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Vimpelcom continues to get rid of the African and Asian actives which have got to it in the inheritance after the transaction W Egyptian billionaire Nagibom Savirisom

Vimpelcom continues to get rid of the African and Asian actives which have got to it in the inheritance after the transaction W Egyptian billionaire Nagibom Savirisom. The operator is ready to sell the business in Burundi, Central African republic, Zimbabwe, Laos and Cambodia. that Vimpelcom will sell a number of actives in Africa and Asia to concentrate in the basic growing markets, informs The Financial Times. According to the edition, Vimpelcom already carries on negotiations W potential buyers. In Africa Vimpelcom it is ready to get rid of divisions in Burundi, Central African republic, Zimbabwe. In Asia Vimpelcom can sell business in Cambodia and Laos.

in Vimpelcom yesterday did not begin to CFM or deny this information, having declared that are " In the course of an estimation of ANY1 operation, including mentioned ".

Company Vimpelcom has been created in 2010 after merge of actives " the Alpha - groups " Norwegian Telenor (Russian " Vympelcom " and an Ukrainian " Kievstara "). Last year the company has united W Orascom Telecom Holding and Italian Wind Telecomunicazioni the Egyptian billionaire Nagiba Savirisa. It has allowed it to increase user`s base almost B4 200 million clients and to leave on the sixth place in the world on this indicator. In the middle of current year Nagib Saviris practically left capital Vimpelcom.

In April of current year the company declared that leaves from the Vietnamese market. She has signed the agreement on sale of 49 % GTEL Mobile and refusal of an operational administration the company. As the buyer the structure of the second co-owner of the cellular operator &mdash acts GTEL Transmit and Infrastructure Service One Member Company Ltd, affilirovannaja; GTEL (it is supervised by the Ministry of Defence of Vietnam). The Sum of transaction has made $45 million Then there were hearings that Vimpelcom can leave the markets of Cambodia and Laos. Still earlier, in the end of 2010, Orascom Telecom Holding has sold 50 % Orascom Telecom Tunisie — The cellular operator of Tunis largest at that point in time. For $1,2 mlrd its share was redeemed by other co-owner of the company — Qatar Telecom Q. S. C

" We analyze the markets on which we are present, from the point of view of their appeal, possibility to increase joint-stock cost of group. If it is not present, we are ready to leave, if to the contrary — to increase investments " — the general manager director Vimpelcom Joe Lunder explained in May of this year. Among certainly attractive he named the markets of Russia and, for example, Algeria. In Algeria at Vimpelcom works " a daughter " Orascom Telecom Algeria (brand Djezzy). However the operator can lose an active — some years local authorities declare intention to privatise it.

following the results of the second quarter gain Vimpelcom has made $5,7 mlrd, its basic part had to Russia ($2,27 mlrd), Italy ($1,38 mlrd), Algeria ($0,47) and Ukraine ($0,4 mlrd). The gain of the African division equaled $23 million, and the countries Jugo - East Asia — In total the company serves $13,1 million in these divisions 5 of million subscribers that makes 2,5 % from the general user`s base Vimpelcom.

the Analyst " Three Dialogue " Anna Lepetuhina considers that sale of the listed actives practically will not be reflected in financial indicators and estimation Vimpelcom. " However it is one more signal to the market that the operator does not have accurate long-term strategy. Initially it declared that is aimed at the markets of developing countries, now can leave therefrom " — madam Lepetuhina marks.