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"Gazprom oil" will master bazhenovskuju retinue

"Gazprom" was voiced in favour of development of extraction of slate oil. Its affiliated "Gazprom oil" will be engaged in active development of stocks bazhenovskoj retinues on Verhne - the Salymsky deposit. Slate gas thus continues to consider "Gazprom" irrelevant 4 Russia. on Friday board of directors "oil Gazprom" has considered the problem on prospects of extraction of slate oil, the company has informed." Experience with slate oil "Gazprom oil" will get during development bazhenovskoj retinues on Verhne - the Salymsky oil deposit ", - is SPK in a company MSG. Verhne - the Salymsky deposit develops joint venture" oil Gazprom "and Shell Salym Petroleum Development.

On a MSG" oil Gazprom ", experts of the companies-partners in this project have prepared"road map"of the actions directed on working out bazhenovskoj of retinue commercially. As it is informed in company materials, how much - or essential volumes of oil recovery bazhenovskoj retinues can be reached around 2021, in 2022-2025 extraction will exceed 1 million tons a year then will go on recession.

Bazhenovsky retinue - horizon of rocks in Western Siberia on depths more than 2 km. At the essential area of distribution - more than 1 million in sq. km - it has rather small thickness - 20-30 m. Stocks in layers bazhenovskoj retinues, by optimistical estimations, exceed 140 mlrd tons. Industrial value of a deposit consists in its high petrosaturation and high quality of oil: it is extracted EZ nizkosernistaja oil W small quantity of the impurity, close 2 Brent. In favour of development bazhenovskoj retinues are SPK also by its geographical arrangement - Western Siberia already equipped with all necessary infrastructure of oil extracting. However ultralow permeability, a subtlety of a layer and unpredictable neftenosnost do bazhenovskuju retinue improbably difficult in development. From - for its geological features in the most suitable way of extraction of oil what is used on slate deposits of the USA is considered, - horizontal drilling W polyzonal hydrorupture of a layer. Oil bazhenovskoj retinues industrially extract 2DAY "Surgutneftegaz" and "Rosneft".

"Gazprom" declared time and again that slate gas as a development direction is not interesting to group, however on slate oil absolutely other position is formulated. "Unlike the slate gas which extraction in Russia is absolutely irrelevant, the direction of slate oil represents appreciable interest 4 group" Gazprom ", and we intend to be engaged actively in this question", - the chairman of board of directors "oil Gazprom" and the chairman of the board of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller has declared.