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" Union LTE " in which enter MTS, " the Megaphone " " Vympelcom " and " Rostelecom " ask Minkomsvjazi to resolve to operators sharing of frequencies

As it became known, " Union LTE " in which enter MTS, " the Megaphone " " Vympelcom " and " Rostelecom " ask Minkomsvjazi to resolve to operators sharing of frequencies. It will allow leaders of the market of cellular communication to solve a problem with shortage of a resource in the bottom range, to increase transit velocity of the data, to reduce expenses and to accelerate building of federal networks LTE. " Union LTE " (it is generated one year ago " the big four ") Asks Minkomsvjazi to make changes to the law " ABT communication " resolving sharing of frequencies. Such offer contains in the letter of the general director " Union LTE " Gulnary Hasjanovoj to the deputy minister of communication and mass communications to Denis Sverdlovu (the letter copy is on hand). It is a question of use of one transmitter at once several operators in several networks, association of frequencies between operators 4 improvement of quality of services, and also ABT transfer of frequencies. In the latter case on one transmitter the resource of the several companies unites, but such transmitter only in one network is used.

" union LTE " suggests to establish a separate legal regime of sharing of a spectrum in the form of multisubject use of a spectrum: frequency channels should be appropriated not by one, as now, and at once to the several companies (the user and subusers of a spectrum). Thus its physical owner should pay a payment for a resource only. At the same time, that changes have not led to purchase and sale of frequencies, " Union LTE " suggests to resolve spectrum sharing only between the operators having similar rights of use of frequencies in other strips and similar licences.

similar changes in the law would allow MTS, " to the Megaphone " " to Vympelcom " and " to Rostelecom " in the won summer of this year frequencies 4 building of networks LTE (4G) across all Russia to solve a problem with shortage of a resource in the bottom range. The companies have RCVed in a range 791 - 862 MHz on two strips of 7,5 MHz whereas two strips are necessary for effective WRK of transmitters of ANY1 on 30 MHz, it is marked in the letter.

Gulnara Hasjanova has CFMed with authenticity of the letter. As she said, changes will allow to optimise expenses for building of networks, but the main thing, to increase speed of access and to render better service to users. These parametres directly depend on band width. " first of all it would be actual 4 regions where operators predict low demand for services 4G and the big time of recovery of outlay " — madam Hasjanova SPK.

In MTS, " the Megaphone " " Vympelcom " and " Rostelecom " count that their initiative will support. " sharing of frequencies, possibility of an exchange of them will allow to raise considerably efficiency of operation of the limited resource " — SPK a press - the secretary of MTS of Valery Kuzmenko.

If changes will be accepted, operators can is more QIK to start to render services 4G to subscribers. Those companies, whose frequencies demand longer conversion, can use a resource of partners, count in " Rostelecom ". " Offers show, how it is possible a way not administrative compulsion, and market mechanisms to create the favorable environment 4 the further development of communications industry in Russia " — SPK a press - the secretary " Vympelcom " Anna Ajbasheva.

On licence conditions " the big four " should spend annually for building of infrastructure LTE 15 mlrd rbl. and start networks not less than in five regions. Thus the region will be considered captured if networks cover all AVG and higher educational institutions in all settlements W number of 50 thousand persons and more. Thus, by different estimations, conversion of the bottom range of frequencies will manage to winners in 56 - 200 mlrd rbl. and will take some years.

Denis Sverdlov has informed yesterday that C offers " Union LTE ". " We consider possibility to enter in the new law " ABT communication " concept RAN - sharing as possibility to use transmitters several operators, but mechanisms of its realisation will differ from what are offered by the union " — mister Sverdlov has specified.