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To car industry will approach W new measures of support in WTO conditions

the State continues to develop all new measures on protection of domestic car industry against accession to WTO consequences. To stimulate updating of park, Minpromtorg suggests to raise rates of the transport tax and OSAGO on old and not harmless cars, and also to limit terms of operation of commercial technics but while these measures have not met support of the Ministry of Finance. They can call discontent and regulating bodies of the WTO. the government has charged Minpromtorgu, Ministry of Economics and to the Ministry of Finance " to provide uninterrupted realisation of measures " on car industry support, " directed on adaptation of branch to membership conditions of Russia in the WTO ". Such decision is accepted following the results of the report " ABT development of motor industry in the conditions of Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization " which head Minpromtorga Denis Manturov at government session past Thursday has made. On results of the done WRK of department should report prior to the beginning of next year.

the sources familiar with a situation, explain that it is a question mainly of the measures offered after meeting ABT development of the Russian car industry in the conditions of accession to WTO which Vladimir Putin spent even in the spring in Tolyatti. From the inquiry prepared by Minpromtorgom 2 the report of mister Manturova (the copy is), follows that at session of the government the minister has reported ABT measures which already operate, and has listed those W which realisation there were problems. First of all this creation " economic stimulus " on park updating — " updating of rates of the transport tax, and also OSAGO ". " But the given offers have not been supported by a number of interested federal enforcement authorities " — it is SPK in the document. In particular, these offers were supported by the Ministry of Finance.

It is a question of updating of rates of the transport tax and OSAGO depending on an ecological class and age of the car. In the inquiry necessity of updating contacts that " the considerable part of vehicles has the big term of operation and high level of emissions of harmful substances in atmosphere ". " tax Increase urged to push automobile owners to hand over the car in recycling, stimulating demand for new cars and development utilizatsionnoj networks, — explains a source in branch. — after introduction utilizatsionnogo gathering it became obvious that the network utilizatorov in Russia is developed poorly, and it is not enough stimulus for its development, after all great volume of cars for which gathering is paid, the minimum in five years " will start to arrive;.

As one more measure of Minpromtorg names " an establishment of deadlines of operation of commercial cars ". In the inquiry it is SPK that this offer have not supported " interested federal enforcement authorities ". Head of Association of motor-car manufacturers of Russia Igor Korovkin has explained that " the question is in a study stage as it is difficult to find criteria of restriction of terms of operation ". He has added: " the Concrete age of leaving 4 ANY1 category of transport still is necessary for counting, but it is possible to SPK precisely that the threshold should be not more low 20 - 25 years ".

In the inquiry 2 are mentioned subsidising of rail transportation of the new cars made in Russia, on distance over 3 thousand in km and purchase from next year the state, municipal and budgetary organisations only the cars which have been let out in territory of uniform economic space (EEP), except for cases of absence of analogues. Idea of purchases of the technics which has been let out in EEP, Vladimir Putin has supported. But as a result of study of this question from Ministry of Economics it was found out that this measure contradicts WTO rules. Minpromtorg suggests to consider possibility of working out of the order of the government, " recommending " to the state enterprises purchase of the cars made in EEP.

Sources in the market assure that the list is wider — measures on restriction " are studied; grey " import of trucks by means of modification of technical regulations and norms of certification. But interlocutors underline that on all questions " there were many not worked MOM " and " not removed contradictions, in particular W the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economics, and also W WTO rules ". " the Basic possibilities, allowing to protect home market — utilizatsionnyj gathering and grants of percent on credits, are already realised, to enter additional measures, without having called WTO censures, it will be difficult " — Michael Pak from " marks; Atona ". According to an analyst, it will be most difficult to oblige state institutions to buy the technics made in EEP. Increase of the transport tax can call social intensity, he adds, and restrictions of terms of operation of commercial technics — discontent among carriers.