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Cirque Du Soleil has included Michael Jackson

In the last weekend in St.-Petersburg have passed the Russian premier displays of new show Cirque Du Soleil " Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour ". Next year performance will show in Kazan and Moscow. BORIS of DRUMS has hastened to familiarise with a show in a Petersburg Ice palace. all has been made very QIK. Michael Jackson has died in the summer of 2009, in November 2010 - go has been declared the decision to put to show by joint efforts Cirque Du Soleil and company The Michael Jackson Company, and last year started world tour " Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour " reached this autumn B4 Europe.

Cirque du Soleil — it among other (if not first of all) a management miracle. Some thousand actors, only system of their selection worldwide are involved in performances can become a basis 4 the whole textbook on WRK of personnel service. Or here, for example, a requisite. At Cirque du Soleil in Canada there are whole own factories which do so that the circus platform could though blindly be collected and disassembled in an every spot on the globe. To the correspondent has carried B4 a premiere in Peter to wander on a show behind the scenes. On ANY1 box the instruction as at furniture IKEA, on schemes it is precisely specified where what element rises. The magic case Cirque du Soleil collects and assorts for one day. Thus from troupe WRK on a scene and behind side scenes there is no sensation of the discipline of the rod. Atmosphere extremely creative and cheerful.

as it is told in a press - show releases " The Immortal " its founders aspired " to open secrets of an inner life of the legendary executor — its LUV to music and dance, fairy tales and magic, and also sincere admiration of beauty of the nature ". In a reality dazzling variety show W accent on a choreography has turned out first of all. The main author and the director of show not the circus actor and not the theatrical figure as in other statements Cirque du Soleil, and the dancer and choreographer Dzhejmi King who has begun career in tour W Michael Jackson in 1992, and put subsequently dances to Riki Martin, the Madonna, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and another.

hardly all B4 one performances Cirque du Soleil differ vysokointellektualnoj dramatic art and thin study of images, but EVN those have reached B4 Russia, namely " Varekai " " Corteo " and " Zarkana " as could tried to tell something about the person in frameworks let and conditional, but touching and always a little a sad plot. Having such magnificent material, how are you doing the king of the priest, Cirque du Soleil could tell magnificent history. But in this history it would be necessary to concern and tragical sides of the biography of the hero. The partnership W The Michael Jackson Company, possibly, had no 2 study of an image.

Actually, as the character in show on a broader scale is not present Michael Jackson. There is its huge dancing glove and shoes walking on a scene W socks in human growth. There is a certain silvery Mime who symbolises the internal child living in Michael. A leah it is necessary to SPK, what the actor representing the Mime, zapredelno is masterly in bitbokse, a break - danse and a pantomime? On idea, it could express thought on fatal loneliness of the genius at top of glory which asked for such show literally. Other motive — Michael Jackson as universal language. For it the actors representing street dancers, in perfection simulating plastic arts of the dead responded. They opened show, dancing on safety belts to perpendicularly video screen. They got public in a break, arranging short sketches W lunar gait and other on all hall. But these images were lost in crowd of the various dancing little men who have flooded a scene in the second part of show. Directors could strengthen such fertile subject as the eternal child living in ANY1 adult, but instead actors strainedly enough worry about the nature - mother which in number " Earth Song " symbolises the globe stuck with a plaster.

an indispensable condition of NE performance Cirque du Soleil is the live orchestra. There is it and in " The Immortal " moreover what. For example, drummer Dzhonatan Moffett has worked W Michael Jackson of 30 years. And thus the correspondent all the same could not accept up to the end the musical concept of show according to which the live group plays under the vocal tracks of Michael Jackson hammered into computers. Therefore so episodes when its voices were not, the duel of two hot participants of ensemble for example sated with an electricity &mdash were remembered; guitarists and violoncellists. Last, BTW, SPK, have found casually — on YouTube.

The more close the ending, the more show reminds a karaoke, along with live execution of an orchestra sound roughly enough worked meshapy, B4 directors obviously it is necessary to lift by all means a problem spectators from the places 2 last dancing megamix. Here not B4 circus. On a broader scale, from all numbers though as - that connected with risk 4 life or W superabilities, in memory there are two. The gutta-percha woman, turning page feet " Books of legends " standing on hands. And a duet of Russian acrobats — the circus actor in fourth generation Igor Zaripov and the former ballerina Ljuba Kazantsev. Under a song " I Just Can`t Stop Loving You " they create in air the own choreography executed simultaneously both risk, and lyricism. Ah yes, still there is an explosive one-legged dancer. It really excellent fulfils the exits, but authors them frankly abuse, so in the end it seems that, squeezing out of the spectator next ohi compassions and ahi admiration, they kamuflirujut absence in show of depth, a plot and the real hero. At first sight, to oppose to Broadway scope " Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour " difficult. But on the prime minister of performance in Russia the hall and has not risen and was not hammered in dance under substitute hits. And authors precisely counted on another.