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Nika Golts has died

In Moscow on 88 - m to year of life artist Nika Georgievna Golts has died. It was one of the most talented and productive Russian book illustrators. in the picture childhood in books are conceived as due and if we sometimes all - taki remembered the writer the artist usually 4EVER remained anonymous and not nice. They also leave as: imperceptibly, W/ O an information sensation. No, having matured, we usually understand that the childhood has given us an imperial gift - the whole mia maid of the most talented book illustrators. But usually only fans remember them pofamilno: Siskins, Semenov, Diodorov, Migunov, Tragouty, Vladimirskiy, Tokmakov, Valk, Kalinovsky, Itkin, Yeliseyev, Monin, Skobelev, Alfeevsky, Miturich - all all the same not to list.

Nika Georgievna Golts was hardly probable not the unique lady who has fully confirmed behind self a place of the tonic in this brilliant generation of illustrators. And if "boys" as she them named, practically entirely were "baby birds of a nest of Dehtereva": ended branch of a book drawing headed by it at Surikovsky institute Golts has appeared in an illustration by and large casually. It began as the muralist and studied on branch at the well-known Tchernyshev. But to paint frescos and to do sgraffito to it it was not possible - unique monumental WRK of Niki Golts there was a list of foyer of Musical theatre 4 children of a name of Sats.

the Father of the artist the academician of architecture George Golts was lost in accident when she studied on a third year. It was necessary as - that to feed a family, and Nika Georgievna began to earn additionally, drawing cards and illustrating collections in "Detgize". In 1956 it does the first book - thin "the Proof tin tell-tale" Andersen then as she admitted, has understood at last that an illustration any more extra earnings, and business of all life which, on our happiness, has appeared long.

the first book has appeared symbolical: Andersen became its main author, she drew its books many long years, has illustrated all fairy tales translated at us, and in Denmark where has passed some its exhibitions, EVN have created a private museum of Niki Golts. In 2005 it has RCVed a silver medal of Academy of Arts for Andersen, and a year later for illustrations 2 the collection "Big book of the best fairy tales of Andersen" has been awarded by diploma G - H.Andersen of the International advice on the children`s book.

however, creativity of Niki Golts is not settled by the great Dane at all. There was Hoffmann - too all. There was Pogorelsky - its reprinting of "the Black chicken", last time leaving hardly probable not before revolution, Golts has pressed through in due time in "Detgize" and this "returning" all life was proud more than of a rank of the merited artist of Russia. There were hardly probable not all West European storytellers: from BRO the Grimm B4 Projslera. There were fairy tales of nations of the world: from Mezoameriki B4 Africa; there were numerous illustrations 2 the Soviet authors working in half-forgotten nowadays a genre to move - fairy tales. There were WRK in easel painting, exhibitions in Canada, India, Denmark, Yugoslavia, Italy and Germany.

there was, at last, a sincere LUV of children, never tested coolings. On our happiness, creativity of Niki Georgievny it has appeared not only various, but also very long. She drew always, daily and all light day - all interview only in twilight not to lose time. EVN those five years on demolition of epoch when publishing houses, going crazy from farta, forced down book hunger of the population in tons of translation "Anzhelik", "Mikes Hammerov" and "Dragons of Perna", and domestic illustrators have appeared are necessary to nobody, all the same drew, on a jot without having lost neither technics, nor talent. And in some years after short oblivion of publishing house stood in a queue 2 it, and EVN in 86 years its time has been planned for a year FWD. And further it simply did not think.

the new book W illustrations of Niki Golts - the collection of German folk songs "There is time for everything" - left several MTH ago. Will already read its third generation of admirers.