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Roskomnadzor has offered a new design procedure of a payment for frequencies

the Federal Agency of supervision in sphere of communication, information technologies and mass communications (Roskomnadzor) has prepared the project of a new design procedure of a payment for frequencies 4 2G - 3G - and 4G - operators. They are offered to pay not for frequency assignments, as now, and for all strip of the frequencies allocated with it. Operators " the big three " the basic owners of frequencies, support changes. Against — " Skartel " and " the Basis a Telecom " 4 which the payment can increase in four - five times. that Roskomnadzor has prepared the project of a new technique, have told some participants of the market and have CFMed in service. Within last year the quantity of complaints to a communication quality has sharply increased, and the role here has played including an existing design procedure of a payment for frequencies, deputy head Roskomnadzora Oleg Ivans has explained. " As the payment undertakes ANY1 frequency assignment, operators refused additional assignments on base station. It has led to decrease in capacity of a network that was reflected in a communication quality " — mister Ivans has told.

in a new technique it is offered to count a payment proceeding from a strip, allocated to the operator and consequently the quantity of base stations will not influence a total amount. " to the contrary, to operators will be formally unprofitable to approach to a question of start of a network in region, establishing one base station " — Oleg Ivans is assured.

as the payment for frequencies 4 ANY1 operator will change, in Roskomnadzore do not SPK. According to Oleg Ivanov, essentially the indicator will exchange 4 " Skartela " and " Bases a Telecom " which now have less than stations, than at " the big three ". " But only at the initial stage of building of a network. At installation in one region 500 - 1000 base stations the size of a payment will come nearer to that which is assumed by a present technique " — he specifies. The general budgetary deductions for frequencies, under the forecast of mister Ivanov, will not change. Earlier in Roskomnadzore assumed that following the results of this year the general payments for frequencies can reach 15 mlrd rbl.

In Roskomnadzore count that the new technique will earn from the beginning of next year. The service has sent the project in Minkomsvjaz last week. In the ministry yesterday have told that gave Roskomnadzoru the commission to develop a new design procedure of a payment for frequencies so that it " stimulated infrastructure development in the country ". " the Project has not been presented yet by a management of Roskomnadzora. To SPK in details W what we agree and W what — no, it is premature " — Minkomsvjazi Ekaterina Osadchaja has noted the director for external communications.

In the project of Roskomnadzora the factor of intensity of use of frequencies 4 ANY1 region is offered. 4 Moscow, Moscow Region, St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region it is defined in 1,8, 4 all other regions — from 0,1 B4 1,5. The president of Association of regional telecommunications operators Yury Dombrovsky supports such approach. Though, in its opinion, more correct would be to adhere the size of factor to level of a regional national produce per capita.

in MTS, " the Megaphone " and " Vympelcom " support the changes offered in a new technique. In all companies count that the general payments for frequencies 4 them will not change, and the system of calculations becomes more clear.

other opinion at operating director Yota Networks (the infrastructural company " Skartela ") Egor Ivanov. He considers that the new technique will negatively be reflected in all LTE - operators. He agrees that at installation of 1000 base stations in one region a payment for frequencies by an old and new technique 4 " Skartela " it will be made even. " but except the Moscow region to establish such quantity of stations it is not meaningful from - for low population density and economic inexpediency " — Egor Ivans insists. Thus, as he said, to start to render services at once in all territory it is simply impossible, as networks are developed in some stages, and on a part of territory of frequency can be occupied by military or other operators. " the offered technique will lead to increase in a payment for frequencies in four - five times and will slow down development of networks " — mister Ivans considers.

in " to the Basis a Telecom " have told that W acceptance of a new technique financial loading on the operator, " Certainly, will increase ". " the Company has started building of a new network W application of perspective technology in all territory of Russia and puts huge means in this process. Are not assured that is correct " to urge on " us in addition thus " — the representative of the operator SPK. In " Rostelecom " did not begin to make comments on the document while it is not accepted.