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Winners of a film festival in Cottbus are named

In the German city of Cottbus has ended 22 - j the International festival east - the European cinema. The main prize awards a film " Women`s day " Marias Sadovsky. The best actor recognises Vladimir Svirsky (" In a fog " Sergey Loznitsy); the best actresses — Mikhalkov and Yana Troyanov`s Anna (" Kokoko " Avdotyas Smirnovoj). ANDREY PLAHOV makes comments. Near to Cottbus, in the house reminding a barrack, there is a Museum of GDR. Ever since as have ceased to exist this country and surrounding it sotslager, there was a film festival uniting former political allies in the uniform cultural project. For two decades from depressive provincial small town Cottbus has turned to the university and cultural CTR, here there was an advanced public, but all the same it has not ceased to be a part of the Eastern Europe. This territory is connected by historical destiny of suburb how aspired to play some countries entering into it a key role.

it is a question first of all of Russia and Poland — two main competitors on this space. Last year in Cottbus the Russian cinema obviously dominated: by the main prize has been awarded " the Portrait in twilight ". Its script writer and the producer Olga Dyhovichnaja this year was a part of jury, and the Polish pictures have appeared favourites of competition. It first of all " Women`s day " Marias Sadovsky, the rare sample 4 our region of the feministic anticapitalist drama connecting traditions Polish " Solidarity " and such American films, as " Norm of Yards " and " Erin Brokovich ". The heroine " Women`s day " Grows from the simple cashier in the BOS of a network of supermarkets, passing through all stages of this humiliating process, including sexual service of the chief and idiotic singings of a mantra " Productivity! ". As a result she finds out herself a small screw of the brutal car of enrichment and the desperate challenge throws down to its.

Maria Sadovsky — the debutant in direction — well-known as a jazz - the priest - the singer. Other Polish film — " God — it you " — too it is connected with music: it is devoted destiny legendary Polish hip - hop groups " Paktofonika ". Leshchek David who has shot this picture is awarded as the best director. And here actor`s prizes have left 2 our executors. Mikhalkov and Yana Troyanov`s Anna, formed an expressive duet in Avdotya Smirnovoj`s film " Kokoko " have divided a prize to the outstanding actress. Vladimir Svirsky is awarded for the tragical role of Sushcheni played in a picture of Sergey Loznitsy " In a fog " (to it the prize of ecumenical jury) is awarded 2.

Besides the main competition the Russian cinema has been presented in Cottbus by films of all genres and directions. " ME2 I want " Alexey Balabanov has been shown on festival closing, and other five pictures (" Stories " " While night will not separate " " the House " " I will be a number " and " About what still SPK men ") Have generated the program of special Russian day. The premiere of the film of well-known Dutch director Josa Stellinga " became the separate event concerning our film industry; the Girl and death " removed in Russian - German - Dutch koproduktsii.

Its action occurs at the thrown station, in the doubtful hotel more reminding a brothel where as if time has stopped and all characters have stiffened in the roles - masks. On road from Russia to Paris on a lodging for the night student Nikolay here calls in to leave here a small volume of verses of Pushkin and the heart which belongs now to perfect courtesan Elize, alas, up to the ears in debt and consumption attacks. It will come back again and again in this haven of passions and defect: during one of such visits in hotel the masquerade W the gambling, reminding ABT " is played; to the Queen of spades " and simultaneously — ABT " widely closed eyes " Stanley Kubrika. The main ATTN of Stelling gives to the young muse of Silvii Huks, it is amazing kinogenichnoj and a little similar on young Romi Schneider. Its Russian admirer Leonid Bichevin, and its grown old (in a prologue and an epilogue) &mdash plays; Sergey Makovetsky. One of grotesque chimeras of hotel - a brothel is embodied by Renata Litvinova transfigured in the brunette. It all 2GETHR makes impression of the Postchekhovian decadent drama excited with motives of the Russian literature. Film display at this festival has precisely enough coincided W " the genius of a place ": after all events are played on east suburb of the Western Europe — near to Leipzig, so — from Cottbus.