electronic school " " the Electronic kindergarten " system of the centralised granting of an educational content. It is a question of a licence electronic content.

" 7. Housing and communal services " 4 public authorities and local government will allow to RCV monitorings of WRK of all services and execution of investment programs, to co-ordinate activity of the operating organisations. The last service will allow to introduce modern billingovye and payment services and to carry out calculations on mnogostavochnym to tariffs W possibility of the automated gathering of indications W obshchedomovyh and individual counters. To the population — far off to RCV data on a personal account status, to reserve necessary inquiries, to enter indications of individual devices of the account, to pay bills and to reserve value added services.

" 7. City " Will give the chance to spend condition monitoring of an infrastructure, roads and other city objects, to collect the data ABT emergencies of natural character (fires, flooding) and meteorological conditions. The video monitoring subsystem assumes installation of industrial observation cameras in a city, gathering and information processing from household video units, search and the analysis of video data. A subsystem of monitoring and management of transport — optimisation of WRK of public transport and to operate parkings, to carry out video control of observance of traffic regulations. A subsystem of informing of the population — informing of the population on threats and emergency situations in a city.

" 7. 112 " it is intended for a call of emergency field services by a principle " one window " W use of uniform number 112 and to co-ordinate services of various departments. System use " 7. 112 " together with " 7. City " Will allow to allocate operatively forces and reaction means.

" 7. Business " it is intended for the enterprises of small and AVG business, budgetary establishments, state power and local government bodies. W its help it is possible to automate accounting, conducting client base, the analysis of sales, document circulation. Gives access 2 a web - to versions of applications MS Office and 1, virtual IP automatic telephone exchange.

" 7. DOCK " — " cloudy " system of electronic document circulation.


time to collect stones

Things are easy — to convince departments and the organisations which are responsible for medicine, education, housing and communal services, security and other, of necessity of similar services and that is more important, in expediency of use " cloudy " technologies at their organisation. The first " partly it was possible to Rostelecom.

In the beginning of year Minzdravsotsrazvitija has summed up two competitions: On creation of the first stage of the integrated medical electronic map and services 2 it, and also on creation of electronic registry. Has defeated " Rostelecom " having offered under both contracts the sum 1 rouble.

in " Rostelecom " explained that else last year have created a program complex in the field of medicine in cost more than 100 million rbl. on the means allocated for research and development within the limits of own program of innovative development. As the company had on balance an active, which NE parts it can offer for the NE price, in competitions the symbolical sum of contracts has been offered. Other participants of the market assumed that " Rostelecom " meaningly went on such step: after victory in competition at federal level chances to win on regional are high, as regions will copy a technique and ready decisions of the federal CTR.

In sphere of housing and communal services the company expects to take part in the project of the state information system of housing and communal services. Minregion has prepared the bill on creation of such system. " Rostelecom " actively develops decisions in housing and communal services sphere. To earn " Rostelecom " plans at bottom level — the municipal. The company intends to provide possibility of payment of housing and communal services and on a portal gosuslugi. ru. In a private office of the payer.

as well as in a case W competitions of Ministry of Health, at " Rostelecom " already there is a ready decision. The company EVN to sell its beginnings — for example, the agreement W " is entered into; KES - Holding " ABT cooperation in sphere of perfection of systems of the account of consumption of power resources and calculations W consumers. Tests pass in regions. For example, the NE management company can get system at the operator and on its cursor to start the portal of self-service integrated with all systems. Thus " Rostelecom " plans to deduce possibility of payment of housing and communal services and on a portal gosuslugi. ru to which has already connected 135 municipalities, including in cities - millionnikah. It will allow inhabitants to pay housing and communal services in a portal private office.

in the project " 112 " " Rostelecom " 2 can outstrip competitors. Amendments according to which the project should start next year have been made to the State Duma, and to earn on all country — within three years. " if necessary to force working out platform 7 " Rostelecom " it can appear very opportunely " — one of participants of the market marks.

a similar story W " the Safe city ". The Ministry of Internal Affairs has begun WRK over creation programmno - a hardware complex (agrarian and industrial complex) " the Safe city " in 2005. Since then has passed some its tests, including in Moscow. In 2007 the decision on creation of typical model of agrarian and industrial complex " has been let out; the Safe city ". " Thus the general installations concerning it should include what systems, as they should be realised, was not. In regions video observation systems are developed, the situational CTRs are created. But all this activity has no uniform co-ordinator at federal level, therefore where - that WRK on creation of systems of security is conducted Gud and where - that and did not begin " — one of participants IT - the market SPK.

the decision on necessity to choose " the main thing responsible " and it was accepted to develop regulations. In parallel " Rostelecom " already some MTH work over creation of a pre-production model of such system. " Therefore, when the state competition on working out of the typical decision will be declared, against it an every prospect to win the tender as it was in a case W projects of Ministry of Health " — interlocutor BG considers.

However while use " cloudy " technologies on which decisions " are constructed; Rostelecom " it is unpopular among state bodies. Among the big projects only introduction of system of electronic document circulation in Minkomsvjazi. Physically the system is located on servers in date - the CTR of federal technopark " IT - park " in Kazan. But Minkomsvjazi studies a question of recommendations about use " cloudy " technologies, that is wants to oblige other departments to do at least a part of projects on information W the help " clouds ". " Them it is planned to publish in the end of this year that next year departments could use them " — have told in the ministry.

Pro and contra

By an estimation " Rostelecom " on the average expenses for creation of information system of authorities of region make about 400 million rbl., and municipality — about 30 million rbl. Thus terms of introduction of system make two - three years. Use " cloudy " models allows to reduce expenses B4 120 million and 1 million rbl. accordingly, and introduction terms — B4 four - five MTH.

how information is spent now, use " cloudy " technologies at information of all strategically important spheres will give economic benefit at a rate of 1 trln rbl., assure in " Rostelecom ". " In - the first, at the state are not present this trillion on information. In - the second, in the country are not present so much IT - experts to carry out all these projects " — Alexey Nashchekin SPK.

Thus the software " Rostelecom " developed together with partners — for example, NVision Group participated in service working out " 7. 112 " and GK " the Leopard of Groups " — " 7. Education " the CYRUS — " 7. Public health services ". At realisation of projects " Rostelecom " will deduct it profit percent (what — does not reveal). However a computing and channel infrastructure the company plans to use only the: in this case it will manage to leave on wished marzhinalnost projects — 35 - 40 %.

According to IDC, following the results of last year volume IT - the market in Russia has made $32,11 mlrd (943,7 mlrd the rbl. at an average course), from them on a state sector was necessary $2,99 mlrd (87,87 mlrd rbl.). Last value is close to the size of the general budget on information of federal authorities. According to Minkomsvjazi, this year it will make 80,3 mlrd rbl. Nearby 20 mlrd rbl. of this sum is provided on development of telecommunication services and a technical infrastructure.

experts of the market agree that " cloudy " technologies are necessary for applying in information processes. " in " cloudy " the approach " Rostelecom " undoubtedly, there are pluses, — the operating director of the system integrator " argues; tehnoserv " Sergey Korneyev. — key from them — uniformity of services in various regions. Besides, developing the services on base " cloudy " infrastructures " Rostelecom " the authorities relieve themselves of cares of development and upgrade own IT - infrastructures. They buy it as service — The necessary quantity of disk space or computing resources ". At the same time, according to mister Korneyev, only half of regions intends to create the platforms together with " Rostelecom ". The others do own infrastructure. However also cloudy technologies will be used in this case, but service will be given from own data-processing centres (TSOD), instead of " Rostelecom ".

" More often regions which are going to create own services independently, I explain it absence of the reliable and reserved channels of the necessary carrying capacity B4 existing TSODov " Rostelecom ". If within several hours usual information service is inaccessible to the population, the misfortune will not be, and if it is service of Service 112 or the medical information... Here the bill goes for minutes on which lives " depend; — Sergey Korneyev SPK. On occasion the network infrastructure is not present at all. " Some polyclinics have problems EVN W heating or ventilation, not that that W communication channels. And the network infrastructure has crucial importance 4 success " cloudy " the project " — the representative of one of IT - the companies marks.

" the decision of a question of information security — it is a corner stone 4 " cloudy " technologies, — the general director " agrees; AMT - grup " Alexander Goltsov. — They cannot be used on 100 % 4 WRK W certain types of data (including personal), such, as, for example, the data the REGISTRY OFFICE, the medical data and etc. ".

the Authorities of regions 2 disturb terms which will leave on integration and adaptation of their information systems under " a cloud " " Rostelecom ". The authorities of regions are disturbed also by the subsequent period of mutual relations W the operator when services will start to appear. Clients, whether it be physical persons, polyclinics or region as a whole, are not assured that " Rostelecom " will expose it the adequate prices for the decisions as the company will be a monopolist, the unique supplier of service. Besides at a cloudy infrastructure it is difficult to define, in whose zone of responsibility there was a failure, Sergey Korneyev lists.

at the same time realisation of all complex of problems on information regional IT - projects demands creation on places TSODov, contact - the CTRs, upgrade by a TV set - infrastructures and introductions of specialised program complexes. " it is possible not to doubt that the amount of works will suffice and on " Rostelecom " and on all integrators, both local, and federal " — the expert concludes.